8 Best Substitute For Oregano In Chili

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Don’t worry if you’re looking for a substitute for oregano in chili. There are lots of acceptable solutions for every recipe! You don’t need to go shopping; check your spice cupboard for one of these simple substitutes!

Substitute For Oregano In Chili

  • Marjoram
  • Basil
  • Thyme
  • Italian seasoning
  • Tarragon
  • Parsley
  • Dill
  • Sage

8 Best Substitute For Oregano In Chili


Marjoram has the most similar scent and taste to oregano, making it an excellent substitute for oregano in chili. It is usually served with vegetables, notably tomatoes, sausages, and fish. It’s useful in a pinch and is popular on its own in many cuisines. It has also been shown to be the greatest Mexican oregano alternative. Aside from wild marjoram, the most common sweet and pot marjoram are also available.

Marjoram has an earthy taste that is not overpowering, with woody, lemony, and floral undertones that guide your dishes the way to excellence. It may also be used to create a calming cup of tea. However, marjoram is a somewhat uncommon herb in kitchen cabinets, and people who don’t have a large spice or herb collection are unlikely to have it on hand.

You may use fresh or dried marjoram as a substitute for oregano in chili. The swap ratio for the former will be 3:2. For the latter, 1 teaspoon equals 3/4 tsp oregano.


Basil is a great substitute for oregano in chili. It has a particular taste character, similar to oregano, commonly associated with Italian food. In a 1:1 ratio, basil may easily replace oregano. As with other spices, using the same fresh or dried variety specified in the recipe is advisable.

The bay leaf, like basil and oregano, is a common flavor in Mediterranean cuisine. Its flavors come to life as it cooks gently. This makes it an excellent option for enhancing the taste of soups and sauces that must simmer.

Although basil has a strong taste, it does not overpower the other components. It has a subtle peppery bite and cleanses your taste with mint and anise overtones. As a result, the fragrant herb is a pleasant addition to Italian cuisine or dishes with meat and potatoes. Bay leaf may be used in place of oregano in a 1:1 ratio. Crush the bay leaf and then measure to get an accurate quantity.


Another plant from the Mediterranean area is thyme. Many individuals can hardly tell thyme from oregano. But if you examine them more closely, you will see that they differ in certain ways. There are almost 300 different types of thyme; each called after a different flavor: orange, caraway, etc. Thyme often grows in clusters. They can all instantly raise your taste game.

However, the common kind of thyme is your best option when you need a substitute for oregano in chili. Although it has a rather intense flavor with hints of mint and lemons, it generally mixes nicely with other ingredients in your recipes. Replace one teaspoon of thyme with an equal amount of oregano to make the substitution.

Italian Seasoning

Oregano is a key ingredient in Italian seasoning blends. It also contains some other recommended substitutions, such as thyme and marjoram. This makes it a fantastic substitute for oregano in chili since it imparts the distinctive flavor of oregano. As the name implies, this mixture works well in Italian, tomato-based, or Mediterranean cuisine.

It is excellent as a spice on meats, as well as in soups and stews, in addition to sauces. Oregano may be replaced with Italian seasoning at a 1:1 ratio. However, since it also asks for extra herbs, you may wish to use less of the other spices in the recipe.


You are aware that tarragon is unique among herbs. There are three versions of French, Russian, and Mexican, but the first one has complete dominance. Unlike the other two varieties, it has a particular flavor and is accessible practically everywhere.


Why is French tarragon unique? The plant has a sweet taste that makes you think of licorice or anise, thanks to estragole. As the name implies, it is mostly used in French dishes like béarnaise sauce but also works well in Italian dishes. But it can also be used as a substitute for oregano in chili.

You will need to exercise caution, however. There are two varieties of tarragon: fresh and dried. To make the best decision, you must understand the distinctions between fresh and dried tarragon. If you don’t, your dish can taste either too strong or too weak. The ratio of replacement is 1:1.


Although it is often used as a garnish, parsley may also be used as a flavoring. Parsley is a good option if you want to substitute for oregano in chili. Parsley has a subtle, somewhat bitter flavor that many home chefs like. This herb is used as a garnish and in culinary preparations.

There are several ways to substitute parsley with other foods. And they all go well with various foods, including shellfish, citrus fruits, and meals with tomatoes. Like marjoram, parsley may be used fresh or dried without issues. However, fresh parsley may be easier to find. 

Fresh parsley is stronger than dried parsley. As a result, you may substitute dried parsley for dry oregano 1:1, but you must only use half as much fresh parsley instead of fresh or dried oregano.


Originally used as a medicine, dill has gradually made its way into your mouth watering pickles, potato salad, and tartar sauce. Although dried dill may substitute for oregano, I advise using fresh dill since it tastes more.

Dill tastes quite reviving, similar to tarragon but not as potent. Additionally, it has a sweet flavor with distinct green overtones that pair nicely with mint, lemon, or garlic. It’s time to start using dill in your cuisine again if you haven’t in a while. Use 1.5 teaspoons of fresh dill with 2 teaspoons of fresh oregano.


Sage is a great substitute for oregano in chili. It has citrus and eucalyptus undertones and is well-balanced enough to replace oregano in recipes. It is most often used in Greek cuisine and is renowned for its sweeter aromatics. It is still widely used in various cuisines.

Sage is one of the most adaptable plants in your kitchen, with a herbal scent and a somewhat deep, earthy taste. It goes well with strong tastes, such as cured pork and sausage, but it may also work well with milder foods like creamy pasta or tea.

Oregano is one of a broad variety of herbs that may be substituted for sage, much like the plants mentioned above. Sage should be substituted for oregano in a 1:2 ratio (i.e., use 1/2 sage for every 1 part of oregano).

Can I Use Mixed Herbs Instead Of Oregano?

Yes, you may use mixed herbs for oregano. That’s because the blend contains oregano as one of the herbs! Mixed herbs will be a great substitute for oregano in chili if you often have a lot of leftovers in your pantry but haven’t been able to go to the shop. Additionally, you may add any Italian spice that you have on hand.

It’s crucial to remember that adding mixed herbs—which aren’t only oregano—will somewhat change the flavor of your food. If you don’t have any oregano left in the home, it will work fine as a substitution. If you’re searching for a replacement because you have an allergy to oregano, we suggest trying parsley, summer savory, marjoram, or tarragon.

If you think making your mixed herbs from other herbs in your pantry is simpler, you can do that. Basil and marjoram, basil and parsley, or marjoram and thyme are three fantastic pairings that work well as an oregano alternative.

Are Oregano And Basil The Same Thing?

Basil and oregano are not the same thing. They are two different herbs, and their taste characteristics vary greatly. However, basil may be used in place of oregano. Oregano was not often used in American cooking, but it has since cemented itself as a standard ingredient in numerous meals, including pizza. On the other hand, Basil is a herb that works in just about every dish. It may be used fresh or dried and is highly popular in dishes incorporating tomatoes.

It’s ideal for adding fresh basil near the end of cooking since it has more flavor. It is more practical to have dried basil in your pantry. The dried basil version will be a perfect stand-in until you can purchase some more oregano if you prefer to maintain a variety of herbs and spices on hand, like oregano.

Conclusion Substitute For Oregano In Chili

There you have it, then! There are 8 excellent substitute for oregano in chili, so you don’t just have one choice. This list of substitute for oregano in chili is fantastic since it will provide you with everything you need to give your food a delectable edge, regardless of why you had to substitute it with anything else. Even better, depending just on the meal you need it for, you now know which item will be the ideal oregano substitution!