15 Best Cast Iron Skillet for Glass Top Stove

Last Updated on January 10, 2023 by Claire

You need the best cast iron skillet for glass top stove to get rid of your worries about scratches. Your preference might be a nonstick yet non-slip skillet that can do the job effectively, this compilation is for you as it carries the best skillets which have been tested and confirmed by a team of excellent chefs.

Best cast Iron Skillet for Glass Top Stove

Typical chefs tend to have a strong affinity for the best quality products. With this urge, my team and I did a test on most cast iron skillets in order to save you the stress of buying with doubts.

This post does not try to entice you to purchase these products but to save you from making wrong decisions.

After a careful test run of different cast iron skillets, below are the best cast iron skillet selections for your glass top stove.

1. Cuisinel Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan

Cuisinel is highly recommended, it was selected based on customers’ review and it didn’t disappoint.

Cuisinel is great with heat distribution as it evenly spreads the heat throughout the pot. It makes the meal quality improve as there is an even distribution of heat due to its smooth finishing.

This skillet is resistant to heat and has heat-resistant handle covers which keep your hands protected while cooking and after cooking.

Made with cast iron, cuisinel is highly durable and lasts long despite being constantly used.

What we like:

  • This skillet can safely be used in an oven and doesn’t retain stains
  • It comes with a glass lid cover for extra protection. This means we can cook comfortably with it without worrying about contamination
  • Cuisinel can be used for different purposes like; frying, grilling, baking, and lots more
  • It has a non-slip base and sits comfortably on the glass top stove without any fear of slipping. 
  • It can accommodate about 1.9 liters of water and it has a non-stick quality which assures that the food won’t get burnt. 
  • There is a one-year warranty and the skillet can be returned to the company in the case of any complaint. 


  • It is not dishwasher safe and as such can only be hand washed. However, stains are not hard to get rid of
  • If not we’ll take care of it, the skillet can have scratches as it doesn’t have resistance to scratches
  • Powerful chemicals can remove its coating if used to wash the skillet
  • Quite heavy to carry

2. Zakarian by Dash 9.5″ Nonstick Cast Iron Skillet

After so much disappointment with the “nonstick” skillet, Zakarian came through for us.

Zakarian skillet is made with TruPro Titanium ceramic nonstick coating. This makes the food come out easily and fresh without sticking. This coating is rust-resistant which means you can use it for as long as possible without the fear of rust.

It is greatly compatible with glass top stove as it doesn’t slip and does well with other cooking devices.

It is highly resistant to heat as heat doesn’t affect its function. Its handle is also resistant to heat and allows you to use it without an extra towel.

It is very durable and made of cast iron material and weighs 5.48 pounds

What we like

  • It is easy to wash and has no tough stains despite the type of food cooked.
  • The food residue does not stick to the pan. 
  • It comes with an instructional manual for a better understanding of how the product works.
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty and can be replaced in case of any damage.


  • It is not dishwasher safe but can easily be hand washed and it cleans all grease totally.
  • It is heavy in weight but can be held with both hands while taking it down from the stove
  • Doesn’t come with a lid for coverage and protection of food
  • Can scratch if use carelessly

3. Segretto Cookware Cast Iron Skillets

A highly enameled cast iron skillet that has helped us cook for a long period of time without worrying about rusting, you should totally try it out.

Segretto skillet has a three-layered enamel coating which provides maximum protection for the skillet. It protects it from rust.

It is very dense and has high resistance to heat. It can withstand heat up to 500 F.

It has an even distribution of heat throughout every corner of the skillet and this helps prevent the burning of food. It is made of cast iron and weighs 7.81 pounds

What we like

  • This skillet cooks very well on the stove and oven without any cause for worry
  • The handle is ergonomic which makes it easy to hold and use comfortably while cooking
  • Due to its depth, you can cook a relatively large quantity of food with it, and with the even distribution of heat, the food will come out perfect
  • It can be used for different cooking techniques and it’s still very durable and strong
  • It has a double spouting for easy pouring of food when you’re done cooking


  • It is not dishwasher safe but it is nonstick thereby making it easy to hand wash and clean easily
  • It is heavy to carry about but it is made a bit easier with the handle
  • It doesn’t have a lid cover to be used while cooking but you can sit and watch over your food properly

4. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Enameled Cast Iron Chicken Fryer with Cover

As lovers of deep fry, Cuisinart made it all easy for us. Cuisinart skillet is 10 inches deep and best for deep fry as it can accommodate a large amount of oil.

It is made of cast iron material and weighs 6 pounds and can retain heat very well and does a good job of evenly distributing heat.

What we like

  • It does not absorb odor despite the type of food cooked with it. This means it can be used to cook a variety of food without worrying about the transfer of odor
  • It has a nonstick coating which makes it convenient for cooking as food is well served without burnt crumbs
  • It can easily be tossed into the dishwasher for a clean and sparkling wash. Yes, it is dishwasher safe
  • Its handle is heat resistant and does not break off despite the heat
  • It has a non-slip surface which makes it sturdy on a glass-top stove even while cooking and stirring


  • It is quite dense and heavy but can be held with both hands using the handle
  • It has no cover lid for food protection while cooking

5. Bruntmor Grill Cast Iron Griddle Pan

Bruntmor is a known name in the manufacturing sector but I can bet you haven’t tried out their griddle skillet.

This skillet comes with two short handles instead of the regular long handle. This is for balance and convenience as it is easier and more comfortable to hold.

It is a product of premium cast iron cast and weighs 14.08 pounds (very dense).

What we like

  • This pan has a capacity of three liters. This means it can contain a relatively large quantity of food.
  • It is a nonstick cookware with a natural surface which is best for cooking, grilling, boiling, etc.
  • It is sturdy on a glass top stove and safe while stirring as it doesn’t slip
  • It is great for a stove, oven, and even an open campfire
  • It is an ideal example of a perfect gift for any chef who appreciates good cookware


This pan is not dishwasher safe and should be only hand washed. Notwithstanding, it can be washed easily but cannot be air dried. Instead, it should be placed on a stove with a mild fire to dry.

It doesn’t come with a lid for food coverage and protection. Besides, you don’t need the lid when looking for a beautiful sear, per Yahoo!

It is very dense, hence the possession of a double handle which makes it convenient to carry.

7. Bruntmor 2 in 1 Red cast iron Skillet

Are you a lover of delicious meals? Bruntmor Cast Iron Skillet is for you 

The pan has a deep bowl for cooking slowly and also a handle that is sturdy enough to carry its weight.

It is great on a grill, stove, gas, and even in the oven making it a comfortable cooking tool for anyone enthusiastic about cooking.

This skillet is a nonstick pan that is safe for different dishes and it has great heat retention which I bet you wouldn’t love to miss.

8. Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Did you have an impression that all cast iron skillets are heavy? The Utopia Kitchen is not that heavy for a cast iron skillet.

Due to its lightweight, it is easy to move around in the kitchen with its traditional handle which is quite sturdy. It does not also scratch your glass stovetop.

With 3 sets, 6 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches, you have multiple options for your cooking needs. It is also stable on cooking surfaces so you don’t need to worry about your glass top stove.

9. LEGEND COOKWARE Cast iron Pizza Pan

A 14-inch pizza cooker for any glass stovetop. It’s made from pure, solid, premium steel and iron, this pan is very durable and versatile. Quite lightly pre-seasoned cookware that gets better with use.

This nonstick pan comes with an extra-long handle which makes it easy to carry about.

It also comes with a lid to protect the food and also help in retaining the flavor as well as keeping the food warm.

It has heavy-duty lips which make it perfect for a glass top stove. The pan gets better as it is used as the natural seasoning builds up with time.

Overall, it works perfectly even if used to fry or cook your favorite meals.

10. Lodge L14SK3 15-Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet

Made in the USA, this Lodge L14SK3 cast iron pan is great for a delicious and nutritious meal.

It comes seasoned with vegetable oil which ensures high quality and a silicone handle that can withstand heat and allow easy movement of the skillet.

Its bottom is smooth and flat and balances well on the glass top stove and other cooking surfaces for a great and delicious meal.

11. Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 3 Skillet Bundle

The lodge is a popular name known for making the best quality cookware. This particular model comes in 3 sets with 12 inches, 10.25 inches, and 8-inch pans.

This skillet comes in a bundle and contains high-quality cast iron pans which are seasoned with 100% vegetable oil.

This pan is nonstick and no food particle sticks despite the nature of the food. It is durable and long-lasting.

12. Simple Chef Cast Iron Skillet 3-Piece Set

Looking for a skillet with its own pre-seasoning? Simple Chef Cast Iron 3-Piece Set has got your back. It’s a heavy-duty pro-level skillet for top chefs. The various pans measure. A decent pan for frying, sauteing, cooking, pizza, and more on any glass stovetop without leaving scratches.

This pan comes with a glass lid which will enable you to see through the glass and help in flavor retention.

Perfect for all cooking surfaces and all cooking methods. We’ve seen that it also makes your food rich in flavor due to the factory pre-seasoning.

13 Victoria Cast-Iron Skillet

Looking for the right cast iron skillet for your meals? If you’d care for Colombia’s touch of the pan, you want this Victoria cast-iron skillet. It’s a pre-seasoned cast-iron frying pan with a LONG HANDLE and measures 12 inches.

The base area has an even distribution of heat and also has heat retention.

It has an aluminum core which is the best material and is perfect for any cooking surface. The pan is perfect for a variety of food. Overall, durable and perfect for chefs who want the best skillet for their glass stovetops.

14. NutriChef Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

NutriChef Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet 3 Pieces is not only of high quality but also stylish.

This is a set of skillets with different sizes which makes it easier to pick the best for a particular meal.

These pans can withstand heat to about 500 F which makes them perfect for frying. Rusting and sticking it’s also pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil.

It comes with a silicone handle and scraper which makes it easy to move around and wash well.

15. Amazon Basics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Still on a quest to get a high quality and flared edge skillet? Amazon Basics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet is here for you.

This skillet has great heat retention and detention which ensures well-cooked food.

It can withstand the heat of about 500 F and is absolutely safe for oven use and is easy to use as it has a flared edge which makes food transfer to and from the pan easy.

This skillet is not dishwasher safe but very easy to be washed with hands. Overall, it has superior quality and gives a perfect result which you will definitely want for your meals.


A good quality cast iron skillet should be sturdy on a glass top stove, nonstick, and easy to wash. It might not necessarily be dishwasher safe but should be easy to clean and should hold onto stains. Weight is not a criterion for a good cast iron skillet although most of them are quite dense.