Canine Owners Review Best Meat and Bone Grinder for Dog Food

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This publication suggests the best meat and bone grinder for dog food (as reviewed by dog lovers). Perhaps, you have been buying pre-packaged/ground meat/bones from a dog food company but decided to make yours with sourced meat from an organic farm. Well, this review tells the story.

The best grinder for dog meat and bones would feature high-power, strong motors and efficient cutting plates and blades. It should be largely made of stainless steel material and not plastic. A kubbe attachment should also be available to form a casing for the ground meat and bone.

Non-weight raw bones from turkey necks and chicken wings can be safe for your canine to improve raw food diet when crushed in a meat grinder. The bones here are typically hollow and non-weight without marrow. However, they can provide phosphorus, calcium, and other mineral traces.

Is meat and bone meal good for dogs?

Meat and bone meat are good for dogs. Experts say that animal bone contains phosphorus and calcium, 2 important nutrients for your dog’s diet.

But then, giving a dog full-sized bones to eat rather than to chew can be a problem. Bones can result in severe teeth fracture and internal problems. Nonetheless, you want to include a sterilized bone meal in your dog’s food.

Your dog’s bone health requires calcium to prevent conditions such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. With phosphorus, your dog’s bone-building process is improved, alongside synthesizing carbohydrates, fat, and protein.

When you grind up bones into a dog’s meal, nutrients become more nutritionally available as a result of the greater surface area provided by those small particles.

It is necessary for the meat and bone food you feed your dog to have a 1-1 ratio of calcium and phosphorus. Fortunately, ground-up bones provide it.

Can you grind up cooked bones for dogs?

Well, while raw bones from parts like chicken wings are supposedly fine for your dog, the splinter from cooking them can tear up the insides of your dog.

However, if you can grind the bones into powder without splinters, they should be fine for dogs. Unfortunately, this negates the teeth-cleaning benefits but would still feature the benefits of a delicious and nutritious bone meal.

Some experts advise against mixing bone meals available at home and garden stores into dog food due to “not safe for animal consumption”. A meal like this is a form of slow-release phosphorus and looks like white flour in texture.

You need to be moderate when grounding your dog’s bone meal. Excessive bones can block a dog’s gastrointestinal tract. This is because the ground bones can add up, creating a solid mass that is hard to pass. This would result in constipation which could require surgery.

Another identified danger is that homemade bone meal that is not well-sterilized risks bacterial contamination passed from the dog to the owner. Bones need to be not ground finely enough to keep the shards from destroying your dog’s throat, mouth, throat, or intestines.

Best meat and bone grinder for dog food

For this section, we have compiled a list of recommended meat and bone grinders for dog food by dog owners:

  1. Sunmile SM-G73 Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer Maker 1000W Max with Stainless Steel Cutting Blade and 3 Cutting Plates and 1 Big Sausage Stuff, ETL Certificated

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Sunmile SM-G73 is a simple grinder for crushing the meat and soft bones, getting rid of bone shards that can damage your dog’s throat. We recommend Sunmile SM-G73 due to:

High power, strong motor

This dog meat and bone grinder is designed with a 600W rated power and 1000W max locked power. It spots gears and gearbox capable of withstanding the grinding demands to release the needed nutrient-filled meal.

It can grind up to 185 pounds per hour, meaning more homemade meals for your pet dogs in a short time.

Stainless steel material

This large wrapped body is built with stainless steel. However, the tray and the grinder head are made of polished cast aluminum, all food-grade and ETL certified for grinding dog food.

Cutting plate

This fully functional meat and bone grinder arrive with 3 different stainless steel cutting plates to produce coarse, medium, and fine ground meat. All the cutting plates and cutting blades are dishwasher safe.

Safe operation

Use the large on, off, reset, and reserve button to conveniently start, reserve, and reset your meat and bone grinder for dogs. You can also easily switch the button to ensure safety when running again.


You have the manufacturer’s backup when you purchase this product from a certified vendor. Sunmile SM-G73 has 1-year manufacturer warranty.

You can also contact Sunmile for replacement parts or accessories.

What we like

Circuit breaker

We like that this meat grinder features a circuit breaker locked to prevent motor burnout.

Kubbe maker

It comes with a kubbe attachment to serve as a casing for the ground meat.

Grinds soft bone

You can use this machine to grind meat the way your dog loves it. We use the coarse grind. We also routinely grind chicken thigh and leg bones.

We even ground an entire chicken bone without getting stuck. First, we try to partially freeze the meat to make it easy to trim with a knife but frozen enough for the machine to grind without getting stringy.

What we don’t

Plastic gears

Note that this machine is not a professional-grade meat grinder. However, it serves the purpose of your homemade meat and bones for dogs and does not use metal gears.

We have had this grinding machine for months and used it twice a week for grinding chicken and chicken bones for dog food without problem.

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  1. Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder, 2500W Max Ultra Powerful, 5 in 1 HOUSNAT Multifunction Food Grinder, Sausage Stuffer, Slicer/Shredder/Grater, Kubbe & Tomato Juicing Kits, Home Kitchen Use

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This heavy-duty meat grinder will crush soft bones, making sure no shards in your dog’s food. This is possible with its features including:

2500W copper motor

This meat grinder is equipped with a performing motor and low-noise gears. Its better power output means it works much more efficiently and is ideal for processing chicken, beef, fish, pork, venison, fish, and more.

Professional technology

This electric machine features a 3-stage extrusion technology with a precise speed of 250rmp. It squeezes meat and bone without damaging the fiber and texture. Your dog also gets that fresh and nutritious meal with an original delicate texture.


We thought this is an easy and convenient grinding machine for your dog’s food. It features 3 buttons, including on/off, slow, and reverse.

The reverse button helps to unclog the unit when hard bone causes it to stick.

Safety and durability

This is an ETL-certified meat grinder. It uses food-grade materials, has a built-in induction overheat protection system, and combines durability to give value for your money.

What we like

Food grade material

The materials are made food grade. Thus, you can safely select ingredients to prepare healthy and fresh food for your fur baby.

Easy assembly

This is easy to assemble the machine. We could readily assemble, disassemble, and clean all parts without contacting a professional.


The main body design uses advanced ABS material. We notice that this innovation brings a good balance of impact, abrasion and heat resistance.

What we don’t like

Not dishwasher safe

Unfortunately, you cannot toss any of the parts in your dishwasher. The manufacturer advises just wiping and drying with a soft cloth after cleaning.

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  1. Weston Pro Series Electric Meat Grinder, Commercial Grade, 1120 Watts, 1.5 HP, 14lbs. Per Minute, Stainless Steel (10-2201-W)

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We also tried the Weston pro series electric meat grinder—the meat and soft bone grinder your dog needs for the meal. The reasons this grinder is worth it includes:

Powerful motor

It uses a 1.5 hp, 1,120-watt motor that can grind large meat volumes. It is also air-cooled and permanently lubricated which keeps running every bone to mash.

Grinding speed

Speaking of “fast”, this is one meat/bone grinder designed for speed. It uses a rifled-head design and tapered throat capable of eliminating your need for a tray guard. We could grind 14 lbs. of meat per minute with this machine.

Knife sharpener

Take your dog’s meat and bone grinding to another level with this built-in knife sharpener. It keeps your knives sharp so that you can conveniently prep dog meats before grinding.

What we like

Forward-reverse mode

When grinding tougher meats and meats with connective tissue, this mode comes to the rescue to release stuck bone.

Bone smasher

We made raw dog food for the dogs with this grinder, and it powered through the bones easily.


This machine arrives with a 15 x 10 tray large enough to hold 2-3 lbs. We did not have to push the meat in the feeder due to this large size which also goes really fast.

What we don’t like

This machine works pretty well for making dog food. However, adjusting the knob is a bit of a problem. One of our tester’s fingers lightly rubbed the side of the grinder, causing an injury.

The side of the grinder is razor-sharp along the edge on the back and front. We had to sand it with 220 grit to be safe.

We would also prefer if this grinder does not have a guard over the front of the tray, which makes it tougher to push meat with bones through.

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  1. OSTBA Electric Meat Grinder 2000W MAX Meat Mincer with Sausage Stuffer, 5 in 1 Food Grinder with Sausage, Kubbe, Shredding, Slicing, Grinder, Tomato Juicing Kits, Overheat Protection

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Another best meat and bone grinder for dogs to buy is this Ostba meat grinder—a good shredder for your kitchen. Here’s what to know:

Grinder motor

This grinder powers up to 500W (2000W max). It can produce 3.3 pounds (1.5kg) of minced meat and bone per minute.

We used this grinder to test ground meat and stuffing making and thought it is the best, fast, and most convenient grinder out there for its price.

Food grade material

Uses food-grade material for all parts that touch the meat and bones to prevent polluting the ingredients. The motor is protected with an auto, built-in circuit breaker to prevent overheating.

Healthiness and nutrition

Apart from the use of food-grade materials, this machine works with 3 spiral circles of the auger attachment that squeeze your dog’s meat without destroying the meat fiber. The meat also stays cool and 100% locks in the texture and flavor.

What we like


The components are easy to disassemble, assemble, or clean—no need for professionals or special tools.

Jamming solution

If jamming occurs, use the reverse button to get the machine to rotate in the opposite direction to empty the head immediately.

What we do not like

Good for meat, bad for tomatoes

We tried using this grinder to juice our tomato but had to stop every 5 minutes to unclog the machine. Quite decent for meat and bone for your dogs though.

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How do you grind bones for dog food?

You can grind bones for dog food by putting the bones in your meat grinder. A meat grinder also prevents the risk of broken dog teeth, choking hazards, or any GI tract and digestive problem.

Your grinder should be powerful enough to shred the bones. Do not use hard bones to avoid damaging a meat grinder. Bones in chicken wings are typical bones your meat grinder will deal with.

You would also want your dog’s food to get the proper calcium and phosphorus ratio. As such, experts advise following a recipe from a trusted veterinary nutritionist or veterinarian.

Note that the size of the bone matters if being used for oral care or recreational value. Ensure to get a bone the size of your dog’s head. Typically, smaller dogs get smaller bones and the reverse is for bigger dogs. You also want to supervise while your dog chews on bones.

Final thoughts on Best Meat and Bone Grinder for Dog Food

Most meat grinders feature a cooling system. However, when overloaded and incorrectly operated, the machine will overheat. Also, make sure to refer to the product manufacturer’s instructions for the recommended duration for uninterrupted use.