Dietitian Recommends Best Substitute for Club Soda

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Need the best substitute for club soda? Club Soda, simply put, is carbonated water. The water carbonation is done by injecting it with CO2 and adding other minerals to this mix to give a sparkling bubbly feel to the water.

Some common minerals added to Club Soda include:

  • disodium phosphate
  • potassium sulfate
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • sodium chloride

The number of minerals added to make Club Soda depends on the product manufacturer. The added minerals are meant to enhance the drink’s flavor by making it slightly salty.

What would you do when you are at a club or need refreshments without a Club Soda? 

Today’s article focuses on presenting the best substitutes for Club Soda for your instant refreshment or making that cocktail of your choice. Also, we will be adding extra sub-topics, such as the best substitute for club soda in Mojito and Club Soda in the batter. Come along on this voyage of discovery.

Best substitute for club soda

Best substitute for Club Soda

Below are your alternatives to Club Soda:

Coconut Water

Coconut water is a very popular drink. It is mainly sought after for its naturally great taste. Coconut is at its best when taken directly from the coconut plant.

Natural coconut water is without additives and full of essential vitamins and electrolytes, including the likes of potassium and phosphorus. The essential vitamins and electrolytes give it a refreshing taste.

Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is another excellent Club Soda alternative. It is great for people who love the fizziness and pop that comes with Club Soda. Sparkling water can be made into the perfect drink by adding lime and pouring it into a wine glass. Carbonated water combines water and carbon dioxide under pressure. Sodium and other minerals are often added—Healthline.

Then, you can mix it with fruits such as citrus, stone fruit, mint, or lemon for that extra taste. You can also add flavored bitters to sparkling water for a more low-calorie drink. 

Green Tea

Another low-calorie substitute for Club Soda is green tea. It contains plenty of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals meant to boost your immunity. In addition, green tea is known to help the body release natural energy for day-long productivity. There are several ways to enjoy green tea: hot, cold, lemon juice, strawberries, or peach. 

Fruit-infused Water

Fruit-infused water is another way to replace Club Soda when preparing your cocktails. Also called “fruit leaching,” it is designed to add extra taste to plain water. You can make your fruit-infused water by adding some slice some of your preferred fruits, such as oranges, strawberries, watermelon, cucumbers, etc., to a glass of water.

Next, leave the water to stay overnight. Allowing the water to sit overnight will release minerals and vitamins into it, increasing its taste and flavor.


Seltzer is the preferred Club Soda alternative for most people who enjoy the neutral flavor and effervescence of Club Soda. It is mainly sold as carbonated water or soda water. It is an equally refreshing drink with a natural flavor.

Seltzer is less erosive when compared to your regular carbonated drinks, with a similar effect as tap water. This makes it also ideal for regular consumption. 

Best substitute for club soda in the batter

For those who need a bit of Club Soda in their batter but can’t readily lay their hand on one. Here, we present some ready substitutes for club soda for your batter.


Hey, your mind right now would be lemonade? Lemonade, when used in making batter as a Club Soda substitute, tends to add more flavor to your food. How is it going to help me make my dinner? 

The lemon-flavored batter is an excellent choice for dinner parties, and you would get several people talking about the excellent recipe you have made when you try this method.  

Using lemonade as a Club Soda substitute in your batter has its added benefits. Firstly, it helps to keep the body hydrated. Also, it helps the stomach break down food quickly, thereby improving digestion. So, lemonade has unique health benefits and an excellent taste for your batter.  

White wine

Yes, white wine! It can also be used as an alternative to Club Soda when considering your batter’s acidity. Our introductory notes to this article said that Club Soda is carbon dioxide and salt injected into water. Adding carbon dioxide to water makes the water more acidic than regular water. This is what makes white wine an excellent alternative to soda water. White wine is more acidic than Club Soda. 

White wine also contains antioxidants which will help the body keep healthy and remove free radicals from your system. It is even noted that a glass of white wine daily will help to keep your heart healthy.


Milk helps to create a lighter texture batter. When you beat the batter, it allows for more air to enter the mix. The result is a fluffy, extra-light batter that will be the delight of your friends and family.

There are several health benefits to using milk as a Club Soda alternative in making the batter. Firstly, drinking milk helps to maintain bone density. Drinking milk regularly also helps to provide nutrients like vitamins D and B to the body.

Ginger ale

You should know that ginger ale also gives the bubbles like club soda. This makes it an excellent substitute for club soda in any recipe. To prepare your recipe, use a similar amount of ginger ale as you would use when making your recipe with club soda. Using ginger ale, as with other club soda substitutes, comes with added health benefits. Some of these would be unexpected to you. 

Ginger ale contains gingerol. Gingerol has medicinal properties and benefits, which include reducing blood sugar levels. It also helps with morning sickness. So when next you have some with blood sugar issues, try making them a batter with ginger ale. It is healthy, delicious, and excellent.  

Best substitute for club soda in Mojito

Sparkling Water

Sparkling mineral water is an excellent substitute for your Club Soda in a mojito. Sparkling water contains natural minerals from wells and springs as against the artificial minerals injected into the Club Soda.

Sparkling water mixes excellently with other mojito ingredients, giving it the refreshing taste you desire.  

Tonic Water

Tonic is another excellent substitute option for a mojito. It combines well with the rum, mint, lime juice, and other ingredients that form your sparkling mojito drink. Tonic water contains the same type of minerals present in Club Soda. It also contains quinine and sweeteners, which would add more taste to the Mojito. Also, quinine has several health benefits, including malaria treatment.


This alternative gives you a tropical mix of lemon and lime. It is a go-to when you desire a non-alcoholic mojito or a virgin mojito, adding an extra bit of sweetness to your favorite mocktail. It is an excellent choice for your Club Soda substitute.


Here you have it. Our list of best substitutes for Club Soda. Be it for your batter, Mojito, or everyday daily refreshment—these substitutes will delight and refresh your taste buds with their taste and exquisite benefits. Remember that most of these substitutes have extra health benefits when taken.

We do hope you had an excellent time reading today’s article. We hope you share this article with friends and family while you experiment with the contents laid out here.