Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake? How To Do It Right

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Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake? One of the most delicate desserts you can prepare is angel food cake. This is because the main component is egg whites whisked to delicate peaks of perfection. As a result, you’ll want to handle your angel food cake with care. This may prompt the inquiry, “Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake?” 

Angel food cake can be frozen. It is one of the few methods for preserving sweets. Before getting more into the freezing of an angel food cake, it’s vital to understand what it is and what it’s composed of. Angel Food Cake is a sponge-like cake prepared from egg whites.

How To Freeze Angel Food Cake

Here’s how to freeze angel food cake step by step:

Step 1: Cut the sponge cake into various parts or portions of your choice

To prepare the cake for freezing, freeze it whole or slice it into individual serving portions. Either one will suffice. Please bear in mind that you will not be able to slice the cake once it has frozen. You’ll most likely squash it, ruining the look.

Step 2: Write “use by date” on each part.

Get zip-top freezer bags with a use-by date. Your cake may be kept in the refrigerator for 4-6 months. Set these bags aside for the time being.

Step 3: Wrap each slice twice in plastic or aluminum foil.

With the typical thickness of aluminum foil, double the wrapping layers will guarantee that your cake is not harmed by oxidation. Heavy-duty aluminum foil is another option to explore. When it comes to keeping your angel food cake, the obvious distinctions between standard and heavy-duty aluminum foil will offer radically different outcomes.

If you must stretch it to 5 months, consume it as soon as feasible. Instead of a pencil, use a fountain pen to label the wrapping bags. Next, cover each cake slice in aluminum foil or plastic bags. And it works nicely, mainly when some high-quality coverings can keep the cake fresher for longer.

Step 4: Place your frozen cake portions in freezer-safe containers.

Place your wrapped cakes in separate airtight bags or plastic containers, such as Tupperware. This keeps the cake from being smashed by other objects. Remember to remove any extra air before closing them altogether thoroughly.

It’s worth noting that this procedure works for both handmade and store-bought cakes. In actuality, most cakes purchased in-store are frozen before being sent. As a result, most of them are safe for you to freeze again.

How Do You Safely Defrost A Frozen Cake?

Defrost a frozen angel food cake in the fridge when it’s time to serve. It’s best to wait up to two days before serving. It will undoubtedly take longer to thaw a complete cake than divided sections.

When thawing an angel food cake, lay it on a broad rack and let it rest at room temperature. Is it placed in an airtight bag? I propose separating it from the bags to minimize moisture accumulation if this is the case.

What happens if the cake is wrapped in cling film or foil? It is not necessary to remove the wrap before the defrosting procedure.

Thawing A Cake In Its Wrapping

It’s best to leave the cake covered while it thaws. The cake becomes stale rapidly when left uncovered for too long! Sliced cakes usually thaw in two or three hours, although bigger cakes typically take somewhat longer.

Unwrapped Cake Defrosting

Allow your frozen angel food cake to come to room temperature in its packaging for two hours. Allow it to sit for one hour if it is unfrosted. Furthermore, any cake containing whipped cream tops must be thawed in the refrigerator for four hours. After leaving your savory cake for the necessary time, please remove it from the containers and other wrappings.

How Long Will An Angel Food Cake Stay?

At Room Temperature

Because angel food cake contains no dairy, it does not need to be refrigerated straight away unless it is iced with a dairy-based frosting or covered with fruit. If kept correctly at room temperature, plain angel food cake can last for one or two days.

The cake may be stored on the counter or in the pantry as long as it is secured from the air—a cake box, cake holder, or container would suffice but wrapping it with plastic wrap is better. Also, if you want to consume the remainder of your angel food cake as soon as possible, keeping it at room temperature is the best choice.

In The Refrigerator

If your angel food cake is iced or adorned with fruit, keep it in the refrigerator until you’re ready to consume it. Angel food cake may be kept in the refrigerator for a week if properly refrigerated. When preserving angel food cake in the refrigerator, cover it in plastic wrap with an additional layer of aluminum foil.

It may also be kept in a plastic or glass container for safety, although the double-wrap approach works just as well. The refrigerator is the ideal place to store previously decorated cakes or cakes that need to be kept fresh for longer than a couple of days.

In The Freezer

Angel food cake is no exception to the rule that freezing food enhances its shelf life. If properly preserved, Angel food cake can stay in the freezer for four to six months. Cover your angel food cake snugly in plastic wrap and put pieces in freezer bags before freezing; we also suggest storing your cake bags in a plastic container.

We recommend that you thaw and consume your angel food cake within the first four months for maximum freshness, but it may be stored for six months. Freezing angel food cake is the most excellent option for people who want to save it for a special event—by special occasion, we mean you’re simply in the mood for angel food cake.

Tips for Properly Storing Angel Food Cake

  • It doesn’t matter how long you tend to keep this delicious angel food cake; it must be refrigerated. This allows your cake to last longer when stored at room temperature. It can endure for more than a week and still be of high quality!
  • To retain the spongy texture, stop refrigeration for a few minutes to return it to room temperature.
  • Do not freeze the whole decorated cake since it can quickly expand and compress, damaging your effort.
  • Don’t top it with whipped cream or other fillings until you’re ready to eat it. Using flavorful frosting or fruits on a cake, for example, causes it to spoil rapidly. This suggestion applies to all sorts of cakes.
  • However, if the cake contains a single filling or something similar, it is best to chill it. Refrigerate it until ready to serve or consume.
  • Angel food cake is a great treat to freeze and use later.
  • After freezing, sprinkle with fresh berries or top with chocolate ganache to make it crazily unique.

What Can You Do With Leftover Angel Food Cake?

Angel food cake is a light and fluffy dessert suitable for any occasion. But what happens when you have an excess of angel food cake? Here are five delectable uses for leftover angel food cake:

  • Make a trifle: A trifle is a layered dessert made out of cake, fruit, custard, or whipped cream. Stack cubed angel food cake, fresh fruit, and your favorite custard or whipped cream in a glass dish to create a trifle.
  • Use it as an ice cream topping: Angel food cake is a delicious ice cream topping. Crumble it up and sprinkle it on top of your favorite flavor of ice cream for a tasty and unusual treat.
  • Make a cake milkshake: Have you eaten a cake milkshake before? They’re delectable! Whisk cubed angel food cake, milk, and your preferred ice cream flavor in a blender until smooth.
  • Make fruit kabobs: Angel food cake may also be used to make fruit kabobs. Thread cake cubes onto skewers with your favorite fresh fruits and serve!
  • Wrap it up: If you’re feeling inventive, you may use angel food cake to encase other delicacies. Cut the cake into strips and use them to make little pies or cakes. Alternatively, cut the cake into shapes and serve as a decorative topping for cupcakes or cakes.
  • So there you have it: five delectable ways to use up leftover angel food cake. Try one of these recipes the next time you have leftover cake, and enjoy!

Conclusion on Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake?

When covered correctly, angel food cake may be frozen for 6 months. Because angel food cake has a delicate flavor, you should preserve it with at least two layers of plastic wrap and a freezer bag to prevent it from absorbing other flavors or odors from the freezer.

After fully wrapping the slices, please place them in a tight container to avoid crushing them in the freezer. The best way to freeze angel food cake is plain. Toppings and icing may be frozen separately or prepared shortly before serving the cake.