Does Tequila Go Bad? All You Need To Know

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Do you have a dusty bottle of tequila in your kitchen cabinet that has been there since God knows when? You might want a shot of tequila with lime and salt to wake you up in the morning. Do you still have doubts about whether or not the old tequila is safe to drink? Does tequila go bad?

Like wine and other alcoholic drinks, tequila doesn’t go bad and can last for a long time, but only under certain circumstances. But that doesn’t mean that nothing will change or that it won’t get worse. Tequila has a longer shelf life. You should store it properly and follow the instructions to make it last longer.

Does Tequila go bad?

You wouldn’t believe how often people ask, “Does Tequila go bad?” Tequila does not go bad or expire. It can last “forever” if kept in a cool, dark room in a tightly sealed bottle. No added ingredients could make it go bad, but the alcohol can evaporate over time and cause it to get worse. But let’s talk about how long it stays good, and don’t forget to check the tequila expiration date.

Tequila doesn’t go bad because tequila oxidizes very quickly. If you let tequila sit out for a month or two, it won’t be as good as it was when you first bought it. But you should be able to keep it for a long time if you put it in a dark place away from air and light.

Tequila doesn’t go bad, but its taste changes as it gets older. Technically, tequila is a special mezcal made from a certain type of agave plant. In other words, you should store this spirit the same way you would store any other good liquor.

There is a chance that your tequila bottles will go bad or expire, but this will only happen if you don’t store them right. It would help if you kept it in a cool place, not in the fridge or freezer. When you store tequila, you should think about a lot of things, like how it is stored and packaged, that can affect how long it will last.

How To Store Tequila?

How to store tequila is almost the same as how to store wine, rum, or vodka. It’s not hard, but you do need to be careful. At the same time, you must follow the steps because if you don’t, your tequila won’t last long, and the quality will be at risk. If you do what is suggested, here are a few things to do; Your tequila will be fresh and good for at least a few months and maybe even a year;

Keep Out Of Sun

Tequila should be kept from the sun and away from any direct or indirect heat source. If it’s in the sun, it won’t taste the same as if it hadn’t been.

Keep Somewhere Dry

Tequila should not be in a hot place; it should be kept in a cold place. It is recommended to keep the tequila in a dry place.

It’s fine to keep it at room temperature, but the best place to keep it is in the kitchen pantry, where it can stay safe for up to a year. If you don’t get the given temperature or area at the end, you will have to throw away your tequila.

Make Sure The Lid Is On Tight

One crucial step is to keep your tequila sealed. This will stop the process of oxidation, in which the alcohol’s compounds change over time. If the bottle has been opened, it’s best to keep it tightly closed until you’re ready to use it again. Otherwise, the spirit will go bad.

If you don’t drink a lot of tequila and only drink a small amount, it’s best to move the tequila halfway through the bottle into a smaller bottle.

How Long Does Tequila Last?

Tequila can last long, just like any other pure alcoholic drink. It’s one of those drinks that people buy when they have a baby and then open when their child graduates. Tequila will never go bad because it is made by distillation and has a high percentage of alcohol.

How Long The Unopened Tequila Will Last

Tequila should still taste the same after many years if the bottle is factory sealed and not broken. There is no way for air to get into the bottle so the quality won’t go down. So, a bottle that has been packaged can sit on your shelf for years before you want to drink a glass.

How Long The Tequila Has Been Open

When you open the bottle, the air goes to work. The color of the liquid will change over time because of oxidation. The alcohol will lose some strength, and the taste will worsen. It is thought that an open bottle of wine would be fine for up to a year. Even after that, the drink is still fine, but spirits lovers will notice that the taste has changed.

Duration Of Flavored Tequila

Like any other tequila, tequila that hasn’t been opened will last forever. But once the bottle is opened, the flavor could go away faster than with a blank drink, so it’s best to use it within six months.

How To Know If Tequila Is Bad

As I’ve already said, tequila can stay good for a long time. That means it won’t go bad unless you do something to make it. If an opened bottle has been sitting in a cabinet for a long time, it’s probably safe to drink. Give it a good sniff, and take a small sip if you like how it smells.

If you like how it tastes, you can drink it straight or with lime and salt. If the flavor isn’t great but isn’t bad either, you could use it in a drink like a margarita. Some of the flaws in the tequila will be hidden by the extra ingredients. If it doesn’t taste good, it’s probably best to throw it away.

One more thing to remember about food going bad: trust your senses. If you think something is wrong with the liquor like if it smells or tastes strange, throw it away. People, like other animals, have a lot of common sense when it comes to knowing if food is safe to eat. If you aren’t sure if something is safe, throw it away.

Does Tequila Expire?

We already know that it can’t be ruined in the traditional sense. It can’t be better in terms of taste. Because it has a lot of alcohol, it keeps bacteria from growing and kills them. But if you somehow manage to keep an opened bottle of tequila for a long time, like a few years, the quality may have dropped so much that it went bad.

Sign 1: The Drink Began To Smell Strange

Anything that doesn’t smell very good to you probably shouldn’t be eaten. Maybe so much alcohol has evaporated that it’s no longer safe to drink. If everything smells old and bad, pour it all down the drain.

Sign 2: It Doesn’t Taste Good

The taste can be weak, just like the smell. If the drink is different from what you usually drink, you should throw it away. You won’t like it.

Sign 3: The Color Is Different

Tequila looks like pure water in that it is clear and see-through. Anything that looks blurry or strange is a sign that something from outside the body is there. Maybe it got wet from something else. In any case, it won’t be good enough.

Can You Freeze Tequila?

Different people have different ideas about whether or not you should freeze your tequila. Most of the time, you shouldn’t freeze the tequila because it will lose all of its smell and flavor after freezing.

It’s best to keep it at room temperature so that the smell and the things it’s made of are at their best. But it depends on how much the tequila costs. If the tequila is of high quality, some say the smell won’t change. But it would help if you found ways to use your freezer. Don’t put your tequila where you keep your peas.

How Do You Know If It’s Tequila?

The blue agave plant is used to make tequila. It is distilled twice and aged in oak barrels before bottled at 100 proof (50 percent alcohol). The most common ways to drink tequila are straight or with lime juice and salt. Most tequila bottles have the name of the town where they were made on the label. Patron Silver, for example, is made in the Mexican town of Patagonia.


Like any other liquor, tequila has the most extended and stable shelf life among alcoholic drinks. To put it another way, tequila does not go bad. But the flavor or taste may have changed after a year since you opened the bottle. The best time to drink tequila is when it is at its best.

Even though it doesn’t happen often, tequila can still go bad if it isn’t stored properly. If the tequila has gotten worse, tastes bad, or shows signs of going bad, it’s best to throw it away.