Are Comfee Dishwashers Any Good Compared to Other Brands?

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Are Comfee dishwashers any good? Comfee is up there with other top brands, and not one of those crappy dishwashers.

A good Comfee dishwasher has 5+ years of lifespan and is designed for optimal wash – both baby and adult dishes. It packs significant features such as a fingerprint-resistant finish, low noise (40-50 dBa), a variety of wash programs/options, and energy efficiency. Buy from the authorized retailers only.

A Comfee dishwasher can replace any top-branded dishwasher; trust this company to meet your quality demands. Moreover, its affordability and enhanced build owes to Midea’s experience and expertise.

Are Comfee dishwashers any good?

Comfee is not just good but also affordable. You get the same quality offered by many high-priced manufacturers, and of course, durability. Comfee sells exclusively on Amazon, and it boasts impressive ratings and has a massive customer satisfaction level.

Its dishwashers are traditionally met with excellent reviews. On top of it all, Comfee finds it seamless to reach the needs of consumers, thanks to its parent company.

Speaking of dedication, Comfee is a name of determined builders with your best interest at heart. Every Comfee dishwasher is designed with improved comfort and high efficiency. Comfee specifically states that the company is “committed to building products that only have genuinely useful functions”, and these genuine functions are evident in the dishwashers.

Comfee understands your interest in value for your money. Created by Midea Group to promote products in global markets, this company is poised to offer you even more for your money.

Again, Comfee is backed by the manufacturing excellence of Midea Group. The focuses are on:

  • Manufacturing excellence
  • Quality
  • Customer service
  • And a strive for excellence within the dishwasher industry

How do you use a Comfee dishwasher?

This section uncovers the steps to use your Comfee dishwasher the right way:

Preparing the dishes for loading

With Comfee, you can manually remove hard stains before loading the dishes to maximize performance.

Scrape food remains

First, you want to scrape away large chunks of bones, food, pits, and toothpicks. Load the dishes to the upper rack and then the continuous filtered wash system will get rid of the food particles remnants.

Loosen burned food

If the foods burned on the dish, you want to loosen them before loading the upper rack.

Empty liquids

If your cups, glassware, and other related utensils have liquids in them, make sure to empty them.

Loading the upper rack

The upper rack of a Comfee dishwasher is built for glassware, cups, small bowl, small plates, and plastic items marked “dishwasher safe”. If the utensil is not marked “dishwasher safe”, loading it can cause damage.

You can get an optimized loading result by placing soiled cups, glassware, bowls, and saucepans toward the center or facing down. Ensure to slightly tilt the utensils for enhanced drainage.

The dishes you load must not interfere with middle spray arm rotation at the bottom of the upper rack. You can manually verify this by rotating the middle spray arm using your hand.

Loading the bottom rack

Comfee designs the bottom rack is designed for loading soup bowls, plates, cookware, and saucers.

Depending on your Comfee model, the bottom rack may be adjustable. An adjustable bottom rack brings additional space for loading taller utensils.

Place your large kitchen utensils along the edge to prevent any interference with the rotation of the middle spray arm. Confirm that the placement of the utensils does not prevent the detergent dispenser from opening.

You could also turn the larger kitchen utensils so that the inside faces downward. The utensils should not interfere with the rotation of the lower spray arm.

Many Comfee dishwashers use fold-down tines in the bottom rack. This makes it even easier for you to load those additional large and tough-to-fit items. You can keep these tines folded down for more flexible loading or up for normal use. Folding down the tines creates additional space for utensils like pans and pots.

Loading the silverware basket

Most Comfee dishwashers use silverware baskets typically divided into 3 separate modules to be used for upper and lower racks.

When loading the silverware basket, make sure there is no interference with the bottom of the basket or rack to avoid blocking the lower spray arm.

Tips to prevent discoloration

If you have foods such as mayonnaise, lemon, mustard, or vinegar, these may lead to the discoloration of your dishwasher due to the acids. Tomato and juice-based products can also result in discoloration of the plastic or stainless steel on your Comfee dishwasher, so avoid any extended contacts or exposure for a long time.

Other dish preparation tips:

If you use your Comfee dishwasher at once, rinsing off food soils maximizes performance.

If your Comfee dishwasher drains into a food disposer, make sure to empty the disposer before you start the dishwasher.

How do you add or remove dishes in Comfee dishwasher?

It is easy to add or remove dishes from your Comfee dishwasher.

  • Wait for the wash cycle to end.
  • Open the dishwasher door slightly and allow up to 30 seconds before you open it completely.
  • Add the utensil.
  • Close the dishwasher door firmly to latch, the wash cycle should resume automatically.

Best Comfee dishwashers

This section covers the best Comfee dishwashers you can invest the money for the best experience. Keep in mind that Comfee is not just about quality but affordability.

COMFEE ‎WQP6-3602H Countertop Dishwasher, Portable Dishwasher with 6 Place Settings

This dishwasher has the following features:

Place setting

This is a 6-place setting dishwasher.


This dishwasher measures H 438× W 550× D 500mm, a perfect compact size for a small household. Its compact size makes it suitable for RVs, dorms, and any small-sized kitchen.

Washing cycles

Despite its compact size, you get to enjoy 8 washing cycles, including baby-care, eco, speed, glass, heavy, and normal. Each of these cycles is capable of sparklingly and squeaky cleaned dishes.

The heavy program, for instance, can handle heavily soiled dishes cleaned evenly with 12 washing nozzles and a 360-degree spiral spray wash. It also employs high water temperature (up to 68 degrees Celsius).

The speed program, on the other hand, takes about 45 minutes to clean the dishes when you need to quickly wash and use them. It is also Energy Star rated, and consumes as low as 2.77 gallons of water to save costs.


Easy installation

You can easily install this Comfee compact dishwasher, along with its accessories. The plumbed connection steps are simple like any full-size dishwasher.

This dishwasher also connects to your faucet directly, you need an appropriate adaptor for this. The installation can even be done on your tabletop due to its compact size.

Note: This dishwasher does not use support dish soap. Use the recommended dishwasher detergent.


No replacement parts in hardware stores

There are no replacement parts in hardware stores. The solution, however, is to use Comfee’s website for the parts, and this might mean waiting for a long time to receive replacement parts.

No hose storage

This dishwasher unit does not have a storage area for the hose.

No reservoir

Due to its compact size, there is no reservoir to put water in. Therefore, this dishwasher has to be connected with an adapter to a faucet or plumbed into the waterline.

See on Amazon

COMFEE ‎WQP4-2601 Mini Portable Countertop Dishwasher, with 5-Liter Built-in Water Tank

The Comfee WQP4-2601 is another compact dishwasher model for your small household. It performs the duty of full-size dishwashers, except you have to reduce the dish load. Things consumers that make this dishwasher good are:


This dishwasher is compactly designed to fit any apartment, dorm, or RV. Nonetheless, it can wash more than 30 utensils and supports up to 10.5-inch plates.

Wash programs

Despite its size, it supports up to 5 pre-programmed washing programs, including fruit, normal, steam, glass, and rapid. Each of these programs is designed to meet your dishwashing needs.

The steam wash, for instance, doubles hygiene protection. It also includes 162 degrees Fahrenheit rinsing and up to 192 degrees Fahrenheit steam. This washing program is perfect for baby bottles, dishes, and more.

Note: You must not use detergent for the fruit and rapid programs.


The Comfee WQP4-2601 features LED, and a see-through viewing window to keep you engaged in the washing operation.

Meanwhile, avoid using dish soap, you risk damaging this dishwasher.



All you have to do is to pour in your cold water, and this machine will heat itself for the job. Of course, you would get that desirable squeaky clean outcome.

Air circulation

Complete air dryness is supported as machines cannot do it all alone without help. Thus, this dishwasher is designed to circulate fresh air for eliminating dish moisture and odor.

Note that this feature is optional, so you are at liberty to enable it for an extra drying performance and to keep the dishes fresh.

Fruit washing basket

If you are a fruitarian, here is Comfee’s way of helping you effectively automatically eliminate soil and mud on leafy and root vegetables.

The fruit pesticides are not ignored during the wash, so you get that healthy wash for a more practical lifestyle.


This Comfee’s dishwasher allows both manual loading and the use of faucets to add the water. You will get a beep once full.


Like any top-performance dishwasher, this Comfee also has its downside.


This particular model uses a plastic interior, as opposed to the stainless steel you may be expecting.


Just a 1-year warranty, which is not long enough, especially for a household that does not frequently use its machine.

Air drying time

The automatic air-drying time takes longer. The solution is to open the dishwasher door and pull out the rack to speed up the drying time.


At 58 decibels, this is a bit louder than dishwashers in the 40s.

What to consider when buying a good Comfee dishwasher

Apart from the noise levels, which should not exceed 50+dBa, look out for the following:

Water consumption

All compact Comfee dishwashers are designed for effortless eco-dishwashing. This means the ability to clean more dishes with less water consumption, and you need this feature to save water costs.

Baby dish support

Invest in a countertop with the perfect hi-temp steam wash for deep cleaning your baby’s bottles and toys effectively.


You need a design to complement your kitchen or household in general. Perhaps, a Comfee dishwasher with a see-through window is what you need to engage your eyes and tell the dishwashing status without opening the door.

Fruit wash

You do not need just any dishwasher to wash your fruits. If you are a fruitarian, then a Comfee with fruit wash is what you need. This wash mode should be capable of 35 degrees warm to seamlessly eliminate residual pesticides from the fruits.

Glassware support

If you wash glassware often, your choice of Comfee should feature the glass care program. This program ensures a delicate glass wash for crystal-clear and stain-free results. You may need softened water and dishwashing salt for this to work optimally.

Air dryer

You want your dishes air-dried after washing. Also, you will not always have the time to manually air dry, so get a Comfee dishwasher with air refresh support.

The air refresh is available in most compact Comfee dishwashers and helps to remove pungent smells and bad odors. This feature works while the dishwasher is not in operation.

Tests and warranty

Your Comfee dishwasher needs to have a statement showing that it has been tested at the factory before shipping. You may find water in the dishwasher on arrival, but this is normal.

Regarding warranty, Comfee is fond of a 1-year warranty. Ensure to buy from an authorized supplier to secure the warranty.

How do you maintain a Comfee dishwasher?

Do the following to keep your Comfee in good condition and minimize repairs upon extended use:

  • Clean the fine filter. First, remove the cylinder filter, and then the fine filter from the bottom of the dishwasher tub. You will also have to take out the bottom spray arm to be able to remove the fine filter. Ensure to rinse it under running water before replacement. If damaged, get a replacement for optimal performance.
  • Clean the inner door and tub. The dishwasher tub is usually made of stainless steel, so it will gradually corrode and rust when the dishwasher is scratched or dented. Do not use acidic components like vinegar or lemon for the cleaning.
  • Clean the cylinder filter. The cylinder filter is built for larger utensils such as bones, pits, and broken glass, and must be cleaned often for an optimal wash. First, remove the lower rack and rotate the cylinder filter to lift it out. Empty the cylinder filter and rinse it under running water before replacement. If damaged, get a replacement to keep your Comfee dishwasher performing excellently.

Conclusion on Are Comfee Dishwashers Any Good?

Let’s conclude by stating that Midea’s dishwasher market comprises 7 major brands, including Comfee, COLMO, Toshiba, and more. This is a strategic global penetration, which will help Comfee occupy a spot as an excellent dishwasher manufacturer.