What Type of Detergent is Best for Bosch Dishwasher? [Review]

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What Type of Detergent is Best for Bosch Dishwasher? Bosch dishwashers are a solution for removing the oils and hard stains without moving a muscle. However, the type of detergent you load on your Bosch dishwasher counts. Since you do not want your dishes degrading faster, what type of detergent is best for Bosch dishwashers?

Bosch manufacturers recommend using “Finish detergent” for your dishes. Nonetheless, the Cascade Platinum Plus Dishwasher Pods can be used for your Bosch 800 series dishwasher. It also offers the all-in-one solution the Finish detergent brings to your dishes.

Meanwhile, always ensure to store your detergent in a dry place. This does not mean you should store your detergent underneath the sink or similar locations. The leaks and humidity there can cause your detergent to be less effective or stale.

Can You Use Liquid Detergent in Bosch?

You can use liquid detergent in a Bosch dishwasher; however, you must not use washing-up liquid. The dirt on your pans and dishes should determine the dose of liquid detergent you use for your dishwashing.

To add the correct amount of liquid detergent to your Bosch dishwasher, use the graduated detergent dispensers. Indeed, Bosch has been so well built to wash extraordinarily when you use liquid detergent.

After a one-time use, you can check how spotless the dishwasher renders your dishes. Otherwise, your Bosch model may not be compatible with liquid detergent.

Some Bosch models perform better using liquid detergents, while some, typically older models, may underperform.

What Type of Detergent is Best for Bosch Dishwasher?

There are lots of detergents in the market to load on your Bosch for dishwashing. However, some of these detergents can quickly degrade both your dishwasher and dishes due to their properties.

You want to invest in the following detergents for not just sparkling wash but their touches of good hygiene:

Finish Powerball Tabs

The Finish is the go-to detergent because Bosch recommends them for any Bosch model of dishwasher.

This detergent is thoughtfully made with unique cleaning technology to give spotless wash. With the Finish Powerball Tabs, you can unleash the true performance of your Bosch machine.

Apart from its sparkling cleaning technology, Finish makes sure you never have to wash your dishes a second time. Below are the reasons to buy Finish detergent:

    • Bosch-recommended. The Finish is already a household name in detergents, and recognized by top manufacturers, including Bosch. On Bosch’s website, the Finish detergent is recommended as a co-marketing agreement, worth it for your machine.
    • Quick stain removal. The gelpac innovation in the Finish detergent uses pre-soakers that remove hard stains and food residue for easier dishwashing. This feature leaves your glasses sparkling-clean and lifts the washing burden off your dishwasher.
    • Cleaning reliability. The Finish uses Jet-Dry Rinse Aid, a glass protection element, that ensures spotless dishes and complete drying. It also works to eliminate concealed grease grimes for a better dishwashing experience.
  • Dissolving chambers. The new Finish Quantum features up to 3 fast-dissolving chambers that operate in independent dissolving chambers. It can produce up to 3 power actions, including cutting grease, breaking down, and lifting the toughest messes for the coolest sparkle.

Finish pre-measures its all-in-one gelpacs which you can use conveniently. Just one gelpac in the detergent compartment of your Bosch dishwasher and you are a wash away from sparkle. Click here to see on Amazon

Love Home and Planet

One packet of the Love Home and Planet produces clean dishwashing with a bubble bath. The Love Home and Planet is optimized for effective hard stain removal from your pans, pots, glassware, and plates.

It produces a squeaky and gleaming wash, making it even easier for your Bosch dishwasher.

For spotless dishwashing, load soiled dishes to face the center while keeping taller items away from the center. Why is the Love Home and Planet every household’s choice?

    • Plant-based cleaning agent. This dishwasher detergent contains 78 percent plant and mineral-based cleansers. They are tested by a dermatologist, free from gluten, and formulated with no phosphate or dye.
    • Squeaky cleaning. Combining the Love Home and Planet detergent with your premium Bosch dishwasher means eliminating the stress of pre-rinsing your dishes. It provides your Bosch the needed support to quickly get rid of food stains. In this manner, your dishwasher does very little of what dishwashers do.
    • Fragrance. Love Home and Planet is thoughtfully made with sourced French Lavender with a blend of Moroccan Argan Oil to cause a mild bubble dish bath.
  • Eco-friendly. Amidst global warming, Love Home and Planet innovatively uses recyclable pouch packs to keep mother earth green.
  • Certification. PETA has declared this detergent vegan and cruelty-free.

The Love Home and Planet arrives in smaller packets designed against air and humidity exposure. The cleaner caresses your dishes gently, ensuring no discoloration and degradation. Click here to see on Amazon

Why Does Bosch Recommend Finish?

Bosch recommends Finish detergent for your Bosch dishwasher. Therefore, it is your go-to dishwashing solution.

The question is, why Finish? The Finish is packed with a pre-soaking agent, thorough-wash elements, and rinse aid that can keep your dishes squeaky-clean.

The Finish detergent is designed to fight off the gang-star food residue that leaves spots on your dishes.

Finish spots the Quantum® tab cleaning solution, similar to Powerball® tabs. This means additional bleaching agents and a more intense dish whitening. The remade enzymes also help to dissolve the hard residue.

Your Bosch dishwasher no longer has to do all the washing. With Finish, dish water droplets escape easily, enhancing your dish drying process.

Nonetheless, if you use soft water, reports show that premium brands like Bosch still perform excellently with many commercial detergents.

This means that apart from the Bosch-suggested Finish detergent, most other premium detergents would do just well.

Where to Put Detergent in Bosch Washing Machine

Your dry detergent goes to the dispenser 1j in a Bosch dishwashing machine. If yours is closed, press lock 9 to open and pour in your detergent.

For the correct detergent dosage, see the manufacturer’s instructions. Nevertheless, Bosch’s graduated detergent dispenser 1j lets you measure the proper amount of liquid or powder detergent.

Typically, about 20 ml to 25 ml is an adequate measurement if the soiling is normal. If you are using tablets, one tablet is okay.

After putting the detergent, slide up the cover on the detergent to close it. Ensure that the lock engages before to show that it is properly closed.

How Much Detergent to Use in Bosch Dishwasher?

For the correct dosage of detergent to use in your Bosch dishwasher, refer to the detergent manufacturer’s instructions. You can check the packaging or contact the product manufacturer.

If you have a newer Bosch model, the graduated detergent Dispenser 1j will aid you to know how much powder or liquid detergent to use in your Bosch dishwasher.

How to determine detergent Quantity to Use

The following factors will help you determine the quantity of detergent to use in your Bosch dishwasher.

  • Level of Soiling

Hard or excessive stains require more detergent for your Bosch dishwasher to ensure spotless dishwashing.

  • Water Hardness Level

Your water can be hard according to its source. Some locations have soft water with low lime levels while others have soft water with low levels of lime.

If washing with hard water, you require more detergent while soft water requires less water. You can always use a water softener to reduce your water hardness.

If you cannot tell if you have hard or soft water, purchase water hardness test strips or contact your local water supplier.

  • Washing Load

The number of dishes you have to make clean with your Bosch dishwasher determines the amount of detergent to add. Obviously, a higher washing load requires more detergent than a lower washing load.

Meanwhile, if you find too many residues, it is a sign that you are using excessive detergent in your Bosch dishwasher. Some detergent gets washed off during the rinse cycle. However, bits of detergent stick on your dishes.

All in all, ensure to refer to the detergent manufacturer’s instructions on the package.

Do I Need to Add Salt to My Bosch Dishwasher?

If you have hard water, you might want to soften it. In this case, you need dishwasher salt for your Bosch to enhance the water-softening system.

Add salt to your Bosch dishwasher by removing the screw cap and filling the salt dispenser. If you are using your Bosch dishwasher for the first time, add water to it.

Fill your dispenser with salt using a funnel until water runs out. When done, screw the cap back in place and turn on your Bosch dishwasher. You can start a cleaning program to wash off the salt overflow.

Note: Do not fill your salt dispenser with detergent to avoid damaging the water-softening system.

Final Thoughts?

Although you can use powder or liquid dishwasher detergent in your Bosch machine, avoid the washing-up liquid. Always ensure to adjust your dose of detergent according to the soiled level of your dishes. If you have a problem with measuring adequate detergent, help yourself with Bosch’s graduated detergent dispenser.

If you use combination detergents like 3-in-1 or 4-in-1, apart from the detergent, these products contain rinse aid and salt replacement substances.

Some also use properties such as stainless-steel cleaner and glass protection, which work for 21°dH hard water only. You will have to add dishwasher salt and rinse aid if the hardness of your water is higher.

I hope this answered the question “what type of detergent is best for Bosch dishwasher”. You can subscribe for more kitchen tips.