Best Dishwasher Tablets for 2023

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You need what’s best for you, you need the best dishwasher tablets for your dishwasher for the most effective wash. A dishwasher makes washing dishes absolutely easy but it gets frustrating if you don’t have the right dishwasher tablet.

The best dishwasher tablet typically removes even the toughest stains, softens the toughest food residues, eliminates spots and film, and prevents the need to re-wash your dishes again in your dishwasher.

In this article, you’ll know the meaning of dishwasher tablets as most people confuse them with regular detergent. Furthermore, you’ll learn about the best dishwasher tablets and their specific uses.

best dishwasher tablets

What are Dishwasher Tablets?

Dishwasher Tablets are concentrated dishwasher detergents that contain chemicals that soften hard water, remove hard stains from dishes, dissolve grease, and give your dishes a sparkling appearance after washing. 

A dishwasher cannot just function on its own except acted upon by a dishwasher tablet. It makes it effective as it aids in the actual cleaning process.

Dishwasher tablets were designed majorly for dish washing but can also be used to clean other items like an oven, sink, refrigerator, oil spills, etc.

The puzzle and worry come in when you are left with numerous choices to pick the best from the rest because not all dishwasher tablets give a perfect result. 

Getting the best dishwasher tablets is of great importance as it ensures good results. This means less stress for you as you don’t have to run an extra inspection after washing.

Best dishwasher tablets and their specific function

Every dishwasher tablet manufacturer promises the best cleansing of dishes but only the best of its kind can do the job perfectly. But which products actually deliver the best results?

1. Finish – Quantum – 82ct – Dishwasher Detergent – Dishwashing Tablets



Having a dishwasher that is faultless in dishwashing is one of the best feelings ever and Finish Powerball Quantum Ultimate can give such satisfaction.

These dishwasher detergents give a flawless cleansing and also make washing easy with hard water. Hard water gives the cloudy film to glass and silverware and as such makes washing difficult.

But with the use of the best dishwasher tablets for hard water, dishwashing is made easier, faster, and better as perfect results are produced.

They contain built-in rinse aid and salt which saves you the stress of adding elements to your dishwasher. It also works perfectly at lower temperatures.

These tablets contain three chambers which are; gel, powder, and liquid. The powder is for scrubbing, the gel is for grease-cutting purposes, and the liquid part gives the dishes their sparkling shine.

Product Specifications:

  • Scent: Fresh burst, Lemon
  • Number of capsules in pack: 82
  • Other pack sizes available: Yes


  • Gets rid of stains in hard water.
  • Cleanses dishes and dishwasher at the first wash
  • Has an all-round purpose when cleaning dishes
  • Wraps are biodegradable 
  • Contains built-in rinse aid and salt
  • Works perfectly at lower temperatures 


  • Quite expensive
  •  Has strong fragrance that may not easily be washed from the dishes
  • Has large tablets that may need folding before inserting

2. Fairy Platinum All In One Lemon Dishwashing Tablets

Having clean but dull glass and silverware makes it unattractive and some might think it’s not properly cleansed. For clean, sparkling glass and silverware, Fairy Platinum All-In-One is recommended.

It doesn’t just scrub off tough stains but also takes away dullness by restoring the sparkling shine of your dishes most especially the glass and silverware.

Being the best dishwasher tablet for glass and silverware, it comes with three liquid chambers which dissolve at a very fast speed while cleaning your dishes and giving them the brightest shine they can have.

Fairy Platinum has built-in rinse aid and salt function, silver and glass protection thereby making washing easier while keeping the dishes protected. These tablets also function at lower temperatures.

Product specifications:

  • Number of capsules in pack: 64
  • Scent: Lemon
  • Other pack sizes available: Yes


  • Contains silver and glass protection
  • Functions at lower temperatures
  • Contains built-in rinse aid and salt
  • Give extra shine to glass and silverware 
  • Effective in short cycles


  • Slightly expensive 
  • Has severe eye-damaging content
  • Contains allergy-igniting elements

3. Ecover – All-in-One Dishwasher Tablets

Searching for 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly dishwasher tablets? Ecover All-in-one is the best dishwasher tablet for you as it contains 100% plant-based, biodegradable ingredients. The box wrap can also be recycled.

These tablets give your dishes a squeaky clean while ensuring that it’s safe for the environment. They are also vegan-friendly and don’t irritate in any way. It comes in only two sizes which means less stress in determining the right size to purchase.

Ecover All-in-one is fragrance-free with a lemon and mandarin scent which makes dishes ever fresh. It gives its best performance if the dishwasher is not over-packed as a stuffy dishwasher makes it too diluted.

They contain built-in rinse aid and salt for the dishwasher which makes it easy for the dishwasher to function and cuts down the stress of adding external elements.

Product specifications:

  • Number of capsules in pack: 22 and 68
  • Scent: Lemon and Mandarin
  • Other pack sizes available: No


  • Contains plant-based, biodegradable ingredients
  • Vegan friendly
  • Contains built-in rinse aid and salt
  • Eco-friendly
  • Box wrap can be recycled


  • Doesn’t function well in hard water

4. BLUELAND Dishwasher Detergent Tablet

Think BlueLand dishwasher tablets when it comes to natural and plastic-free dishwasher tablets. They also come in a paper pack to ensure that plastic isn’t a part of the package.

BlueLand does a good job with dishes as it cleans effectively and cuts all grease from the dishes. It’s unscented as it is purely natural and safe for your health.

This dishwasher detergent is safe for people who are allergic to plastics or rubbers as it’s purely plastic free and made of natural components.

BlueLand dishwasher tablets also offer refilling and this reduces expenses on dishwasher detergents.

Product specifications:

  • Number of capsules in pack: 60, 120, 240
  • Scent: Unscented


  • Natural
  • Plastic-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Biodegradable ingredients
  • Refillable


  • Takes time to dissolve

5. Cleancult Dishwasher Pods

Tired of harsh scents from dishwasher detergents? Cleancult Dishwasher Tablets is here for you. They give out a mild lemongrass scent with a mixture of coconut as it is made of coconut surfactant.

Cleancult is simply the best dishwasher tablet with a mild and lovely scent. It is great at washing as it leaves your dishes clean and spotless without any trace of stains or grease.

These dishwasher pods are extracted from natural plants, oil, and CocoClean technology. They are 100% natural while giving off the best wash.

Although expensive, these pods function well in hard water and have recyclable packing which might help save some money.

Product specifications:

  • Number of capsules in pack: 32
  • Scent: lemongrass


  • Has a mild lemongrass scent
  • 100% natural 
  • Recyclable packaging


  • It’s a bit pricey

What to look for when buying dishwasher tablets

There are factors to consider when purchasing the best dishwasher tablets and they include;

1. Ingredients

Check the ingredients of the dishwasher tablets before making a purchase. This is because of individual preferences and differences. It is also for health safety as some chemicals can react to your skin.

If you’re compatible with chemical-based dishwasher detergents and you need them, you need to carefully check the ingredients to avoid unnecessary complaints.

If plant-based components are what you need, it is advisable to carefully check that the ingredients are bio to be on the safe side and to protect your health. Meanwhile, findings show that biological detergents were no more likely to cause skin irritation than non-bio—see the Guardian for verification.

2. Type

Before making that payment check the type of dishwasher tablets you’re buying. Not all dishwasher pods come in 3 forms, some come in a single form therefore it’s advisable to check the type.

There are 3 forms of dishwasher tablets which are; gel, powder, and liquid form. Knowing the type of dishwasher pods you need will therefore reduce the stress of spending more to get all 3 forms.

Get water-soluble tablets to help speed up the time spent on dish washing and to make the dishwasher more effective.

3. Scent

Scents are good in dishwashing but not everyone likes them therefore it’s an important factor to consider when getting the best dishwasher tablets.

Get dishwasher tablets that have a scent you’re comfortable with and not something that doesn’t sit well with you as this can cause extreme damage such as respiratory problems.

Go for an unscented detergent if you are not on good terms with scent when it concerns dishwashing. Scents have a lot of impact on health therefore it’s advised to make a careful choice.

4. Price

Go for the best dishwasher tablets you can afford. Don’t go for what is beyond your budget because you need the best.

There are good and affordable dishwasher tablets that you can get. Price is an important factor because it helps you live within your means.

You can also get the best dishwasher tablets during festive periods when discounts will be applied to products for faster sales. 


Are dishwasher tablets better than laundry liquid?

In a dishwasher, the dishwasher tablets are more effective than the regular laundry liquid as it cleans better and faster. Most dishwasher tablets come with built-in rinse aid and salt so it automatically aids the dishwasher to work better.

Where can I place the dishwasher tablets?

Dishwasher tablets are placed in the detergent dispenser compartment. If it’s left at the bottom, it may dissolve too quickly without achieving the desired result.

How many dishwasher tablets can I use at once?

One capsule is placed for each wash. There is no need for numerous tablets as one can do the job perfectly, provided you have the best dishwasher tablets.


There are numerous dishwasher tablets but getting the best makes your dishes stand out as you won’t only have clean dishes but also a sparkling shine.

Take note of the factors when purchasing a good dishwasher detergent as it helps you protect yourself financially and health-wise.

Don’t just buy a dishwasher detergent but get yourself the best dishwasher tablets for stress-free dishwashing.