Best Noodle Board for Gas Stove

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The best noodle board for gas stove is typically mess resistant, comes with a serving plate and a convenient workspace, is knife-friendly, and with the reasonable warranty.

You can use a noodle board for any kitchen process you would use extra countertop space for. Usually, a noodle board affords the chef an additional space for an optimal cooking experience.

Can you put a noodle board over a gas stove?

You can put a noodle board over a gas stove. Traditionally, a noodle board has been used for homemade noodles and kneading dough, hence the reason it is called a noodle board.

There are many stenciling options such as ‘Grateful Thankful Blessed’, ‘Home Sweet Home’, or custom stenciling. A standard noodle board is about 30 inches by 18 inches and is easy to transport but not very portable.

You can apply various finishes to your noodle board, including the traditional stain and whitewash.

Noodle boards are traditionally made of wood, making them flammable. However, you can use them on your gas stove but only when it is turned off.

This decorative board can stand heat escaping from a recently turned off gas stove if designed properly but long-term exposure can damage it.

Do not expose the noodle board to pilot light, gas build-up, and heat on the gas stove.

When using an electric range, ensure to turn off the light indicator before you place your noodle board.

On a gas range, moreover, a small gas burner may be kept alight permanently to easily light a larger burner. This means that there may be a small light in your gas stove that helps to ignite the gas burners which is known as a pilot light.

Not all gas ranges feature pilot lights, and yours could be one. The newer model does not feature the pilot light, so you want an upgrade if yours has it.

What is a good noodle board?

In this section, we will discover what makes the ideal noodle board. Below are the features to look for when buying a good noodle board:

  1. Material

Noodle board is typically made of wood, and you want the best wood for yours. You can opt for pinewood or food-friendly wood that is decorative.

  1. Workspace

You need the workspace to make your chef’s life flexible. A good noodle board will give the needed space and be usable in limited spaces such as RVs. You just need the space which comes from the top of your gas stove.

  1. Knife-friendly

A noodle board must be knife-friendly to look luxurious for a longer period. You can buy a noodle board made of 100% natural bamboo which will offer greater durability than the standard cutting board in your kitchen.

Get a board with a stronger surface that is flexible for your knife, and does not get blunt quickly from regular use.

  1. Serving plate

You need a noodle board that can double as a serving plate. The design should be attentive to serving and must be robust and sturdy enough for the people you are serving.

  1. Mess resistance

Cooking can sometimes make a mess, especially when you are trying out a new recipe.

In this case, you need a noodle board that adds efficiency by making it easier for you to cook or bake without leaving a mess. This type of noodle board must have a chopping block over the counter or kitchen table to avoid food spills.

  1. Warranty

You need the warranty irrespective of the top-notch quality claims made by the manufacturer. Of course, even the best products can get faulty.

Get a noodle board that the manufacturer promises some months or a year of warranty from the date of purchase. You should also be able to get money back coverage if you believe that the product does not meet your demands or claims by the company.

Best noodle board for gas stove

Some noodle boards are not worth your penny but we have a collection of some of the best noodle boards in this section to decorate your kitchen and enhance your cooking experience.

Below are some of the best noodle boards for your gas stove:

Majesty Brand Noodle Board

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Majesty is known for its majestical design of the noodle board, this manufacturer gives beyond quality to make sure your gas stove gets the best.

Some features you experience include the following:


This noodle board is thoughtfully built with space in mind. The additional workspace is incredibly thought out to bring your RV and small apartment the needed space and convenience you deserve.


At 29.5 inches long and 22 inches wide x 1 inch high, this stove revolves around the standard size, making it sizable for most gas stoves.


This noodle board is made of pine wood, perfectly knife and food-friendly.

Serving plate

You can convert this noodle board to your serving plate. It features robust handles that make it a bigger version of your standard dish to serve your household. Click here to see on Amazon[easyazon_link identifier=”B08WWLHXNY” locale=”US” tag=”realkal-20″]Click here to see on Amazon[/easyazon_link]

Royal Craft Wood Extra Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B08NXJTJ1L” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”realkal-20″ width=”500″]

Second on this list is the Royal Craft cutting board, a noodle board with a difference. This noodle board reignites the vintage cooking and makes you a chef from older times.

Below are the reasons you should buy the Royal Craft noodle board:

Versatility and size

Speaking of versatility, this noodle board doubles up as your serving tray and cheese board.

In terms of size, this double-sided board is extra large for your cooking chores, giving you the needed space to accommodate your chopping needs. It is an ideal chef’s board with robust handles for convenient movement.


The average chef needs a knife-friendly noodle board for optimally preparing the best meal. Fortunately, Royal Craft gives you a durable 100% natural bamboo wood cutting board to chop your way to a flavored delicious recipe.

Your knife will not get blunt due to regular use.

Mess management

This is a noodle board that makes chopping fruits, vegetables, and meat fun without leaving a mess.

Thanks to its built-in groove that holds back the juices for a perfect cutting surface. Its robust structure also means you can easily place it on your gas stove and express your culinary skills fully.

Natural material

Apart from its large and yet sizable dimensions and width, this noodle board is made of natural bamboo. The manufacturer also employs a nonporous structure so that this board absorbs less liquid for the surface to remain resistant to cracks, peeling, or splinters. [easyazon_link identifier=”B01MU0C1F5″ locale=”US” tag=”realkal-20″]Click here to see on Amazon[/easyazon_link]

Prosumer’s Choice Large Bamboo Stovetop Cover, Noodle Preparation and Cutting Board

Prosumer is another noodle board for your pasta needs. It offers lots of solutions starting from size to quality, and more.

The consumers of this noodle board enjoy the following:


This is a perfect noodle board for your gas stove to maximize space. It is also suitable for your kitchen counters.

You can use this noodle board for your pastry food and pasta preparation on your non-heating stovetop. Of course, your store tools and ingredients can also go here.

Mess management

This noodle board is fully mess-resistant due to its raised edges. It offers cleaning efficiency to your baking or cooking while serving as your all-in-one gas top chopping solution.

Elevated non-skid feet

With this board, you can knead the dough, serve charcuterie, and dice ingredients while it stays fit over your gas top. The feet of this gas top board are fully adjustable and removable.


The material used is natural – bamboo. Its handles are robust, making movement convenient. Of course, it is knife-friendly and durable for long-term cooking projects.

Where do you put noodle board on stove?

A noodle is built for the top of your gas stove. When you turn off your gas stove, the noodle board is what you put on top of it either to save space or for your other booking needs.

Your noodle board can also be a decorative board for covering your gas stove when it is not in use.

You can also use your noodle board as a cooking tray on your gas stove. It protects the stove, especially if it is a glass cooktop.

Noodle boards are typically handmade and designed in their unique ways to meet the chef’s requirement and fit the stovetop. It can weigh between 12-15 lbs, so consider the weight you would be adding to your gas stove.

What’s the difference between a noodle board and a cutting board?

Although similar there is a slight difference between a noodle board and a cutting board.

A noodle board is kitchen equipment used for placing your freshly-made noodles and pasta. It is a wooden slab you place on your stovetop while it is turned off, typically to get additional cooking space and enhance convenience.

On the other hand, a cutting board can be a wooden or plastic board that you chop vegetables, meat, and fruits on.

A cutting board is traditionally a single-ply board made from either plastic, glass wood, or vinyl, it is also called a butcher block.

It can handle the basic and essential cutting process and chopping of raw food items.

Are noodle boards safe for gas stoves?

Generally, noodle boards are safe for your gas stove. These make a great space-saving utensil for your kitchen and change how you cook for the better.

The stoic nature of the wood of a noodle board allows for their versatility for your gas top. Most noodle boards are treated with heat-resistant chemicals, this can protect the wood against scalds and burns.

Nonetheless, you only want to place them on your gas stovetop when it is off to avoid catching flames.

Moreover, your stovetop can trap gas which could lead to highly flammable materials in your kitchen. Ensure that you turn off the gas when it is not in use before you place the noodle board.

Noodle boards use food-grade wood which you use to prepare, cook, and serve your food. However, tannins can be transferred onto the wood but this is done in minimal amounts, so the board remains healthy for food.

Also, chemicals added to noodle boards, including sealants and paints can produce harmful chemical reactions you inhale or ingest. You can make or buy a noodle board that has no decorative elements like gloss, paint, and sealant if you intend to use it for food.

You also want to refer to the manufacturer’s documentation for additional health information and certifications of the noodle board.

What kind of wood is used for noodle boards?

If you need a noodle board to make pasta or pie dough on your gas stovetop, you want hardwood like maple. Make sure that you use a food-safe finish on the wood to prevent ingesting harmful chemicals.

If you only need the noodle board to serve as your countertop extension, you can give it any finish that you prefer to decorate and make your kitchen luxurious.

Final thoughts on Best noodle board for gas stove

Your noodle board, as already mentioned, is susceptible to fire, so do not expose it to an open flame or hot stovetop. Give the stove a few minutes to cool before you place the board.

Your noodle board must also meet your kitchen needs in size and material. For example, you do not want a noodle board heavily finished with gloss and paint if you need it primarily for your pasta and noodles.

However, if you need it as a mere extension of your countertop, then you can finish it to your preference using any recommended paints.