Best Washing Machine for White Clothes and Spotless Wash

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White clothes are of varieties, including regular whites, delicate whites, towels, and sheets. Whites share one thing in common – they must be impeccably bright to impress. And only the best washing machine for white clothes can afford this brightness.

A typical best washing machine for white clothes features powerful motors capable of washing any white thrown at it. It must feature multiple programs and wash cycles you can select depending on the texture. You could buy a portable washing machine; this involves no complected setup.

Meanwhile, if your washer is not cleaning, you could be using excessive or wrong detergent. Your machine could also be faulty or aged, and your disastrous maintenance culture quickly degrades the performance.

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Why is my washer ruining my white clothes?

Your washing machine will ruin your white clothes for many reasons, including:

  1. Washer scrud

The blotchy marks on your white cloth are caused by scrud after you wash them. Scrud is the waxy buildup of detergent or fabric softener from the drum of the washing machine. This could be the sole reason the washer keeps ruining your whites.

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  1. Exposed metal in the machine

If you notice rust spots on your whites, it could be a chip inside the washer basket. Exposed rusty metal in your machine will cause rust stains on your whites.

The simple solution, in this case, is to get rid of the rust. Carefully inspect the washer basket with a flashlight. When you locate the metal, use washer drum repair paint to fix it.

Your white clothes could also be getting stained from the rusted external body of your washer and dryer. Ensure to get rid of external rust before you load or unload your whites.

  1. Bleach

You will get bleach stains if you pour chlorine bleach directly on your white clothes. If you must add chlorine bleach, ensure to mix it with a quart of water before adding it to the washing machine.

Your washer’s bleach dispenser can drip and deposit undiluted bleach on your whites even after the final spin cycle.

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  1. Mildew from wetness

If you allow your white clothes to sit for too long in the washer, especially when wet, you will get black spots, which could be mildew. The easy fix is to remove any wet whites promptly.

If the black spots are grease, it is a sign that the washing machine motor is faulty. Contact an expert to inspect and fix grease spatters from the back of the washing machine.

  1. Detergent stains

The detergent you use can be the reason your washer is ruining your whites. Any poorly dissolving detergent or fabric softener will cause stains on your whites after the wash.

The dispenser can be the culprit too. Clean the dispenser, and try not to directly pour detergents or softener on your white clothes.

How do you wash white clothes in a washing machine?

Washing your white clothes in a washer is a bit different from how you handle other colored clothes.

First, prepare your whites. Before you toss the whites in the washer, Whirlpool recommends double-checking the labels for instructions and setting the whites for handwashing or whites for “dry clean only” aside. Also, separate heavily soiled white clothes from lightly soiled whites.

Regular whites

  • Follow the label. Refer to the label to know the whites labeled for warm-water washing in the washer. You can wash regular whites like a white rayon blouse and cotton shirt at the same time. If the whites are labeled for warm water, set your washing machine to a warm, normal setting or gentle setting.
  • Add detergent or softener. Use a high-quality detergent such as Tide Ultra with high-efficiency liquid to fight the stains off your whites. You need a detergent that contains built-in surfactants, pre-treaters, and enzymes to get rid of stubborn stains in one wash. A good detergent brightens the whites and protects any colored design.
  • Place the whites in the dryer. Dry synthetic whites on medium or low and cotton on high settings. You could also place the synthetics and cotton together but take out the synthetics as soon as they dry.

Delicate whites

  • Prep delicate white clothes. Review the tags or labels of your delicate whites such as undergarments, shirts, and sheer blouses. Check if the fabric care tag recommends using a washer or handwashing, the recommended wash temperature, and the fabric drying method.
  • Add the clothes to the washer. Depending on the fabric tag, you can wash your delicate white clothes using cold water. You only have to adjust the water temperature setting to gentle or delicate. If the delicate white is labeled “hand-wash only”, do not load them in the washer.
  • Add detergent, wash and dry. Buy the recommended high-quality detergent for your washing machine. Get the machine to wash and dry them if you have a dryer. Check the tag to know if you have to dry the delicate whites on low settings or air dry.

White towels and sheets

  • Prep your towels, sheets, and socks. Check the fabric care label to know how to prep your white towels, sheets, and socks. White fabrics like this typically require hot washing but you could still refer to the labels.
  • Wash the whites. Set the temperature setting to hot or according to the fabric care label. Towels, sheets, and socks are used frequently, so they get really dirty. The water temperature should be hot enough to get rid of dirt and another build-up.
  • Add detergent. Heavy white fabrics may require more detergent to fight off hard stains. Add the recommended amount of detergent to the washer drum. Make sure the detergent features built-in pre-treaters capable of removing hard stains.
  • Dry the white fabric. Use high heat when drying your white towels, sheets, and socks. The socks will dry faster, so ensure to remove them immediately they dry. You could also dry the white towels, sheets, and socks separately to prevent excessive towel lint on them.

Which mode is best for white clothes in washing machine?

The best mode for your white clothes in the washing machine is indicated in the clothing tag. Whites are different, so all whites are not used in the same mode. For example, a cotton white cloth will not go in the same mode as a Rayon white, the same applies to poly.

The fabric care tag also recommends how you should wash the whites, including the required water temperature, detergent to use, spin speed, and drying method.

Do whites go in hot or cold water?

Regarding the water temperature, your white clothes do not necessarily go in hot or cold water.

Some occasions even require warm water, so it goes down to the manufacturer’s recommendation and type of stain (hard or light).

Whether your whites go in cold or hot water also depends on the type of fabric. Towels, sheets, and thick socks need hot water wash while delicate whites will require a warm or cold-water wash.

Best washing machine for white clothes

All washing machines can wash your whites but some do it even better. In this section, we recommend tested and trusted best washing machine for white clothes:

COMFEE CLV20N3AWW Washing Machine 2.0 Cu.ft LED Portable Washing Machine and Washer Lavadora Portátil Compact Laundry, 6 Models, Energy Saving, Child Lock for RV, Dorm, Apartment Ivory White

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B09B21HWFM” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”realikal-20″ width=”500″]

We decided to give Comfee, a partnering Midea company, a try, starting with the CLV20N3AWW model. Well, like any reliable washing machine for white clothes, we identified its essential features, pros, and cons:

Washing programs

This is a 6-program white cloth washer, including normal, heavy, quick, delicate, bulky, and spin only. It also features 3 water temperatures – cold, warm, hot – for spotlessly cleaning your delicate, regular, and heavy white fabrics.

DOE certification

We pay attention to energy a lot because we do not want you buying an uneconomical washer. Our first energy efficiency concern was the certification, and this CLV20N3AWW is DOE (Department of Energy)-certified.

Though Comfee this CLV20N3AWW saves 83% of energy, we experienced 79% – not a bad one still.


Not a compact washer but quite portable. It even features a 780RPM powerful motor and rotary controls.

Delay start

Not all washing machines offer the delay start function, which is a come-to-stay innovation. Returning from work, we toss our already-prepped whites in the laundry. The machine does the rest at the scheduled time, even at night.

You can also experience this delay start option by long-pressing the Start/Pause button for 3 seconds.


Status check

We love the thoughtful clear lid Comfee offers, which allows a clear glimpse of the status of the white clothes.


Not the smallest washing machine out there but compact enough to be called a compact washer. This washer fits our RV/camper and boat. It will also perfectly fit your small apartment.


The inner tub is stainless steel.

Child lock

If you have children or pets around, get this Comfee. When the kids accidentally use it, it cuts off.


What we do not like about this dishwasher:


At ‎62 dB, it is nearly the noise level of human conversations. Do not get this wrongly – 64 dB is just as quiet but 50+would have been better.

Limited warranty

Just a year of limited warranty like any other washing machine company.

No heat dryer

Sadly, you do not get to use the heat dryer. However, we enjoy using the hot water hookup, along with cold, like some other washers.

Drain hose

The drain hose is about 5 feet, not so long.

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Black+Decker Compact Pulsator Washer for Clothes, .9 Cubic ft. Tub, White, BPWM09W

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0799Q45TT” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”realikal-20″ width=”500″]

We had a friend record their experience using this Black+Decker compact pulsator washer. This is a top load washing machine that takes on all white clothes with a spotless result.

5 cycle programs and 3 washing cycles

The 5 cycles include heavy, gentle, normal, rapid, and soak. The 3 washing cycles are the wash, rinse, and spin, which combines to deliver spotless white cloth wash.

Unbalance detection

We have experienced the annoying vibration in other tested washers. However, Black+Decker magically solved this problem using an automatic unbalance detection mechanism in the washer to automatically fix the tub imbalance.

Filtration replacement

This machine has a built-in lint filter for filtration. Finally, we can say “goodbye” to regular filter replacement. All you have to do is clean it monthly.



Quite compact. An ideal white cloth washer for RVs, boats, dorms, and small apartments.

Delay start

The delay start feature lets you schedule your machine to wash your white and other colored clothes seamlessly.


It is the 21st century, so the LED panel here is completely worth it.

Child safety

Yes, this is child safety protected.



A one-year limited warranty. Besides, you need to directly contact Comfee due to part unavailability in local hardware stores.

Steam function

Bye-bye to steam function – there is not one.

Energy efficiency tier rating

No CEE rating.

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How do I get my clothes white again in the washing machine?

Do the following to get back your soiled white using your washing machine:

  • Add distilled vinegar. Load your white clothes into the washer drum and add half a cup of distilled white vinegar. Set the machine to the fabric tag-recommended settings and wash the whites with reliable detergent.
  • Add Vanish. Use a solution of Vanish Oxi Action Powder for your greyed whites following the instructions on the pack.
  • Add Dr Beckmann Glowhite Ultra. Also, add one sachet of Dr Beckmann Glowhite Ultra to your loaded white clothes in the washer drum according to the product instructions.
  • Soak the whites. Use OxiClean White Revive solution to soak the white fabric. You would add an extra dose to the washing machine.
  • Add Ace Gentle Stain Remover. The final stage is to add a capful of Ace Gentle Stain Remover to the white cloth-loaded washing machine drum. Use the normal wash cycle to wash it.

How to keep white clothes white in washing machine

To avoid having to bring back your whites to life, do the following:

  • Separate whites from colored. Separating whites from colored prevents color transfer. Ensure to wash the white clothes separately to keep colored dyes from ruining them.
  • Split your white loads. If you have badly soiled and lightly soiled clothing, you want to wash them separately. Otherwise, the dirt from the badly soiled white will transfer to the other. Moreover, you would not need the same water temperature or wash cycle for both.
  • Never overload your machine. Overloading the washer keeps white clothes from moving freely within. Thus, dirt removal becomes ineffective.
  • Follow product instructions. Do not ignore the product or manufacturer’s instructions, starting from the white fabric, the washer to the detergent. These components all factor in keeping your white clothes white.

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