Chefs Recommend Best Pressure Cooker for Beans

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You want the best pressure cooker for beans to realize the mouthwatering result professional cooks get. Perhaps, you would also prefer a pressure cooker model without bells and whistles and very affordable. This compilation is your best bet.

The best pressure cooker would allow at least 6 quarts, comes with a recipe/instruction book, is made of stainless steel material, and offers a unique cooking-enhancing design. Cover lock indicator, stay-cool handle, pressure settings, and secure lid-locking are all features to look for.

Speaking of size, we would always recommend getting a large pressure cooker like 8 quarts—you could always cook less than the maximum. Perhaps, no bells and whistles will work fine for you.

Is it better to cook beans in a pressure cooker?

Pressure-cooking beans have been a concept available for decades. However, manufacturers have innovated solutions making pressure cookers cook beans better, faster, and safely.

You can now prepare nutritious beans with today’s pressure cooker designs from scratch within half an hour—under 30 minutes in most cases.

Your dry beans are particularly compatible with a pressure cooker, which typically requires a low and slow cooking method.

Traditionally, dry beans take time to cook but pressure cookers soften them in a short time so that you can focus on other kitchen activities. This speed includes active prep and passive cooking, with a duration of under 30 minutes.

A pressure cooker uses water or other cooking liquid to cook beans quickly in a sealed vessel. The cooker creates pressure by boiling the liquid in the closed pressure cooker, forming steam.

The enclosed steam then builds internal pressure and temperature, causing your beans to cook faster to save time and energy.

How long do you cook beans in a pressure cooker?

USDA confirms that different types of beans require different cooking times. As such, your pressure cooker will cook some beans even faster. Just make sure to follow the cooking instructions to know the recommended cooking time.

Generally, however, it takes 20-30 minutes to cook beans in a pressure cooker. Note that this estimate is determined by the quantity and type of beans.

Best pressure cooker for beans

Now that you know that a pressure cooker is better for beans, and how fast it can cook, what is the best pressure cooker you need? We have tested and selected these pressure cookers carefully, so the review is based on the results we have experienced.

  1. Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

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We confidently recommend Presto 01362 if you are okay with a 6-quart pressure cooker for beans.


Presto’s 6-quart stainless steel pressure cooker. This pressure cooker can also replace your conventional soup pot, so you are not buying it for nutritious beans and other related foods alone.

Induction ranges

We noticed this cooker to be perfect for any regular, smooth-top, and induction ranges.

Dishwasher safe

This stainless steel pressure cooker goes in your dishwasher after a sumptuous bean meal. When tossing it in the dishwasher, make sure to remove the sealing ring and overpressure plug from the cover. Ensure to “only” hand wash these components.

Cover lock indicator

This indicator shows the pressure inside the cooker and keeps the lid from opening until internal pressure is reduced safely.

What we like

Recipe/instruction book

Arrives with a complete 64-page instruction/recipe book to guide you towards professor meal preparation.

Handle design

The unique helper-handle design makes handling easier than ever.


Comes with an extended 12-year limited warranty.

What we don’t

Handle screws problem

The screws we see here are not stainless steel and may just rust. The solution is to keep the handle screws clean and dry.

We have also figured out that if these screws rust, the handle will come off. You would not be able to fix it by merely using a screwdriver to tighten them back in place.

Pressure gauge

Unfortunately, this Presto 01362 model does not have a pressure gauge.

Attached heat transfer plate

We noticed that the bottom plate of this pressure cooker has a small gap on one side. Also, Presto did not completely solder the bottom of the heat transfer plate to the body of the pan.

The problem here is that this causes uneven heating and may allow dirt and debris in through the crack.

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  1. Presto 01282 8-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker

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Presto 01282 is another buyers’ choice of best pressure cooker for beans. Of course, one of the reasons we chose this cooker is the number of buyers and positive reviews it gets. It offers the following:


This Presto model is an 8-quart pressure cooker for beans and other menus.

Designed for beans

Don’t get this wrong—this cooker is built to cook a variety of foods, most especially lower-calorie foods, and beans are considered a weight-loss-friendly food.

Beans are high in protein and fiber but low in calories, according to Healthline, making this pressure cooker suitable for them.

Cooking speed

This cooker cooks about 3-10 times faster than any traditional cooking method. Despite the speed, it preserves the beans’ flavors and nutrients.

Pressure regulator

This unique feature regulates the proper cooking pressure automatically.

High-quality material

We like that this pressure cooker uses premium stainless steel. This means long-lasting beauty and easy cleaning.

Internal steam preservation design

Its design positives include the heavy-duty lid that does not open during cooking, thus, keeping the steam intact and the inner sealing ring also prevents the steam from escaping.

A unique steam release mechanism is also built-in to prevent excessive steam buildup.

Pressure indicator

This unit arrives with a pop-up pressure indicator that shows the steam pressure.

What we like

Cooking rack

Our unit arrived with a cooking rack.

Induction range

This beans pressure cooker operates efficiently on your regular, smooth-top, and induction ranges.

Recipe/instruction book

We received a complete 64-page instruction/recipe book.

What we don’t

Base too thin

The bottom of this pressure cooker appears a bit thin, causing thick gravy or curry to stick and burn while cooking. This can ruin the taste, so we suggest Presto uses a thicker bottom.

No pressure cooker whistle

This pressure cooker for beans is not for if you count on the cooker bell and whistle. It does not release pressure like any regular pressure cooker.

So, if you normally cook beans based on the number of pressure releases or whistles, pass on this. This Presto 01282 model tends to release the pressure while it develops. This is a safety feature though, and this cooker relies on the timer to stop.

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  1. Cuisinart CPC22-8 8 Quart Pressure Cooker

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We confidently selected Cuisinart CPC22-8. Turns out it does not disappoint.

Cooking speed

This pressure cooker cooked raw beans about 70% faster than other traditional methods.

High-quality material

Cuisinart uses luxurious stainless steel, allowing optimal cooking performance.


However, the base is an aluminum-encapsulated base for superior heat distribution. It heats quickly and evenly and eliminates hot spots.

Pressure regulation

Cuisinart’s unique pressure regulation release valve releases steam when pressure buildup is higher. You also have options for high, low, and quick release pressure settings to manage how fast your beans can cook.

What we like

Dishwasher safe

100% dishwasher safe.

Handle design

Its single-handle convenience lets you securely open and lock the lid.

What we don’t

Cooker not for canning quart jars

Canning is possible with this pressure cooker but it is too small for typical canning. Most chefs prefer larger aluminum cookers for canning since the metal never contacts the food.

No regulator valve

Unfortunately, we received this unit without a regulator valve.

No recipe book/instructions

We did not also receive an instruction or recipe book.

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  1. Instant Pot Duo Plus 6 Quart 9-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Maker, Warmer & Sterilizer, 15 One-Touch Programs, Stainless Steel/Black

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Instant Pot is a household name, and you have probably heard friends say it or owned one in the past. If you owned one in the past, it probably wasn’t this 9-quart Instant Pot Duo Plus 6—you should get one now.

Intuitive steam release

We think it features an intuitive steam release switch. It automatically resets whenever the lid is closed.

Cooking display

We particularly love the contemporary design of this pressure cooker. Its display is easy to read and shows complete cooking progress, has a dedicated start button, and separate pressure and temperature indicators (both Fahrenheit and Celsius).

Cooking speed

We estimated that this beans pressure cooks up to 70% faster than other traditional cooking methods. You can also select slow cooking for traditional grandma-approved recipes.

Inner pot design

The inner pot uses food-grade stainless-steel material. It also features a tri-ply bottom that ensures even cooking. Instant Pot designs the pot to keep it steady even when sautéing.

Recipe app

Instant Pot offers hundreds of free recipes via the Instant Pot app for Android and iOS.

What we like

Auto seal lid

The seal lid will automatically seal when you close the lid.

Safety features

Comes with over 10 safety features, including a safe-locking lid and overheat protection.


Quite easy to clean. Its finger-print resistant design keeps sticky stains away. Conveniently clean by tossing it in your dishwasher.

What we don’t

Off display won’t go off on standby

When you set this pressure cooker in standby mode, the “off” display does not go off. However, Instant Pot says it is by design and recommends unplugging after each use.

Annoying learning curve

This unit has a learning curve. The saute feature is great but after sauteing, and switching the instant pot to either slow cook or pressure cook, it tends to ruin the meal because it is still sauteing.

You have to double-check it, turn it off again, and reselect a new mode.

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  1. T-fal Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel Cookware, Dishwasher Safe, 15-PSI Settings, 6.3-Quart, Silver, Model P25107

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T-fal is probably new to you, but you seriously need to be one of the lucky users of this 6.3-quart pressure cooker for your beans.

Cooking speed

We noticed it cooks beans as fast as other pressure cookers, up to 70% faster than your traditional cooking method.

Dual pressure settings

Up to 2 pressure settings to choose from between 10 and 15 PSI to cook your beans.

Superior material

Uses premium stainless steel for optimal cooking and long-lasting performance.

Secure lid lock

Its unique lid-locking mechanism makes sure you open and close this pressure cooker safely.

Induction compatible

Very suitable for various heat sources, including induction.

What we like

Dishwasher safe

You can toss this in the dishwasher. However, remove the lid and put the base in the dishwasher.

Stay cool handle

The unique handle remains cool after cooking and quite secure for a comfortable grip.

Safety features

The safety features include:

  • Pressure indicator
  • Steam release valve
  • Pressure gasket release window
  • Secure locking mechanism

What we don’t

Issues with the rubber gasket

The rubber gasket tends to bind up and cause an incomplete seal. Sometimes, we needed 2-3 tries to seal it well enough for the correct pressure.

Lid design

We noticed that the steam release valve occasionally sprays a small amount of hot liquid that pours in the kitchen or on your arm. You would have to learn to catch the initial spray with clean dishcloths.

Pressure indicator

It is challenging to evaluate the pressure indicator. T-fal made it a small red pin popping up when pressure is okay. However, the pin only pops up to a part of the lid where the manufacturer embeds it.

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How do you cook beans in pressure cooker?

Suppose you would be buying a pressure cooker for the first time. Here is a quick guide to help you cook your beans the right way:

  1. Clean the beans. Add your beans to a shallow layer in a bar pan, baking sheet, or pie plate. Pick and discard foreign objects like stones, twigs, and broken beans (if you prefer them whole).
  2. Rinse your beans. Put your beans in a strainer or colander and rinse them in running cold water.
  3. Allow beans to soak. There are three soaking methods you can use, the Hot Soak Method, the Traditional Soak Method, and the Quick Soak Method. Soaking reduces gas-producing compounds the most and it produces consistently tender beans.
  4. Cook in a pressure cooker. Add your beans to a pressure cooker and season them. Add about one and a half inches of hot water over the beans level without filling the cooker over half way. Allow beans to cook for 20-30 minutes, which could be more depending on the variety.
  5. Release the steam pressure. When your beans get tender (not mushy), allow the pressure cooker to release pressure. Drain the water.