NutriBullet Won’t Turn On? Here’s Why

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NutriBullet Won’t Turn On? You always start your day with a NutriBullet smoothie or other healthy beverage. Until one morning, you get up, combine your ingredients, and turn on your NutriBullet as usual, but it doesn’t work this time. What may be the issue?

If your NutriBullet won’t turn on, it is most likely due to an unplugged wire or overheating. Check that the pulp basin is properly and firmly positioned on the motor base and that the locking handle is in the vertically locked position.

Reasons Why Your NutriBullet Won’t Turn On

Worn Out Parts & Stripped Wires

Because components of the blender are old and worn out, and wires may have been stripped, your NutriBullet may not turn on. To be sure, disconnect the NutriBullet from the power outlet as a precautionary measure before proceeding.

Confirming if your NutriBullet wires are stripped or if you have worn-out interior components is an easy at-home procedure. Turn the powerbase upside down and unscrew the case of your blender. Remove the plastic base from your blender after all of the screws have been removed.

After you open the base of your NutriBullet, you’ll be able to see inside and see whether the wires have been pulled. You may need to repair the cables and worn-out components, or you may need to buy a new blender.

Wire Unplugged

You may have moved your NutriBullet so far away from the power outlet that the cable disconnected, causing your NutriBullet not to turn on. To prevent repeating the occurrence, check the power supply cable; if it is disconnected from the power socket, reconnect it and relocate your blender closer to the power source.

You Ran The NutriBullet For Too Long

Running your NutriBullet for an extended period may cause it to cease functioning. A NutriBullet’s blades are driven by a motor that works best when your NutriBullet is operated in pieces. If you use your NutriBullet for an extended period, the motors may burn out and cease operating. The safest running time for a NutriBullet is 30-60 seconds. Take pauses after this duration or before increasing the speed.

Jammed Activators

Because the activators that connect the NutriBullet cup to the powerbase have become stuck, your NutriBullet may not work. Food spillage might block the activators, causing the NutriBullet to cease operating, or you could have incorrectly installed the NutriBullet cup.

Pour some vegetable oil, vinegar, alcohol, or boiling water into the three activators. Try pushing on the activators to see whether they can be moved lower. Repeat the operation until you can comfortably push the activators down, and they work.

Broken Rubber Seal

The gasket under your NutriBullet’s extractor may be cracked. Broken rubber seal gaskets mean your NutriBullet cup will be weakly connected to the power base or may not attach. Because the connection is loose, the activators built into the powerbase will not detect the NutriBullet cup, and the blender will not operate.

Replace the damaged rubber seal immediately to prevent additional damage to your NutriBullet.

Overloading The Cup Of Your NutriBullet

NutriBullet blenders have a maximum line painted on the cup as a user guide, preventing you from adding ingredients beyond the line. Adding components over the maximum line in the NutriBullet cup implies you’ve overloaded the blender, which may cause it not to start. Remove any surplus components to keep them below the maximum line. Adding the appropriate quantity of ingredients helps extend the life of your NutriBullet.

Adding Hard Foods In Your NutriBullet

Putting hard foods like nuts and ice in your NutriBullet may have caused it not to work. The blades of your normal NutriBullet may struggle to cut through the hard food unless you get a NutriBullet Pro intended for grinding entire nuts or another high-powered NutriBullet. While preparing your smoothie, use soft items such as fresh fruits and vegetables in your blender and add enough liquids to make the blending easier.

How To Fix A NutriBullet That The Blade Stopped Turning

Double-check that the blade is correctly placed. With the NutriBullet logo facing up, remove the blade cover. Place the blade on the cup’s rim. Then, firmly push until the blade snaps into place. Clean the blades of your NutriBullet. Warm water and dish soap are recommended for this. Under flowing water, clean the blade. Allow at least 10 minutes for it to soak. Rinse well. Repeat these procedures as needed until the blade spins freely.

Sometimes, we use the blender for lengthy periods. So, according to the makers of the NutriBullet, you should only use it for 1 minute at a time. What if it takes you more than a minute? The motor in your machine is rapidly drained, which affects the blades. If you perceive a burning odor, that might cause your blade to stop working. Allow your powerbase to cool for an hour before disconnecting it. The powerbase will resume automatically.

It would help clean the blades regularly to keep them from becoming blocked with food particles. To clean the blades, first, remove the cover. After removing the cap, loosen the nut by turning it counterclockwise. Pull the blade away from the cup after releasing the nut. The blades may now be accessed via the perforations towards the middle of the cup.

Scrub the blades with a toothbrush. Take care not to scratch the cup’s surface. Wipe away any extra debris after each usage. When the blades grow dull, replace them. If the blades still don’t work, try using a different pair of blades. It might also indicate that something was stuck within the cup. In this situation, both the blades and the cup must be replaced.

How To Fix A Stuck NutriBullet Activators

There is a simple solution if your activators get stuck. When trying to connect the cup or jug, you will frequently discover that it does not fit well. There is an easy and fast fix for this. The most typical cause of this is when something sticky gets inside due to usage over time. This issue is pretty straightforward to fix. A butter knife, alcohol, and a cotton q-tip are required. First, immerse the q-tip in alcohol. Rub the activators with the q-tip. The alcohol will dissolve whatever is causing the stickiness.

At this point, grab your knife and place it on the circumference’s edge, such that the tip of the blade hits the activator. Press down on the activator with the point of your knife, using the circle as leverage. Your issue should be resolved by doing this. 

If it is still stuck, add a little more alcohol and repeat the procedure. The activators should be freed. Insert your cup or jug into the test. It should be set in stone. On the side of the NutriBullet are two activation buttons. When the first button is pushed, the motor is activated; the motor is turned off when the second button is hit. If pressing both buttons in sequence does not activate the machine, something is amiss with the activation mechanism or the batteries.

Clean any food debris from the device’s interior with warm water and dish soap. Before trying to restart the machine, ensure that all components are clean. Turn the power switch on and off many times until the machine resumes regular operation. 

Why Is My NutriBullet Blinking?

The NutriBullet makes every effort to warn you when there is a problem with the equipment. For example, before using your NutriBullet, check sure it is aligned and free of any obstacles; if so, the green power light will illuminate. If this does not illuminate, or if you purposefully picked the wrong lid for your blender, hit the Power button on top of your NutriBullet and simultaneously push down all tabs until they snap into place.

Is the power light blinking? Please don’t dismiss it. A flashing power indicator signals an issue that must be handled immediately. Check that the cups are securely secured and try again, or contact NutriBullet customer support for assistance. 

Why Is NutriBullet Not Heat-Resistant?

When creating sauces or hot soup, you should not use your NutriBullet to mix hot soup. The early NutriBullets were just not intended to mix hot drinks. Because the NutriBullet lacks a pressure release valve, steam cannot escape, causing pressure to build up within the cup.

Putting hot liquids in your NutriBullet (or any other blender that isn’t built for hot ingredients) may cause a massive mess all over your kitchen or, worse, hurt you.

Conclusion on NutriBullet Won’t Turn On?

Blenders are fantastic unless something goes wrong. If your NutriBullet does not turn on, it could be because a rubber seal is worn out, unplugged, or overheating. Suppose the blades stop rotating or become dull. In that case, the blender may stop in the middle of a recipe. If any of these solutions don’t fix your blender, reaching out to NutriBullet customer care or buying a new one is advisable.

To keep your blender running for years, keep the blades clean before and after each use to prevent jamming or other damage.