Is Vitamix Dishwasher Safe? Truth Revealed!

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Is Vitamix Dishwasher Safe? The Vitamix Blender is a versatile machine that can handle smoothies, soups, and sauces. It’s also a powerful blender with dishwashing capabilities. Is it, however, safe to put in the dishwasher? You’re not alone. Many people question whether they can put their Vitamix Blender in the dishwasher.

Yes! Dishwasher-safe Vitamix containers! However, your Vitamix container must be a Vitamix S-series 40-ounce or 20-ounce container or a Vitamix S 30 container in this instance. Although, for lifespan, using the dishwasher is not suggested. Self-cleaning (or hand-washing) with warm water and light dish detergent is advised for all Vitamix models.

Is It Safe To Dishwash A Vitamix Container?

Yes! A Vitamix container may be washed in the dishwasher. Only with careful planning can you put your Vitamix container in the dishwasher. However, it may be tough for you and dangerous for your Vitamix container. According to Vitamix cleaning guidelines, you should not place your Vitamix container and lid in the dishwasher since it may damage the container and cover.

So, if you want your Vitamix container to survive longer and provide you with the most satisfactory service possible, you should not put it in the dishwasher. If you’re going to put it in the dishwasher, you’ll have to place it on the top rack and prepare it carefully.

Note: If you place your Vitamix container on the dishwasher’s bottom rack, the warmth of the bottom rack may damage the material of your container. Furthermore, the bottom shelf of the dishwasher might exert pressure on the container, potentially causing damage. As a result, we suggest utilizing the Vitamix container’s self-cleaning option to clean your Vitamix container fast, effortlessly, and safely.

If your Vitamix container does not have self-cleaning capabilities, we suggest handwashing it. Remember that handwashing is the most effective, safe, and simple way to clean a Vitamix container.

Taking Out Stuck-On Food

The Vitamix is simple to clean using the ‘clean’ mode, although it does not always remove all the dirt off the blades. There are many reasons why the ‘clean’ option may not be enough. The longer you wait to rinse the blender, the more difficult it will be to remove all particles. After using your Vitamix, you should immediately rinse it. Many items may be blended in a Vitamix, including the dough and other sticky meals. Your blender’s ‘clean’ option will not be adequate to remove all of the sticky residues.

The first step is to clean and scrape anything trapped on your Vitamix as soon as possible. Scrubbing the blades should be done with caution since they are pretty sharp. The particles will solidify if you forget to rinse out the container after use. The best way to clean pieces or containers that you can’t wash by hand is to soak them.

Soak the pieces and container in warm water with soap for 1 to 2 hours. Remove any leftover material with a gentle scrubber after emptying the contents. If any remains stuck, continue the procedure with new warm water and soap. Running the Vitamix on the ‘clean’ mode after removing the dirt and stains.

Is It Safe to Dishwash My Vitamix Base?

This should be self-evident, but I wanted to point it out. Never put your Vitamix blender’s base in the dishwasher or anywhere near water!

The Vitamix blender is a kitchen mainstay because of its strong engine. Many health-conscious individuals throughout the globe use it as their go-to blender. However, while utilizing this equipment, one must exercise caution since several things should never be done.

Pouring water over the engine and other electrical components at the base of your Vitamix may cause damage, not to mention the risks of combining water and electricity. The section of a Vitamix that lies within the machine is called the base. It must be maintained clean to prevent food or spilled fluids from causing damage to the motor or other components. 

How To Keep Your Vitamix Clean

It’s critical to clean your Vitamix blender thoroughly at least once a week to avoid build-up, leading to blockages and failures. Deep clean it once in a while and give it a rest between usage before using it again for smoothies.

Blenders are a terrific method for preparing healthy and delicious meals, but they can also be rather dirty if only used for a short time. Always rinse your blender after each use and drain it into your sink to save extra cleaning time. Fill the machine halfway with fresh water, add a few drops of vinegar, and run it for approximately 10 seconds.

Rinse the blender well to remove debris or residual particles, then increase the speed to make it a self-cleaning machine. Try jogging at a pace of 1 to give your stomach ample time to acclimate and speed up.

Set the dial to 1 and switch off the machine. This will have thoroughly cleaned the container. It’s like going through the car wash with your Vitamix blender. Drain the contents of your blender, let them dry thoroughly, then rinse with warm water to remove any remaining product. You may wash your blender on its side with the lid off in warm water and soap. The blender is now clean after washing. To bear in mind is that cleaning the tamper and lid might be challenging at times. Wash them all together in warm water with soap to help the procedure go faster.

Can My Stainless Steel Blades Corrode In The Dishwasher?

They can, but you must be cautious. One of the greatest corrosion resistance ratings of any alloy is stainless steel. An alloy is a blend of metals, and the steel in this instance lies around five nanometers under the alloy’s oxidized surface.

Straight steel is still present, but it requires a certain composition to pass as stainless steel blades. Steel is quite affordable when used in tiny measurable applications, such as steel blades. On the other hand, stainless steel must have 10.5 percent chromium to be termed “stainless” or corrosion-resistant.

Vitamix blades are made entirely of stainless steel; therefore, if you encounter a Vitamix blender for sale that doesn’t include stainless steel blades, it’s probably not genuine. Stainless steel may rust over time and with a lot of abuse. It takes a lot of carelessness in less-than-ideal conditions to damage stainless steel blades. Alternatively, you might leave them in the dishwasher for too long. Your stainless steel blades have an exterior coating, even though it doesn’t feel like it.

If you’ve ever seen rust on a sheet of metal or an old lock, you may recall a paint-like covering on top that was a bit less reddish-brown. Because steel is nearly entirely constituted of iron, which oxidizes when exposed to air and moisture, the five-nanometer chromium coating protects your blades. 

You may save money by extending the life of the blades and restoring their efficacy by sharpening them short from time to time (not to mention shipping times). However, you’re exposing more of the deep-rooted steel to oxidation without the chromium coating.

 What Vitamix Blender is Dishwasher Safe?


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With either container, the Vitamix S30 takes up only 8 x 6 square inches on a tabletop and is less than 16 inches tall, so it fits into small areas and behind low cabinets. However, it includes a strong 790-watt motor that combines, smashes, and makes silky purees in a hurry and has steady torque at low temperatures. For the proper mix, it includes a simple variable speed control with a pulse.

The bigger 40-ounce container includes a pour spout and a cover that clicks shut securely. You can pour in ingredients to make smooth emulsions, or you can use the tamper and the lid plug, which you can take off, to help mix parts that don’t want to mix.

 The BPA-free 20-ounce quick travel cup has double-walled insulation to keep temperatures stable. It has a loop for secure attachment to bags and backpacks, making it ideal for commuters. As you’d expect from a Vitamix, the base of the replaceable blades is low in the housing. This keeps food from getting stuck under the blades, and the shape of the blades makes a vortex for smooth, even blending.

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#2 Vitamix S55 

If you value outstanding design, power, longevity, and consistency, the Vitamix S55 Personal Blender is an excellent option. The S55 is a machine that mixes rich textures, comes with a lengthy guarantee, can prepare a variety of recipes, and is easy to clean and store. This model has a lot of useful functions, so it’s a good option for anybody who wants a true blender but doesn’t require one with a huge capacity.

There are four pre-programmed power blend and smoothie settings, as well as ten variable speed controls for easy mixing. There is also a pulse function. With these settings, you can fine-tune each recipe to achieve the exact texture you want.

The S55 blender has a strong engine and stainless steel blades that can handle both soft and hard materials like ice, entire meals, and even nuts and seeds. Your blender will last for many years thanks to the interlocking safety system and other safety measures. The S55 is also dishwasher-safe.

#3 Vitamix S50

The Vitamix S50 is a compact blender with the same power as the larger ones. It blends everything with a smooth consistency thanks to its great power and varied settings. The Vitamix S50 High-Performance Personal Blender has ten different speed settings. Set the blender to the desired speed and let it work its magic on your fresh ingredients! The blades are made of stainless steel and aren’t designed to harm your hand. They’re not razor-sharp and depend on the motor’s incredible power to mix.

Conclusion on Is Vitamix Dishwasher Safe

Only the Vitamix S-series blenders with 20-ounce and 4-ounce containers may be washed in the top dishwasher. The Vitamix S- series and S30 and its components may be washed in the top dishwasher. The heat from the dishwasher might shorten the life of your Vitamix. The blades will get dull and corroded due to the heat. The Vitamix should be washed with warm water and 1 or 2 drops of soap on the clean setting. If you didn’t combine anything sticky, this is a breeze. It will be more difficult to clean if you fail to rinse and clean your Vitamix after each use.