Do Sinks Come with Drains?

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With a sink drain, doing dishes and other quick washes are easier. But do sinks come with drains? It would be rather strenuous to improvise alternatives for collecting dishwater than have your sink drain easily flush it while holding bigger particles. 

Usually, kitchen sinks come with drains you have to connect to a 1–1/2 in p-trap. Some bathroom sinks may come with drains but not all sinks arrive with drains. The reason is that the vanity faucets do come with drains designed for the faucet finish and that allows mechanical meshing of the drain stopper. The product manufacturer can also advise you on the suitable accessories your sink will have in the pack, so do well to get in touch with them.

Sinks typically do not come with p-trap kits for connecting them to drain pipes. However, you can reuse the trap from your older sink if you are merely replacing your sink drain.

How Does Sink Drain Work?

When you flush wastewater, it travels down the drain, it could be from your toilet, bathtub, shower, or sink. A sink drain relies on gravity when you hold down the plunger for the drain to allow water passage along with its opening to the drain line appliance.

While wastewater runs down the vertical appliance line, the force generates more speed and velocity, forcing the water out through the p-trap into the drainpipes. However, your drainpipe design exists at a higher level, at least more than the curved pipe portion, meaning that an amount of water is held back in the curve of the trap.

The water unable to run through the filter serves as a seal blocking the sewer gases from increasing through the drain of the sink. Whenever you use the sink drain, it replaces the trapped water to keep dirt away. The drainpipe and tailpiece of the sink drain connect to the trap with threaded couplings, and underneath each of the couplings is a sizable rubber washer making a watertight seal.

In this case, if your sink drain clogs up, check the trap which is easy to remove. You can use your trap’s cleanout plug underneath to get rid of clogging without removing the trap.

What Are the Types of Sink Drains?

  • Grid Drains.

    If you use a vessel sink, then the grid drain is your go-to. Most vessel sinks are designed in the form of a bowl. Grid drains are sink drains designed for vessel sinks, and do not open or close. However, you can always run water in your grid drain without an overflow setting in.

  • Lift and Turn Drains.

    Lift and turn sink drains can be used in various sinks such as vessel, drop-in, and undermount sinks. They are typically flexible and are rid of the overflow. A lift and turn sink drain lifts to drain water and turns to hold it.

  • Pop-Up Sink Drains.

    If you need a sink for face and hand washing, the pop-up drain is the most suitable for the job. A pop-up drain can be without overflow prevention, meaning you can always fill your sink.

How Do I Choose a Sink Drain?

Before you hit the market, think about what makes the ideal sink drain. You would often use the sink in your home, so, you need that sink drain with reliable quality and a touch of luxury. Below are some things you can consider while shopping for your sink drain:

  1. Sink overflow

Check for the overflow because some sinks do not come with an overflow. An overflow is a hole towards the sink top that prevents an overflow and allows air to penetrate your drain to speed up water flow when your sink is full. If your sink drain uses an overflow, you will also have a cover designed for the hole of the overflow that makes your sink visually appealing.

  1. Do not buy one-fit-all

A sink drain is not designed to fit into all sinks or basins, or say pipework. Ensure to check what required dimensions are needed before shopping for the best quotes. You can check your sink instructions for information about the required drain size to invest in.

If you have no manual providing the required sink drain size, you can measure the bottom hole of the sink to use for finding the suitable size. Ensure to verify your measurement severally before making orders and checking out. Focus on the threaded area of your sink to determine the hole dimensions to shop for in the market. The sink drain must mention a matching measurement in the product description, otherwise, there will be fitting problems.

  1. Consider the finish

After quality, you want what gives your room the appealing touch, be it the bathroom, kitchen, or any other part in your home or office. If you prefer that country-style furnish, consider oiled bronze or brass design. Stainless steel or brushed nickel is perfect for sharp touches that give a more modern look and feel. Chrome, on the other hand, will provide a roomy sparkle that is elegant under brighter lighting. If you care for a bling sight, consider a gold sink drain for the sharpness.

If possible, invest only in sink drains that match your faucets to produce a uniform look while enhancing the room’s design scheme.

  1. Think about clogging

Certainly, you want to purchase the sink drain that keeps the pipework from clogging too often. While in the market, consider sink drains with barriers. These typically use a basket to keep larger waste particles from penetrating your plumbing. Apart from filtering dirt, barrier drains keep you from losing valuables such as jewelry to the drain.

The basket typically uses matching materials to that of the sink drain to give it a uniform and consistent look. Note that a sink drain using a basket is different from a strainer drain. Strainer drains come without covers, and are usually designed for bar sinks and urinals.

  1. Watch out for packed components

If you are buying the whole drain, the extras are not unnecessary. However, unless you want to buy a complete set of the sink drain, some of the components are not relevant to your investment. In this case, shop only for the essentials of your sink drain to save cost when looking for drain replacement.

Find out what components are necessary before you start shopping. For example, when buying a pop-up sink drain, you are also looking at a lift rod, a metal bit you use to cover your drain. By checking and knowing what you want, you also protect yourself from payment packing. You do not want your home or office occupied by sink parts you do not need, at least not for the moment.

Best Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Drains

Moen 22036

The Moen 22036 is your go-to sink drain with a built-in strainer that keeps your drain from clogging. Its stainless steel finish gives your kitchen a dish-matching color, giving you the modern décor you are looking for.

Regarding durability, Moen employs premium materials, giving you a luxurious sink for the budget.

The construction is dependable, solid, and easy to use. Expect this drain to sit perfectly and withstand heavy usage while for the long run. Larger dirt gets caught with ease, and removal is even easier than in your traditional sink drain. Do not forget to check your sink thickness before you invest. Click here to see on Amazon

Wowow Bathroom Sink Drain

Not meaning to exaggerate, the Wowow sink drain is more than a bathroom drain, here you also get that touch of luxury. This product is designed perfectly to suit your vanity bathroom sink. It is suitable for vessel sinks and fits for 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 inch drain holes.

Material Type:

Wowow has this right; the sink drain is thoughtfully designed with high-grade ABS construction and stainless steel. It comfortably withstands scratch, corrosion, and rust for a long-lasting experience.


Wowow gives you a pop-up drain stopper with a matte black finish for that glamorous look and feel. It should give a redefining sight to your master bath or powder room.


You can easily install this pop-up drain with its overflow drain assembly. Do not forget to place the gaskets properly to prevent leakage.


No user manual needed for operation. Simply push down the drain cap to close or seal; push it down again to open for water to drain out.

Final Thoughts on Do Sinks Come with Drains?

Sink drains may seem inconspicuous to your eyes but they make up the eye-catching glimpse of your room. This, your sink and faucets together without the drain are incomplete. When selecting your sink drain, check if it comes with drains, otherwise, your faucet should have it. It is better to keep the plumbing from clogging because it can be expensive to clear the pipework in the future.

Make sure to consider the sizing when investing in a drain. Your sink description should include the suitable drain size, or have an expert do the job.

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