Should a Frying Pan Have a Flat Bottom? Here’s What you Must Know!

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When we ask Should a Frying Pan Have a Flat Bottom? The answer is not straight because pans are of various types. If you pay attention to new pans you will notice that when cooking the oil will likely run from the middle of the pan to the edges.

This is often noticed mostly with non-stick pans and most people think that this is a problem or defect that occurred during manufacturing.

Another thing that is difficult to miss with new pans is that they do not often sit perfectly on most cookers which suggests that the bottom of the pan is not completely flat. Is this a problem or defect as most people tend to think?

Most customers have a lot to say or have any questions to ask about this phenomenon. They
want to be sure that the shape of the bottom of the pan may not be a problem in the long run or
affect its use.

As valid as these questions and concerns might be, there is a scientific reason
why the bottoms of frying pans are not completely flat. The bottom of most frying pans and even
other cookware take a concave shape because of physics.


As far as most people are concerned, frying bottoms should always be completely flat and this
is never the case. The reason is rooted in physics.

Frying pans are mostly made of metals and the expansion of metal when heated has a lot to do with the shape of the base of frying pans.

This phenomenon is visible in a lot of things around us for example; the metal on train tracks
expands during very high and intense temperate regions of the world such as Africa and even
Australia. They no longer maintain the linear shape rather they become bendy.

To accommodate this occurrence, room for expansion is made on the tracks. This same thing is
done with frying pans.

The concave shape frying pans take is meant to accommodate the
expansion of the metal they are fashioned from so that the more they are heated the more they
become flat eventually.

If the frying pans are made to be flat and they are subjected to heat over
time then they take a convex shape which means cooking with the frying pan would be more

The bottom of the frying would begin to take the shape of a bowl and become inherently
deformed if a pan is manufactured with a wavy bottom. The heat that it will be subjected to
would in the long run make it impossible to use so it is not impractical to fashion it so.


Understandably, customers do not just complain because they only want their frying pans
shaped a particular way. They complain because a concave-shaped frying pan has its
disadvantages which is noticeable with low-fat frying where the oil is seen draining to the edge
of the pan leaving the center of the pan with less oil than needed. This phenomenon should be
tolerated or managed when the customer is armed with the knowledge that the concave shape
of the pan cannot easily be prevented.

The slightly noticeable hollow between the frying pan and the stove is not going to pose any
serious problems with the usage of the frying pan. In the long run, the pans that do not have a
100% flat bottom will last longer and durability is often at the top of the list of most users of
frying pans. Customers might have to understand that they might have to choose flat-bottomed
frying pans that will inevitably get deformed and offer less durability or a concave-shaped
bottom that would last longer.


No modern frying pans have completely flat bottoms. Since research and science have proven
the efficiency of concave-shaped bottoms, most manufacturers have abandoned the flat-bottom
design. Customers that already have flat-bottomed pans are puzzled by this new deviation.

Salespeople that have tried explaining the concept behind the concave-shaped bottom pans
have always been hit with the statement, & but I have other flat-bottomed frying pans by their
customers. So it is safe to say that most frying pans with a flat base are of an ancient design
and if they have been used for a while, they are most likely deformed.

Also, some frying pans bases have apparent flatness;. This means that they appear to be flat
but they are not flat. The reason they appear to be flat even though they are not flat when thoroughly observed is that the manufacturers of concave-shaped bottom frying pans can
choose to either use the concentric or longitudinal models.

The more obvious concave model which is the concentric model has a hollow space at the
middle which is often seen when observed from the bottom or when placed on a cooking
appliance such as a stove. On the other hand, the longitudinal model has two edges that run
lengthwise instead of across the bottom of the pan which sits on the cooking appliance. You can
notice the absence of flatness when it is cold and placed on a flat cooking appliance. When the
pan is being heated there is no noticeable wobbling. The manufacturers attempt to give the idea
of faux flatness birthed the longitudinal models.


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Saucepans are one of the most used pans in the kitchen. This is because of their versatility.
They can very easily replace other types of pans. Saucepans are often used for boiling,
simmering, frying, warming milk, melting chocolate or butter, and of course making sauces.
Saucepans have varied sizes that can range from 12cm to 20cm. Milk pans are designed with a
jug-like lip so that pouring is made way easier. Other sites are extra to allow for family use. The
type of saucepan that one can choose to get has a lot to do with what it is to be used for.


They are also called fry-pan or skillet in some parts of the world. The frying pan just like the
saucepan is also one of the most used pans in the kitchen. As cookware, it often comes in
handy. They can be used to boil, simmer, melt, heat, and especially fry almost anything. There
are various sizes of frying pans to accommodate any type of use. Do you need to make a quick
omelet or do any other deeper frying the frying pan is often the go-to?


Grill pans are traditionally not-round so they take a square or rectangular shape. The pan is
designed for grilling alone so they usually have low sides and to enhance small-scale grilling,
they have raised horizontal lines that make it easy for them to be used on cooking appliances.
With a good grill pan and in the hands of a good user, almost anything can be grilled. The pans
allow for the grilling of cheese, meat, fish, pepper, and other foods. The lines on the bottom also
give the charred lines that would appear on the food if they are grilled using a big, outdoor grill.
Grilling is one of the best ways to fry food because it helps drain excess fat from the food hence
the food is healthier.


Sauté pans are frying pans that are used to do quick frying on foods that do not require so much
heat and time on the cooking appliance. To ensure that so much heat is not trapped in the food,
the sides of a sauté pan are low for heat to escape. Sauté frying requires tossing and stirring so
the low sides also encourage this. Most people make do with frying pans when they do not have
to sauté pans and vice versa but they are not inherently the same

Summary of Should a Frying Pan Have a Flat Bottom

Frying pans are very important cookware that can be found in most kitchens. They are used
often too and users of this cookware want to be certain that they are using the best models that
have been manufactured adequately for good use, durability and safety. This is why they have
questions about the shape of the bottom or base of frying pans which have been addressed in
this article. You can also checkout other articles on our blog.

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