Does A Coffee Maker Distill Water? 5 Surprising Things You didn’t Know!

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Does a coffee maker distill water? This gets yes and no answers because water distillation is not easily done by coffee makers. The basic principles and mechanism of a coffee maker would hardly permit water distillation but manufacturers may have a few tricks up their sleeves. 

Distillation is one of the ways to rid water of impurities. For water to be distilled it must be boiled till it turns to vapor then the condensed water is collected afterwards. We have all seen distilled water but we just did not know it.

When you boil water in a pan and cover it, when you lift the cover you will notice droplets of water on it, these droplets are distilled water. Summarily, distilled water is a cycle that changes the form of water from liquid to gas and back to liquid again through heating and cooling.

Distilled water is a good way to purify water. Distillation makes water fit for consumption. Most times water from different sources has so much impurity in it making it bad for use.

Tap water is one source of water that is known to be quite bad for consumption. Unfortunately, it is the most easily accessible source of water. It is available easily in our homes and sometimes people consume it without subjecting it to any treatment at all.


Coffee makers do not boil water. They heat water till it is close to boiling but the water does not reach boiling point. The heated water is forced through a tube in the coffee maker through heat expansion so it is sprinkled over the ground coffee beans to produce a cup of coffee.

The implications of this is that since coffee makers do not boil water and distillation requires water to reach its boiling point so that it can become vapor then condense then coffee makers do not distill water. Coffee makers are not designed to heat water to high temperatures of 100 degrees in Celsius or 212 degrees in Fahrenheit.

Impurities cannot be removed at temperatures that are less than boiling point temperatures, the metallic taste and all the bad qualities in water from a bad source will still be in the water heated by a coffee maker.

So relying on the coffee maker to clean your water by distillation is not the way to go and does not work. Getting distilled water separately is very possible with any cooking utensil available in the home as far as you can boil the water and collect the condensed form.

So you can introduce the distilled water to the coffee maker if that is what you need. This answers only a single part of the question; does a coffee maker distill water? This answer is in the negative so let us consider the affirmative side.


Coffee makers can distill water…only on one condition. The condition is that the coffee maker comes with a water distiller. Most manufacturers of coffee makers have taken initiative perhaps from the numerous clamors from customers and they are now adding a water distiller to coffee makers. The principle here is very simple: the water distiller heats water to a boiling point till it evaporates then it lets it cool so it condenses and it collects it as distilled water which it further introduces to the ground coffee beans to make a good cup of coffee.

The other good thing about these dual-purpose coffee makers is that you can even just have the distilled water for other purposes aside from coffee making. The water distiller can just distill water that you can drink or use for other things. So instead of having a coffee maker and a separate water distiller you would just have both of them in one. This saves space and conserves energy. Coffee makers are good but even better with water distillers.

So depending on the brand of coffee maker that you purchased, the answer to the question, “does a coffee maker distill water?” would be either yes or no.


The quality of water used to make coffee is as important as the coffee itself. Water with a lot of impurities does not just affect the health adversely but affects the quality and taste of the coffee. Coffee is what most people kickoff the day with and they do not want to have a terrible cup of water because they could not get pure water to make coffee. So this has raised certain questions from consumers regarding what they can do to get consumable water. 

If you do not have a coffee maker with a water distiller you can still your daily cup of good coffee with distilled water. The process is doable if you have the time to spare. The process of manual water distillation involves putting water in a pan and boiling it. It is important that you cover the pot with something you can collect the condensed distilled water with. You can repeat this process until you get the quantity that you need to make your coffee. You could also buy a water distiller or buy distilled water sold in bottles.

However, it is advisable to simply buy a coffee maker with a water distiller to save time, energy and ensure a seamless coffee making process that you would enjoy.


Not cleaning and maintaining your coffee maker would not definitely go unnoticed. When the coffee maker is in need of cleaning and maintenance, one can tell from the bitter taste of the coffee that it would make, if you look into the cup of coffee sometimes you can visibly see dirt floating around it. Accumulated dirt in the coffee maker would also cause damage to the machine itself. It will block and reduce the efficiency of the machine which would make it break down eventually. It is important that the coffee maker is cleaned and maintained from time to time. How do you maintain and clean the coffee maker;

To clean a coffee maker you will need materials such as vinegar, water and coffee filter. Water mixed with vinegar will dissolve a lot of impurities in the coffee maker. You can clean further by turning on the coffee maker while the solution of vinegar and water is in the coffee maker reservoir.

Maintaining the coffee maker would include doing regular appliance checks to be sure that the wires are still properly insulated, pay attention to any abnormal noise from the appliance and get a technician to look into some problems, you might have to replace or repair some parts.


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The manufacturers of coffee making machines are working overtime to make coffee making very seamless for consumers. The addition of distillers and purifiers are all designed for ease of making coffee. It is imperative that consumers purchase the coffee maker that serves their needs.

Coffee makers must be maintained if they must perform at full capacity and they should be cleaned so that there is no residual bitter taste from the coffee maker.

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