Can You Put a Hot Coffee Mug in the Freezer?

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The question of Can You Put a Hot Coffee Mug in the Freezer is actually a question of safety. While trying to enjoy your coffee how you like it, you must understand that there might be results or things you should not do.

Maybe you want your cup of coffee to be cold or iced after it has been brewed or you could not finish it and decided to preserve your cup of coffee in the freezer. Whatever reason it might be you want to know if you can put your hot coffee mug in the freezer.

We all want our coffee how we want it. Some people want it steaming hot so much that it burns their tongue, while other people prefer their coffee lukewarm, and as unimaginable as it might seem some people want their coffee cold or even iced.

For those that want a cold cup of coffee, the quick solution after brewing would most likely be to freeze or refrigerate.

Science always has the answer and this case is not an exception. There is actually a simple explanation and answer which you may have happened to you but did not just make sense at the time.

Can You Put a Hot Coffee Mug in the Freezer

Can You Put a Hot Coffee Mug in the Freezer? Here’s what you should Know!

When you put a hot coffee mug in the freezer without letting it cool down for a bit then the mug might crack. Why does this happen? Altering the temperature of the coffee mug rapidly will cause the mug to crack.

However, when you let it cool down for a bit till it is lukewarm before putting it in the freezer you can save your mug from cracking. This simple answer is the reason perhaps most of your mug has been cracking and you have had no clue.

A cracked mug is unsafe to use. It can break and lead to domestic accidents such as scalding, burns, or cuts. It is risky to keep them around.

Some people are attached to their favorite coffee mugs and hate that it is cracking. The simple thing to do to protect your mug from cracking would be to not put it in the freezer when it contains hot substances.

What happens when it gets cracked?

Now, why would anyone want to put their hot coffee in the freezer? People want their coffee to be however it suits them and they hardly compromise on it. So a person that wants to cool the temperature of their coffee quickly might consider putting it in the freezer so it would get to a more pleasant temperature.

Aside from the cracking of the mug, it almost seems like a waste of time and effort to put the hot coffee mug in the freezer because it is almost hard to know when it has gotten to the desired temperature. What happens when it is now too cold and you have to reheat or it is still hot and you have to repeatedly keep checking on it?

Nobody wants to have to deal with the regular replacement of the mugs or stand by the freezer while twiddling just to wait for their coffee to get to the desired temperature.

Most people wonder if there is an alternative to putting the hot coffee mug in the freezer and fortunately there are alternatives.

One of the alternatives seems pretty obvious and it involves simply leaving the coffee to cool off in the open air for a few minutes before putting the coffee mug in the freezer so it gets colder.

The Solution

The next alternative would require purchasing the newly invented smart mugs. Smart mugs which are already being sold in different outlets are a piece of technology that can cool your coffee to the desired temperature and can heat it when it gets too cold.

It offers the user temperature control in a few minutes. Smart mugs seem like the ideal choice for your coffee problem. It also removes the reliance on any other gadgets such as microwave, refrigerator, and freezer since it already solves all temperature problems. All that’s left is your coffee and the way you want it.


You may have figured out your best coffee beans or product and you have the ideal coffee maker to brew your coffee to the best temperature. Your morning is almost set but you do not have the mug that just does it right for you.

There are so many mugs out there but everyone wants that mug that becomes their favorite, the mug they reach to first thing in the morning when they take their coffee.  Some of the best coffee mugs available include the following;


If you pay a visit to Target, the porcelain white coffee mugs are outstanding. They are the top-selling brand of mugs. What makes them so special? They are made of porcelain and if you ask any serious coffee lover, they would tell you that porcelain makes the coffee taste a whole lot better and it stays warmer for a longer time.

Most coffee mugs cannot hold the quantity of coffee this particular mug can hold. It holds up to fifty ounces of coffee and is safe to use in the dishwasher. If you are the kind of person that microwaves their coffee, then you can also use this mug as it is microwave safe. The porcelain white design makes it easy to blend with almost any kitchen design at all. It also has a slim handle which makes it easy to hold. They do not take up a lot of space in the kitchen as far as storage is concerned.

They are sold singly but they are very cheap and this allows a lot of people to buy so many sets. As far as you are careful with ceramics and porcelain, they are very durable and they stay beautiful. Click here to see on Amazon


If you need your coffee-to-go then this mug is the ideal thing for you. You can travel with this mug while keeping your coffee at the temperature you desire. This mug is made of stainless steel. It does not leak and it does not spill so you are sure to stay dry all through your trip or even if you decide to put it in a bag. This mug is the answered prayer of people who do not have the time to sit down and take their coffee. The mug comes with a thermalock vacuum insulator so that the liquid inside the mug can maintain a high temperature for as long as eight hours and when you want the drinks to be cold, the mug can maintain a low temperature for liquids for as long as eighteen hours. The mug is available in three different sizes and a variety of colors which number up to twenty. If you are worried about how your mug complements your kitchen, room, car, or even your outfit and accessories then you can pick easily from the different colors. It can be used in a dishwasher.  Click here to see on Amazon


Some people do not like to rush through their coffee. They can drink a mug of coffee all morning as long as the temperature is desirable. This mug is the solution to the temperature problems they might be having. The mug is insulated with double-wall borosilicate glassware. This design is meant to maintain the temperature of your coffee so that it remains drinkable for a long time.

How about people that drink their mug of coffee all day long? This mug is also designed for them. They can very easily microwave their coffee in this mug as it is microwave safe. So they can reheat and keep drinking till the day is done. This mug is safe to use in the dishwasher. If you want to put your mug in the freezer as well or even the oven, this mug is safe for such uses. Click here to see on Amazon


If you have ever tried to use a glass coffee mug then you can realize how impossible it can be to use. You really cannot hold them when they are hot. However, these Williams Sonoma coffee mugs which are made of glass have hacked the problem and invented the solution. The mug is made with a double wall of borosilicate glass which provides insulation so that the mug can be held easily while also keeping the coffee in the mug at the desired temperature. So you can both handle the glass mug while enjoying the coffee how you want.

If you like your coffee cold, then this mug is also your best friend. It would keep the cold coffee at the same temperature for hours and because of the double-walled insulation, it ensures that the mug does not sweat and leave water rings on your furniture. Looking at the mug, it gives off this effect as though the liquid is floating and is not in contact with the body of the mug, this is a cool effect most people enjoy. The mugs are not safe to be used in a dishwasher as they are made from mouth-blown glass.


Make them into art:

Mugs come in different beautiful colors which can be arranged to complement the design of your wall or your kitchen. You can literally make art of the mugs if they are properly arranged on a wall on a unit.

Use under-shelf hooks:

The space at the bottom of your cupboard can be utilized to store mugs if you add hooks to them where you can hang the mugs. This is an alternative to stacking the mugs which would eventually crack or even fall over and break.

Add an extra height:

If you already have kitchen units or cupboards then you can add an extra height where you can store your mugs. This ensures that they are high up away from reachable surfaces where they can easily fall and break. It also keeps the mugs away from children.

Use a trolley:

The beauty of using a trolley is that it is mobile. If you need to use your set of mugs in the living room, dining room or even home office then you can simply wheel your trolley to the new place even though the same trolley holds the mugs every other day in the kitchen. It serves a dual purpose.

Summary of Can You Put a Hot Coffee Mug in the Freezer?

One of the ways to preserve coffee mugs is to not put them into the freezer when they are hot. It is best that you let it cool off a bit before putting it in so that the mug does not crack and break. Altering the temperature of an object rapidly would often lead to this result.

There are different kinds of mugs produced from different materials such as stainless steel, porcelain, and even glass. They maintain the temperature of the coffee for long hours, are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, and can also be used in microwaves for reheating. So it is easy to pick your best mug and enjoy your coffee. For more articles like this, please visit the kitchen hacks category!

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