How Do I Protect My Kitchen Cabinets With a Coffee Maker Steamer?

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Most people understand the negative effects of steam from a coffee maker but they want to know if it is a helpless situation so they check the internet or ask around one simple question which is; How Do I Protect My Kitchen Cabinets With a Coffee Maker Steamer?

Steam has a damaging effect on your furniture. When you expose your cabinet to steam then it weakens and spoils over time.

Wooden cabinets must not be exposed to regular steam. The coffee maker is one of those appliances that produce steam because it heats water to brew coffee. Some of the water escapes as steam and settles on the wooden cabinet and then begins to damage the finishing of the furniture.

You do not have to sacrifice your beautiful cabinet just so you can enjoy your morning coffee. You can protect your cabinet while still brewing your coffee every morning. There are simple practices that can help you protect your kitchen cabinet.

It is easier to protect your kitchen cabinet than to make repairs or replace the cabinet when it becomes damaged. It is also cheaper. When you do not protect your kitchen cabinet, it begins to look untidy and could even become unsafe.


If you want to protect your kitchen cabinet from steam, you can simply practice the following;

  1.   Ventilation: steam would readily accumulate and settle on the wood of the kitchen cabinet if the kitchen is not properly ventilated. An airy kitchen will ensure that steam escapes from the outlets instead of settling on the wood and cause severe damages to the wood. Cross and open ventilation would work in this situation. Artificial means of introducing air into the kitchen such as fans and air conditions would also be very helpful. You should keep your kitchen lit and airy. A dark and stuffy kitchen is the perfect place for steam to settle on cabinets and eat away at the finishing.
  2.  You can also protect the finish by wiping off steam with a dry rag and oil soap. Wiping off the steam ensures that it does not stay on the wood long enough to cause any real damage. Also regular cleaning of furniture is another good way to protect it because it will expose places that need to be repaired on time before there is much more damage to the cabinet.
  3.  Heat Shields: Heat shields are relatively new and they were invented to deflect heat and steam coming from appliances such as coffee maker, oven, microwave, and so on. They would protect the cabinet by deflecting the steam that would otherwise settle on it and begin to cause damage.

Further ways to protect the cabinet from water and steam especially if the cabinet is made of plywood can include the following;

  1.       You can protect the plywood by laminating the outer side of the cabinet. All types of plywood benefit from this lamination. The steam and water would not have direct contact with the cabinet.
  2.       Also wiping the cabinet with a soft and dry piece of cloth or rag once or more every day will protect the wood from water and steam.
  3.       Finally, waterproof plywood is the real deal. Cabinets made of waterproof plywood last longer because they are immune to the effects of water and steam.

Coffee makers are often placed on the top of counters or cupboards so that they can be easy to operate. The process of the brewing of coffee requires water to heat up in the top part of the coffee maker and this leads to steam rising through the vents of the machine.

Remember that the coffee maker is placed on cupboards or countertops which are naturally under kitchen cabinets, the steam rises and rests underneath the kitchen cabinet. This part of the cabinet is one of the most important places to take care of.

The ideal thing to do would be to desist from putting or placing the coffee maker on countertops that are directly underneath the cabinets. This way you do not have to undergo the frequent stress of cleaning the cabinet daily.

Even though it is very difficult to avoid steam and water in the kitchen, the effects they have on the cabinet can be controlled by merely asking the producer or manufacturers of the cabinet for care tips and procedures. They always know better.


The most obvious advantage of protecting the kitchen cabinet from the coffee maker’s steam is durability. The steam from coffee makers would inevitably damage unprotected kitchen cabinetries.

The main advantage of protecting the cabinet would be to ensure that they last long. Most people want to use their cabinetry for years without having to replace them and this is only possible when they care for and protect the wood. The durability of the kitchen cabinet has everything to do with its maintenance and protection.

Secondly, a damaged or weakened cabinet is an accident waiting to happen. These cabinets are suspended in the air and when they become weak or damaged because of the exposure to steam from the coffee maker, it is easy to imagine the accidents that could occur if they fall or their sharp edges are exposed.

The kitchen cabinet should always be inspected and cared for so that it does not turn into a domestic hazard material that can lead to death or severe injuries.

Cost-effectiveness: using a thermofoil, waterproof plywood, heat shield and properly ventilating the kitchen are all cheaper than replacing the kitchen cabinet or paying for the hazards and accidents that they need to cause when they are damaged. Protecting the kitchen cabinet is the cost-effective way to go.



This coffee maker steamer is a good choice if you want to protect your kitchen cabinet while still being able to enjoy a rich cup of steam-brewed coffee. It has a lot of special features such as extra-large portafilter brews that can produce up to five shots of rich espresso. With its steam-brewing feature, it can make dark and flavored espressos. It also comes with a measuring scoop so that you can level and measure your scoop. With its stay-cool handle, it is easy to use and handle the coffee maker without making a mess. All the features of this coffee maker make it ideal for protecting your cabinet. Click here to see on Amazon


This coffee maker is perfect for people who want to manage the space in their kitchen while still having a machine that can satisfy and cater to many people. It is a multi-faceted compact coffee maker.

This coffee maker can easily produce about 12 cups of coffee from just one pot. This coffee maker is automated and can be set to start brewing before you wake up so that you do not have to wait around for your coffee.

If you worry about your coffee maker not standing firmly at a spot then this coffee maker is your answer as it comes with a tray that can hold the pot in one place firmly. It is an added feature that aids its portability.

This coffee maker protects the cabinet by controlling spilling. It does this by holding the pot firmly when it is slid under the machine. The click sound notifies the user that the pot has been safely held until the button is pressed for its release. The coffee maker is small enough to fit into cabinets until they are pulled out for use. They measure about 12 inches in height and 11 inches in width.

It is affordable and even comes with a two-year warranty. So it is a cost-effective way to protect your cabinet from steam and water damages. Click here to see on Amazon


Coffee lovers who love machines that give them options should always opt for this coffee maker. It is not the regular coffee maker that you just force under the cabinet but you have different brewing options to choose from.

The three main options which are peculiar to this machine include the one to four cups brewing option, the bold option, and the regular option.

If you prefer not to wait around for your coffee, you can set up the coffee maker’s clock to a program that begins the brewing process before you wake up to save a lot of time.

If you are also worried about forgetting to turn off the coffee maker after use then this machine saves you from worry as it has a function that prompts it to turn off after two hours if it is not being used. With a detachable water reservoir that is easy to clean, it also comes with a brew basket that can be removed for cleaning too. You do not have to wait for the coffee maker to finish brewing before you can have a cup of coffee. You can pause the brewing to pour a cup then you can resume the brewing later on. Click here to see on Amazon


The importance of protecting the kitchen cabinet from steam from coffee makers and other steam-producing appliances cannot be over-emphasized. The appearance of the kitchen rests largely on the maintenance of the cabinetry.

Coffee makers do not have to become the undoing of your kitchen furniture considering that there are methods of preventing and managing the steam that is produced from coffee makers while also protecting the cabinet.

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