Can You Freeze Apple Butter? Find Out!

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Can you freeze apple butter? People often ask this because they are confused about freezing and canning apple butter and which is more effective; this article will answer your question. Apple butter is a favorite topping for various foods. Although creating apple butter is a laborious procedure, there are several uses for apple butter for all seasons and celebrations. You may save time and effort by making apple butter in advance. So, can you freeze apple butter

Yes, apple butter can be frozen. Apple butter can be easily preserved by freezing. Start with clean, freezer-safe containers like freezer bags or mason jars. Instead of storing the apple butter in the refrigerator, freeze it. Apple butter can be frozen and kept for up to a year. Making your meals will go faster if you have a supply of apple butter. You can make many dishes all year round with apple butter because of its versatility.

Why Do You Freeze Apple Butter?

Both apple butter and applesauce are products of the long boiling of apples. However, apple butter is substantially thicker than applesauce in texture. Although purchasing apple butter is an option, making your own can make you feel proud and content.

Making apple butter can be a highly laborious and time-consuming process, as was already said. Therefore, it makes sense to prepare a sizable quantity and freeze it for later. This procedure shouldn’t be repeated each time you wish to utilize this delicious condiment. Apple butter may be frozen quickly and will maintain its shelf life. Nothing you’ve worked so hard on should be wasted. So, to the above question, “can you freeze apple butter” you can because it helps prolong the lifespan and saves you from the stress of making apple butter anytime you need it.

How Can You Freeze Apple Butter?

Apple butter can be preserved in the freezer in addition to canning, which is perhaps the most popular way to keep it for a long time. Canning can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it occasionally fails. Here are a few ways you can keep your apple butter fresh.

1. Freezer Bags

Using freezer bags to keep your apple butter is a terrific idea when you want to utilize the least amount of space possible. Fill the freezer bags with the chilled apple butter, leaving space at the top.

The apple butter will enlarge as it freezes. Before sealing, try to get rid of as much air as possible from the freezer bag. This will lessen the risk of freezer burn. If you have trouble removing the air, seal the bag halfway and use a straw to suck out any leftover air.

Place the apple butter in a flat layer on a cookie sheet and keep piling the bags on top of one another. Once the apple butter is frozen, place the cookie sheet in the freezer and either stack the bags of frozen apple butter or arrange them in a row. This approach uses significantly less freezer space.

Best Freezer Bags To Buy

Ziploc Freezer Bags

Ziploc freezer bags are designed for freezer storage. These bags are great for freezing butter and other food items. Because it is dependable and effective, the Ziploc freezer bag has long been a trusted brand. These are available in quarts and gallons. The zip seal has a double locking seal that can be closed with your fingers.

Mason Jars

Apple butter can be kept in mason jars in the freezer, just like jam. The apple butter would seem more rustic if kept in mason jars. Mason jars work well for preserving apple butter because they are freezer and plastic safe.

Remember to allow the apple butter to completely cool before putting it in the mason jars to freeze. Because your jar will expand after it is frozen, don’t forget to leave that headroom there as well. You don’t want to get a jar that is broken!

If you decide to use mason jars to keep your apple butter, you must first sterilize them. The jars’ longer and safer shelf-life will be ensured through sterilization. Dishwashers with a sanitized cycle are available. To sterilize your jars, just put the jars and lids into the dishwasher and set it to this cycle. If you don’t utilize them right away, they can become infected. Using the techniques listed below, you can sterilize your jars without using a dishwasher:

  • Put your jars through a hot, soapy water wash.
  • Rinse with water thoroughly, rinsing off any soap.
  • Boil the jars for at least 10 minutes while submerged in water.
  • To dry the jars, remove them with tongs and set them upside-down on a kitchen towel.
  • Before usage, try to keep the jars warm.
  • Ten minutes in hot water with the lids (do not place the lids in boiling water)

Best Mason Jar To Buy

Paksh Novelty Glass Mason Jars

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The Paksh Novelty Glass Mason Jars are reasonably priced while providing a plethora of high-end characteristics, such as manufacturing components that are both eco-friendly and BPA-free. This jar is perfect for storing butter, jams, and jellies. These mason jars are constructed of crack-resistant soda-lime glass and have a wide opening, allowing us to fill them with various ingredients.

3. Plastic Containers

Another fantastic alternative is to freeze your apple butter in plastic containers. Make sure the containers you purchase have freezer-safe, tight-sealing lids.

Before storing your apple butter in the containers, properly wash them. Make sure to leave some room at the top for your apple butter to expand throughout the freezing process, just like the other two storage techniques described above. For practical storage, these plastic containers stack easily in the freezer.

Write the date you put them in the freezer someplace on the freezer bag, mason jar lid, or plastic container lid when using any of the methods mentioned above. You can use this to determine whether the apple butter is still edible and how long it has been in the freezer.

Best Plastic Containers To Buy

Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Container

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The Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Container has an innovative integrated tab system that gives an extra grip around the container, making it simpler to remove your food. This allows you to use your freezer space better since you can stack these containers effortlessly on top of each other without fear of their falling off. 

This product is an outstanding frozen food storage container, perfect for freezing butter. It is secure, dependable, and effective. It also features a modern style that would look great in any kitchen.

Methods For Freezing Apple Butter

Can you freeze apple kinds of butter? Yes, you can. The main goal of freezing apple butter is to maintain shelf life. Freezing is a great option if you want to use apple butter after fall. You may use strategies to stop apple butter from going to waste. Continue reading to learn the right way to freeze apple butter.


  • Once the apple butter has finished cooking, check to see if it is thick and creamy.
  • Get rid of the heat. 
  • Before freezing, let the apple butter cool to room temperature.
  • Transfer the apple butter to your freezer-safe containers using a ladle (E.g., Ziplocs or mason jars). Before sealing, leave at least 1/2 to 1 inch.
  • Wrap the apple butter in plastic to protect it from freezer burns.
  • The containers should be put in the freezer.

You can immediately freeze an unopened bottle of apple butter. Transfer the apple butter to freezer-safe containers once it has already been opened. The apple butter might spoil if moisture or air enters the unsealed container. To keep an eye on the shelf life of the apple butter in the freezer, mark the containers as well.

Is It Preferable To Freeze Apple Butter, Or Can It?

The most popular method of preserving apple butter is canning. If you plan to use the apple butter during the upcoming winter, canning it will improve its preservation. Canning, however, requires more time and work. When canning, air bubble removal is a concern. It is preferable to use canning jars with straight sides and a large mouth to eliminate bubbles. Apple butter that has been properly canned can last up to two years, despite the lengthy process.

To can apple butter, follow these instructions:

  • Canning jars should be filled. 
  • Leave a minimum of 1/4 headroom. 
  • Take away every bubble.
  • Clean the jars’ rims and the cap. Use of 2-part canning lids is preferable.
  • In a bath of hot water, process the jars. 
  • Pints and half-pints require 5 minutes, whereas quarts require 10 minutes.
  • After 5 more minutes, turn off the heat and leave the jars in the hot water.
  • Dry the jars with a cloth after this. Allow the jars to cool.
  • Place items in the pantry in a cool, dry place.

Apple butter can be frozen if you are pressed for time. Large batches of apple butter can be stored for a longer period whether you decide to can it or freeze it.

How Well Does Apple Butter Freeze?

Apple butter can be frozen. Apple butter can be easily preserved by freezing. Start with tidy, freezer-safe containers like freezer bags or mason jars. Instead of storing the apple butter in the refrigerator, freeze it.

Can Fruit Butter Be Frozen?

Keeping and utilizing. The finished fruit butter should be in sealed containers in the freezer or refrigerator. Fruit butter can be frozen for up to three months, but it only keeps for around 10 days when kept in the fridge. For breakfast, spread fruit butter on biscuits or toast or include it in the batter for pancakes or waffles.

How Can I Preserve Apple Butter Without Using A Can?

If you aren’t preserving the apple butter in jars, spoon the hot butter into clean Mason jars, wipe the lids clean, screw the lids on, and store the jars in the refrigerator. Non-canned apple butter must be stored in the refrigerator and has a short shelf life.

Is It Possible To Overcook Apple Butter?

You might need to return to the apple orchard to pick more apples if your apple butter is scorched. The apples can be cooked slowly and low in the crock pot, giving them a lovely caramelized flavor and deep brown color. In a crock pot, apple butter cannot be overcooked. The tastes will only get stronger.

How Can I Tell If My Apple Butter Is Done?

Remove a spoonful and keep it away from the steam for two minutes to check for doneness. It is finished if the butter is still piled high on the spoon. Place a small amount of the butter on a plate to see if it’s been sufficiently fried.

Conclusion On Can You Freeze Apple Butter

Apple butter is quite beneficial. Apple butter should always be present in your kitchen. Two typical methods for preserving apple butter are freezing or canning. It will take a lot of time and work to do. Making dishes that call for apple butter and freezing them will save you extra time. Up to a year can pass while the flavor of apple butter is preserved by freezing clean mason jars and freezer-safe plastic bags. Start freezing your apple butter immediately and save some! We hope we have answered your question: “can you freeze apple butter.”