How To Clean A Kenmore Dishwasher? Expert Tips

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How To Clean A Kenmore Dishwasher – Expert Tips

The dishwasher, like any other device in your kitchen, should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. While it may appear to be a time-consuming task, cleaning your Kenmore dishwasher is simple and quick, and it will extend the life of your machine. 

You can clean your Kenmore dishwasher thoroughly by removing all food leftovers from the Kenmore dishwasher, using vinegar, baking soda, detergent and other cleaning agents to clean your Kenmore dishwasher.  Continue reading to get more tips on how to clean your Kenmore dishwasher.

How To Clean A Kenmore Dishwasher

1. Clean The Outside Of Your Kenmore Dishwasher

To keep the outside of your dishwasher looking lovely and clean, you need a soft, wet cloth or sponge and a light detergent regularly. If your dishwasher has a stainless steel exterior, a stainless steel cleaner is advisable for use.

2. Clean The Kenmore Dishwasher’s Interior

The minerals in hard water can cause a white coating to form on the interior surfaces, particularly right beneath the door. Wait until the dishwasher has cooled before cleaning the interior. You might want to put on some rubber gloves. It would be best not to use  Cleanser other than dishwasher detergent since it may create foaming. 

After cleaning the interior, run a regular cycle with dishwasher detergent.

When cleaning the interior:

  • Clean with a damp sponge and a paste of powdered dishwasher detergent.
  • Clean with a damp sponge and liquid automatic dishwasher detergent.

3. Clean The Kenmore Dishwasher Filter 

Clean the filter after each load for the best results, and if there is food debris left in the filter, an odor may develop. Ensure the filter is assembled correctly before starting a cycle to avoid poor cleaning results. If you have hard water, you should clean this filter at least once a month. Below are steps on how to clean your Kenmore dishwasher filter.

  • Turn the Upper filter assembly 14 turns counterclockwise and lift out to clean the Kenmore dishwasher filter.
  • To remove the lower filter, grasp it in the circular opening, lift it slightly, and pull it forward.
  • To remove soil, you should use a soft brush to clean the filters under running water.
  • Line up the round opening for the upper filter assembly with the round opening in the bottom of the tub by placing the lower filter under the locating tabs at the bottom of the dishwasher.
  • Place the upper filter assembly into the lower filter’s circular opening.
  • Turn the filter slowly clockwise until it clicks into place. Continue to rotate the filter until it is securely in place.
  • Continue turning the filter clockwise until it drops and locks into place if it is not fully seated.

As long as the filter is locked, the arrow in the Upper Filter assembly does not have to align with the arrow in the lower filter.

The filters filter food particles after being washed in the dishwasher. A foul odor can generate from any food residue that is not removed. In addition, food residue caught in the filter may cause drainage issues.

4. Clean The Air Gap In Your Kenmore Dishwasher

If a drain clogs, an air gap safeguards your dishwasher by preventing water from backing up into it. The dishwasher does not include an air gap. Because air gaps are not required by all plumbing rules, you may not have one.

Cleaning the air gap is done in the following steps listed below;

  • Ensure to remove the chrome cover after the dishwasher is put off.
  • Remove the plastic cap and use a toothpick to clean it.

5. Cleaning The Kenmore Dishwasher’s Spinning Arm 

Ensure to check the spinning arms on the dishwasher’s top rack. If there is any dirt or water build-up in any of the holes, scrub them with a toothbrush and bicarbonate of soda, or use tweezers, toothpicks, or a bent wire to clear them.

6. Clean The Gasket On The Kenmore Dishwasher Door

Wash the inside fringe of the door with a toothbrush or soft cloth dipped in a thin paste of bicarbonate of soda and mild dishwasher detergent. Pay specific attention to the rock bottom section of the door where it contacts the dishwasher’s rock bottom and, thus, the inside areas of the door seal. Both are popular food particle gathering locations. Because the water from the dishwasher does not touch this region, make sure to rinse thoroughly to remove all residue.

7. Clean The Kenmore Dishwasher’s Utensil Caddy

Soak your utensil caddy in hot soapy water in the sink. Scrub, paying specific attention to the rock bottom, which can accumulate grime from dirty spoons, forks, and knives.

8. Clean And Scrape A Kenmore Dishwasher’s Drain

Remove the rock bottom rack and visually inspect the drain for glasses, small utensils, or anything else that could become stuck. Getting rid of labels before washing glass jars is always a good idea. As a result of this, this dishwasher can be severely clogged

To clear the drain, follow these steps accordingly;

  • Disconnect the dishwasher from the power source the plug is presumably under your sink. Then loosen any screws holding the drain in place with extreme caution.
  • Keep track of the order in which you’re removing parts and make sure no screws fall down the drain.
  • Scrub the drains with hot soapy water, paying particular attention to the undersides. Replace the drains and screws when well cleaned, then plug the dishwasher back in.

For proper dishwasher maintenance, these steps are frequently used. If you prefer, you can go to the next step for a quicker clean

9. Cleaning a Kenmore dishwasher with vinegar

  • Check to see if your dishwasher is full.
  • Pour the vinegar into a dishwasher-safe bowl or cup.
  • Place the cup on the dishwasher’s top rack.
  • Run a short cycle on the hottest setting in the dishwasher. It will eliminate scents as well as clean the interior.
  • Instead of using the drying cycle, leave the door open to dry.
  • To clean the dishwasher floor, sprinkle baking soda on it and run a short cycle.
  • Do not use vinegar and baking soda at the same time.

After your dishwasher is thoroughly clean through this method, you are good to go.

10. Using baking soda to clean the Kenmore dishwasher

It’s a safe and gentle alkali product that helps to remove stubborn residue left by food waste. Follow the steps below to use this method;

  • Pour 1 cup of baking soda into the bottom of your dishwasher and run it through a hot-water cycle.
  •  If you have particularly stubborn stains or odors, repeat the process.
  • Make “baking soda bombs” by combining 2 cups baking soda and three tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide in a bowl until a paste-like consistency is achieved.
  •  Place 2–3 spoonfuls on parchment paper and set aside for a few hours to dry.
  • Please place them in the dishwasher’s bottom rack.
  • In an empty machine, run a hot-water cycle.

The Best Way To Clean A Kenmore Dishwasher Is Using A Detergent

  • Use a good detergent and keep it dry before using it. 
  • Fill the sink with hot water before starting a load. If there is a garbage disposal in the sink, use it.
  • Scrape away any large debris. Anything that can be easily removed with a fork or spoon is considered big stuff.
  • Make sure everything is facing down. In a dishwasher, water spurts up from the bottom and must be recirculated.
  • Use all of your resources.
  • Use a longer cycle for things that may require it.
  • Before running a load, make sure the arms spin freely and the drain area in the bottom is clear of debris.

The Don’ts Of A Kenmore Dishwasher 

  • Don’t overload to where things touch, nest, or block.
  • Fill dishes or cups halfway with water.
  • Most dishes should be washed ahead of time.
  • A burnt or cooked-on item may require some attention before being placed in the dishwasher, but most items do not require rinsing.

How Often Should My Kenmore Dishwasher Be Cleaned?

You clean your Kenmore dishwasher often by running a rinse-only cycle, then use disinfectant wipes to clean under the internal seal and the door seal while the interior is still damp. It would help if you did this once a month at most. Run a complete cycle with the hot, dry option once every few months, using a liquid dishwasher cleaner unit, vinegar, or baking soda in the empty dishwasher. Inspect and clean the filters periodically. It would help if you were to do this every other month or more, depending on usage.

Conclusion on How To Clean A Kenmore Dishwasher?

It’s critical to keep your Kenmore dishwasher clean regularly if you want it to last for years. You should also regularly ensure that you neutralize odor, ensure grease and oils are not built up, and food leftovers aren’t blocking your food trap.

If you clean your Kenmore dishwasher regularly, it will not only last longer but will also clean your dishes and still look new, even years after installing and being used for a longer time.