How To Defrost Frozen Chicken In The Microwave – 7 Easy Steps

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Have you forgotten to put the frozen chicken in the fridge to defrost overnight for your next meal? Are you looking for how to defrost your frozen chicken? Are you wondering if it is possible to thaw your frozen chicken in the microwave now that it is supper time and the chicken is frozen solid? Yes, it is. It is incredibly simple to thaw chicken in the microwave. So, here is how to defrost frozen chicken in the microwave? 

Remove the frozen chicken from its packing, put it on a plate that can go in the microwave, and zap it on the defrost setting, or 30 percent power level, for 2 minutes per pound, or until it is completely thawed.

How To Defrost Frozen Chicken In The Microwave

  • Place the chicken block in a dish that can withstand the microwave. Put this container in the microwave.

  • Do not forget to take the chicken out of any packaging before putting it in the microwave.

  • Turn on the microwave before adjusting the setting. Turn on the heat for two minutes at a time after pressing the defrost button.

  • Checking periodically during the procedure – It is not recommended to leave the meat in the microwave unattended at any time. Every two minutes, it is necessary to check the progress.

  • Put on the microwave gloves for this or remove the bowl and flip the pieces with a pair of tongs.

  • Flip the pieces over, then place the bowl back in the microwave. Repeat this process until the desired level of softness is reached.

  • Obtaining a perfectly defrosted chicken – Cut a finger-sized incision into the thickest portion of the chicken and insert it to see if it has been properly defrosted.

How To Defrost A Whole Chicken In The Microwave

Following simple instructions can make defrosting a whole chicken in the microwave simple. Here is how to defrost a whole chicken the fastest:

  • Remove the plastic bag and any Styrofoam bases from the chicken and the rest of the packing. 

  • You ensure that the chicken defrosts for the appropriate amount of time and note the chicken’s weight on the container.

  • Put the entire bird on a microwave-safe platter.

  • Put the chicken in the microwave, select the defrost option, and make sure the chicken has the right weight. If the microwave doesn’t have a defrost setting, set it to 30 percent power and defrost for 2 minutes per pound.

  • Every 2 minutes, check the chicken to see how it is defrosting.

  • Pieces of the chicken may begin to come loose as it defrosts. To enable even defrosting, remove these away from the chicken.

  • Take the chicken out of the microwave after it is fully defrosted and start cooking it immediately.

  • The lengthier the whole chicken takes to defrost, the more uniformly it will cook if you let it defrost completely before cooking.

How Long Should I Defrost Chicken In The Microwave?

Your microwave’s wattage and the amount and thickness of the chicken you wish to defrost come into play. According to the general guideline, you should defrost the chicken for approximately 2 minutes per pound at 50% power. During the cooking process, pause to check and turn the chicken a few times.


It is not difficult to defrost chicken in the microwave. Just be sure to watch it closely to prevent cooking. But as usual, exercise caution and watch your meal as it cooks! You don’t want to overcook chicken because it cooks quickly from defrosting to cooking.


Until the chicken is no longer icy and starting to become white, it should be defrosted. After the chicken has defrosted, cook it right away.


How Do You Microwave Frozen Chicken Without A Defrost Button?

You can still defrost chicken (or other frozen meals) in a microwave if it lacks a defrost button. This is how:


  • Put the chicken on a dish or tray that may be used in a microwave.

  • Microwave the chicken for two minutes at 50% power, turning it over halfway through.

  • Check the chicken to see if it is defrosting after two minutes. If not, continue to defrost the chicken in the microwave at 50% power for another minute or two, checking every minute.

  • Cook the chicken immediately or refrigerate it for up to 24 hours after it has defrosted.

Once the chicken has defrosted to the point where a fork can be inserted easily, the microwave cooking process is complete. Before consuming the chicken, be sure it has been cooked completely.


Different Methods For Defrosting Chicken

The chicken can be defrosted in several different ways. The most typical method is to microwave it to defrost it. However, chicken can also be defrosted in the refrigerator or in cold water.


The Cold Water Technique

Change the water every 30 minutes if you defrost poultry in cold water. Ensure your chicken is in a resealable bag before defrosting it in cold water.


After that, ensure the chicken in the bag is completely submerged in cold water. To keep the water cool, change it every 30 minutes. This method of defrosting chicken typically takes an hour.


Check the chicken to see if it has defrosted after an hour. If not, keep defrosting in cold water. After defrosting, cook the chicken right away.


Using A Fridge

You may defrost chicken in the fridge either during the day or overnight. Make sure that your chicken is in a covered dish or a container so that it won’t drip onto other items before beginning to defrost it in the fridge.


After that, keep the chicken dish in the fridge all day or overnight. Throughout 24 hours, the chicken will gradually defrost. Cook the chicken within two days of it being defrosted. The best and safest method for defrosting chicken is as described above. It is not advised to defrost chicken in the oven.


Can You Defrost Chicken In The microwave?

Yes, you can quickly and easily defrost chicken in the microwave. Place the frozen chicken pieces on a microwave-safe dish and set the timer for two minutes per pound to unfreeze the chicken in the microwave. The chicken should be closely monitored as it unfreezes in the microwave. Check on the chicken often to see if it is properly defrosting during this process.


The heat is set to low while the chicken is defrosted in the microwave. Be careful because prolonged microwave use will result in the meat slowly cooking rather than defrosting. To prevent the growth of any hazardous bacteria, the defrosted chicken should be cooked right away. According to USDA food safety regulations, chicken is a perishable item vulnerable to the rapid proliferation of foodborne germs.


Is It Safe To Microwave Defrost chicken?

There are numerous cautions on the proper manner to defrost chicken, as there is always a danger of bacterial growth, and foodborne illnesses from chicken can be very serious.

Some defrosting techniques are advised as safe, while others are advised against. The best approach to safely defrost chicken is at a low, uniform temperature in the refrigerator overnight.


However, if you haven’t made plans that far in advance, you can safely defrost chicken in the microwave. To guarantee that you are defrosting chicken in the microwave safely, there are several precautions to take.


Since you cannot leave room temperature or warm chicken out, you should cook the defrosted chicken as soon as possible. As a result, dangerous bacteria might proliferate. After the chicken has been defrosted, you can wait up to two hours. The chicken should be refrigerated for these two hours, but it should be cooked immediately. Bacterial growth increases the longer you keep the chicken outside before cooking.


Should I Defrost My Chicken Before Cooking?

Although you might be tempted, it is not advisable to cook chicken without defrosting it first. Before cooking, make sure the food you are using has completely defrosted.

Uneven cooking will result from improper defrosting of the chicken. If you cook the chicken according to the recommended time, the inside may still be undercooked or even raw, which can cause serious illness. This is because the chicken’s center may still be frozen.


The chicken will be overdone, rough, and chewy on the outside and have a raw inside. For a chicken to be safe to eat, the internal temperature must be 165°F, and cooking a chicken to this temperature is much simpler when it has been completely defrosted.


Chicken can be quickly defrosted in the microwave, allowing you to start cooking immediately. Defrosting chicken doesn’t have to be challenging.


Conclusion On How To Defrost Frozen Chicken In The Microwave

The general rule of how to defrost frozen chicken in the microwave is that each pound of chicken should be microwaved for around 2 minutes. Additionally, it is crucial to utilize your microwave’s defrost mode or reduce the power by about 30%. To ensure proper defrosting, blast your chicken for 2 minutes at a time, turning the flesh over halfway through. As soon as your defrosted chicken has finished defrosting, you can cook with it.