How To Clean Staub Grill Pan – 3 Easy Tips

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Nothing is better than putting a burger or a sandwich on a Staub grill pan and cooking up some delectable food. A Staub grill pan provides an evenly heated cooking surface without maintenance, making cooking fun and giving your food a wonderful taste. But because a filthy Staub grill may affect your food’s taste and nutritional value, understanding how to clean Staub grill pan is a necessary skill for every backyard cook. Here is how to clean Staub grill pan;


After cooking, let the pan cool for at least 15 minutes before adding soap and warm water. Use a non-abrasive scrubbing or brush to clean. Then use warm water to rinse and allow it to dry.

How To Clean Staub Grill Pan

Step 1: Washing Your Staub

Simply use dish soap and warm water to wash your pan when it’s time to do so. After cooking, let the pan cool for at least 15 minutes before adding soap and warm water. Use a non-abrasive scrubbing or brush to clean. Use warm water to rinse. Prepare your pot for storage by thoroughly drying it. Any residual moisture in your pot might lead to corrosion. When storing it, you may leave a little gap in the lid.

Step 2: Refreshing Your Staub

Know the sensation of a brand-new, shiny black finish? You may restore your Staub to its former splendor by giving it a little freshening. A little vegetable oil should be added, and the pot should be heated for three to five minutes or until the moisture has largely cooked off. Wipe out any extra oil and store it when the pan has cooled.


Alternately, use, then wash and dry as usual. This will enhance the pan’s non-stick properties while preserving the ideal patina. Anytime you feel it needs a little additional care, do this. Avoid putting your pot in the dishwasher if you like the glossy finish on the outside and the patina finish inside.


Seen any stubborn residue? Add some baking soda to the bottom of the pan, top with some warm water, and heat until boiling. Use a brush to scrub, then rinse and dry. If not, repeat the procedure to get rid of the persistent spots.

Step 3: Maintaining The Exterior Of Your Staub

The stunning lustrous enamel is the first thing you notice about a Staub pan. If you’ve used yours in the oven, you may see some spots and splatters that have been baked on. Fear not! The remarkable aspect about buying Staub is the assurance that you will always have high-quality cookware. Consequently, the enamel will continue to be true to color and colorfast. But how can you remove such tough stains? We like using Bar Keepers Friend, our go-to kitchen cleaner (BKF).


BKF and water may be combined to create a thin paste that can be applied to the surface and then scrubbed with a non-abrasive brush or sponge (never use scouring pads!). After that, rinse and wash as usual.

How To Clean Staub Grill Pan Parts With Vinegar

Vinegar works well as a preservative and may be used to wash your clothing, polish metal, and preserve food. Vinegar is especially skilled at removing mold and mildew from many types of surfaces and cleaning rusted metal patio furniture. Notw that even coke can clean a burnt pan.


Vinegar is an excellent technique to clean and disinfect a rusty grill because its active cleaning properties eat away at filth and grime due to its high acetic acid concentration. Utilize that cleaning power to restore the beauty and prepare your cast iron grill for the next outdoor dinner.


This piece will look at several vinegar-based cleaning methods for cast iron grills. Vinegar is a tried-and-true winner when you need a little additional oomph to clean gas grill grates and other cast iron items.


You’ll learn how to clean Staub grill pan components with a prolonged vinegar soak for the worst instances and how to make a terrific recipe for cleaning cast iron with salt and vinegar. You may use vinegar to clean the oven inside if you want to “grill without a grill” since you don’t have a grill. This wonder product sanitizes and cleans the whole home practically simultaneously.

Kosher Salt And Vinegar To Clean Staub Grill Pan

Vinegar and salt work well together. They are great for cleaning the Staub grill pan. You can create a dynamite grill cleaner that is non-toxic and safe to use by combining the cleaning power of vinegar with the superb abrasive qualities of kosher salt. For cleaning an oven, you may also use vinegar and salt.


Put on your gloves. Salt should be applied on all cooking surfaces. Next, just enough vinegar should be added to produce a paste. Scrub the cast iron with the paste using the sponge. After that, clean any difficult-to-reach spots using steel wool, a scraper, and a scrubber. Dry the grill in the oven after rinsing it with hot water to remove the vinegar.

For Tough Jobs, Give Your Grill A Vinegar Soak

After all other remedies have failed, you should only soak your Staub grill pan in vinegar. Rusted grills are a great candidate for a vinegar soak. Watch the grill carefully to prevent the vinegar from eating into the metal, and rinse it well after cleaning to stop all chemical reactions.


Put on the gloves and pour vinegar onto the grill. After letting the grill soak in the vinegar for at least an hour, examine it to ensure the metal hasn’t developed any pits. Let the grill soak until you can remove the accumulation of caked-on filth, grease, and rust.


Use your scraper, steel wool, and scrubber to attack the grill until it is clean and free of any food residue and rust stains. The grill should be adequately dried after a hot water rinse and then placed in a warm, dry area like the oven.

Best Staub Grill Pan – Our Top Picks

#1 Staub Cast Iron Square Grill Pan

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B07NBPRJQZ” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”realikal-20″ width=”500″]

Staub, a French company, is another well-known name in cast iron enamel cookware. While we like them for their stunning variety of colors, which makes transitioning from the oven to the table simple, their grill pan is also lauded for its distinctive design. Your proteins will brown nicely because of the black matte inside enamel’s particular formulation of quartz, which also gives it more heat resistance and a rougher surface.


Additionally, the substance of the pan itself resists rust, chipping, and cracking without the need for additional seasoning on the cook’s part. The pan’s extra-deep, angled edges may also fit large slices without dirtying your grill or cooktop.

#2 GreenPan Ceramic Nonstick Square Grill Pan

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00C3XVQ8C” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”realikal-20″ width=”500″]

Even the best-seasoned piece of cast iron will not be as nonstick as a conventional ceramic grill pan, even though cast iron may be the most preferred material for grill pans. We advise purchasing GreenPan’s Nonstick Square Grill pan if you’re cooking flaky fish or don’t want to worry about food adhering to the pan. And there is plenty to enjoy about this: Thermolon Minerals Pro ceramic coating is a patented product from the company that is created without PFAS, PFOA, lead, or cadmium.


It is also metal utensil safe, which is unusual for nonstick pans. Additionally, it is a solid object: It is constructed with a hard anodized body that is twice as robust as stainless steel and oven-safe up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The pour spouts on each side, which make extra dripping liquid or fat much less untidy, are also a huge hit with us.

Helpful Tips For Your Staub Grill Pan

Don’t Use The Dishwasher

Yes, dishwashing is the simplest method for cleaning pots and pans, but when using non-stick surfaces, it is preferable to avoid it. Since the dishwasher environment is too harsh for the non-stick coating to tolerate, this grill pan should only be hand cleaned.


Even if your non-stick grill pan has been touted as dishwasher-safe, putting it through the procedure can shorten its lifespan. This is because putting your Staub grill pan in a dishwasher makes it become hot and muggy.


Unfortunately, this occurs to varying degrees depending on the wash cycle’s stage as well, which is bad for the longevity of your cookware. The easiest method to destroy a non-stick surface is with high heat and a powerful detergent. So please wash your Staub grill pan by hand with mild detergent.

Clean Immediately 

It might be pretty tempting to set your grill pan aside after a large dinner in order to use it later or, worse yet, the following day. But by postponing the inevitable, you lose out on a significant advantage of nonstick surfaces. The same nonstick property that makes foods glide onto plates easily also helps make cleaning easy.


Most food waste should first be gently brushed off into the garbage. Second, just by being on a nonstick surface, anything left behind will be simpler to clean up! Warm water is often sufficient to do the task quickly and effectively. If not, apply a little mild dish soap to help remove the oil from your nonstick grill pan.

Use A Gentle Cleaning Tool

When cleaning your grill pan, be cautious not to use anything overly abrasive, such as steel wool. Abrasive cleaning agents quickly ruin nonstick coatings. Your nonstick grill pan will appreciate you choosing a microfiber cloth or the soft side of a scouring sponge over other cleaning tools.


This is also an excellent opportunity to discuss the cookware that goes best with nonstick pans. Metal tools for cooking are not meant to be used on nonstick surfaces. We all make errors in the kitchen, and there is just too much chance of scraping or harming the coating. Spatulas made of silicone or wood are reasonably priced and, in my opinion, are worthwhile purchases.

Conclusion On How To Clean Staub Grill Pan

Now you know how to clean Staub grill pan, your post-cooking maintenance will always affect your Staub grill pan’s toughness, usefulness, and aesthetics. So knowing the right way to clean a Staub grill pan will make it last longer.