Do Hot Plates Use a Lot of Electricity? Find Out!

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Hot plates are the cooking solution you want in your contemporary kitchen. But do hot plates use a lot of electricity? Perhaps, more or not as much as your kitchen stove—let us discover.

Hot plates generally use a fair amount of your electricity but not a lot. Depending on your hot plate model, it might use even lesser electricity than many of your household appliances.

A typical modern hot plate is thought to be energy-efficient. It will seamlessly cook your scrambled eggs, pasta, warm sauces, vegetables, grilled cheese, and more.

How Much Electricity Does a Hot Plate Use?

The manufacturer will mention the watts your hot plate draws when making your favorite food. Therefore, how much electricity your hot use depends on the product model.

Generally, to know the cost of running your hot plate, you measure the power in kilowatt-hours. One kilowatt is equivalent to 1,000 watts.

The rate of electricity varies from 10-20 cents per kWh. Suppose your hot plate uses 1,000 watts. It will cost you 10-20 cents for it to run per hour.

You can check your rate on the bill or call your electric utility to find the rate.

You also want the circuit you plug your hot plate into to have enough power for it. So, you want to find out the current in amps. Simply, divide the power by the voltage. Typically, the United States homes have constant voltage.

Wall outlets produce 120 volts, so a 1,000-watt hot plate will draw 1,000/120. This is 8 amps, your estimate.

You can look at the box of your breaker. Find the number on the lever which is the amps the breaker opens. You might find 10 or 20 amps.

A 10-amp circuit works fine if you do not plug in many appliances in the circuit. However, 20 amps will perform better. A circuit with a higher amp uses a larger diameter wire that can power the hot plate seamlessly.

Are Hot Plates Energy Efficient?

Inside Energy thinks a hot plate is one of the most energy-efficient ways to boil water. To many experts, hot plate efficiency is estimated at 85 percent.

Your hot plate directly generates an electromagnetic current to heat the pot. Thus, it loses only little to the air.

Again, hot plates generally use a fair amount of your electricity and not a lot. Some experts estimate its watt usage at a maximum of 300 when it is running.

This is similar to three 100-watt incandescent light bulbs, so it is not so much. Nevertheless, you do not want to leave your hot plate plugged in unattended.

Moreover, depending on the model, your hot plate might use more electricity than your curling iron of about 75 watts. However, it can use less electricity when compared to a hairdryer.

Are Electric Hot Plates Safe?

Hot plates produce heat with the help of electricity and are safe to use. But only safer if you are appropriately using them.

If you leave a hot plate unoccupied, it will burn very hot, and can cause fire, beginning with nearby objects.

You should not also leave your hot plate unattended, especially if it does not use auto-shutoff advanced technology. It can dry off whatever you have in the pot, and, perhaps, cause it to burn badly.

Avoid using a hot plate near combustible or flammable materials. This can cause instant fire or an explosion.

Also, before you heat flammable liquids, ensure to have them contained. You do want the liquid reaching your hot plate if it overflows or there is a leak.

How Do Electric Hot Plates Work?

Your hot plate uses electricity to produce heat. It does not rely on the traditional means of heat production which involves using fire. This occurs when the heat coils receive electricity.

Heat coils can highly resist electricity. When electricity is resisted on the way, the resistance builds up and converts electrical energy to heat energy. This causes the heating coils of the hot plate to emit heat.

The process whereby the heat coil resists heat is known as joule. A hot plate produces more heat if it receives a higher electrical current and its resistance level is higher.

You can use the control knob of your hot plate to control the current. This will either give you more or less heat depending on where you turn the knob.

What is the Most Energy Efficient Hot Plate?

We have seen that the electrical energy your hot plate takes depends on the model and how long you use it.

You do not also need cheapies because they may not be optimally designed to be energy-efficient. Energy efficiency means you cook more for less money.

Below is the most energy-efficient hot plate:

VBGK Double Induction Cooktop 2000W Hot Plate

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VGBK offers you a 2000+2000W induction hot plate that uses electromagnetic induction to heat your food to perfection.

It does not lose heat between the pot and the cooking surface, meaning that your food cooks even faster. This also means energy efficiency, and you do not spend any more money.

Apart from energy efficiency, below are other features you will experience from VGBK’s hot plate:

  • Safety. For the sake of your children and pets, VGBK uses overheat protection, chile safety lock, timer, and more to keep the household from getting hurt. This hot plate also uses no sharp corners, so it features round edges to enhance safety.
  • Heat dissipation. Hot plates are known to heat severely. The VGBK being aware has introduced smart quiet cooling fans that enhance heat dissipation. This keeps your hot plate from becoming hot to fire.
  • Build. The build is a combination of contemporary fitting and performance. It is designed for enamel, cast iron, stainless steel compatibility. It also uses a magnetic bottom that sticks for stability. Suitable for your indoor and outdoor food preparation.
  • Time-saving. Speaking of time-saving, this hot plate uses two independent heating zones so you can simultaneously prepare two dishes faster.

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CUSIMAX 1800W Ceramic Electric Hot Plate

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Cusimax is giving this one to your household to cook with convenience and energy-efficiently. It can cook with your pans and pots, as well as aluminum and glass without consuming a lot of electricity.

Moreover, it is designed for minimal heat loss and energy efficiency.

Cusimax has more to offer, including the following:

  • Cooking speed. This hot plate allows you to prepare your favorite meal faster even in smaller spaces. You can quickly boil water, cook pasta, soup, vegetables, and warm decoct steak, sauces, and grilled cheese.
    • Safety. Safety is one of the core components of this hot plate. It features the automatic shut-off technology to turn off your hot plate if you leave it unattended.
  • Cleaning. Cleaning is made easy. This ceramic cooktop is easy to wipe off the dirt. Its stainless steel body also makes sure you conveniently keep it clean always.
  • Convenience. Speaking of convenience, this hot plate can replace your huge kitchen stove. It can cook almost anything you throw at it. Of course, you can go overland with it. Cook while in your RV, office, small apartment, and even your garden.

There are numerous hot plates out there that are not only energy-efficient but also fast to cook. The objective is to cook more for less energy to save more money.

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How Long Can You Keep a Hot Plate On?

Perhaps, as long as you can, or as its manufacturer-specified power can take. However, it is not advisable to leave your hot plate unattended, except it uses automatic shutoff technology.

Your hot plate is neither intrinsically safe nor explosion-proof. You want to use hot plates approved by any Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) like Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) or any reputable test lab.

Always turn off your hot plate when not in use. Do not use your hot plate to warm the room, it is not designed for warming the weather but for cooking.

What Should You Do When a Hot Plate is Not in Use?

When a hot plate is not in use, turn it off. You can also disconnect it from the power source.

It is advisable to turn off the heater power switch as well as the main power switch of your hot plate.

Ensure no contact between the surface of your hot plate, and the temperature sensor probe wires, and all electrical cords.

Meanwhile, when you clean your hot plate when not in use, ensure to dry the surface thoroughly. You can use a dry wipe or kitchen paper.

Additionally, turn on the hot plate to heat for a few minutes so that it can dry completely. If you use a cast iron hot plate, you can wipe the surface using any natural degreaser such as lemon or vinegar.

Final Thoughts on Do Hot Plates Use a Lot of Electricity? 

Always refer to your product manual for certain information before taking any action.

Note that your hot plate will get hot due to its higher calorific value while running. Depending on your manufacturer, you might be able to get free replacement services for specified months.