Kenmore Dishwasher Not Starting – 8 Causes And Solutions

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Kenmore dishwasher not starting? I can imagine how annoying it must be to plan to use the dishwasher after a long day at work, only to be greeted by an inert appliance. First, your evening’s plans are utterly ruined. Then you are reminded that hiring an expert to solve this issue would be far too pricey. Not too worried; continue reading to know the causes and solutions to your Kenmore dishwasher not starting.


This can be because the panel is locked, or the door is not closed all the way; the Kenmore dishwasher won’t start. Blowing fuses, tripping circuit breakers, and disconnected power are all power problems that could prevent your dishwasher from running. Also, the dishwasher won’t start if the water valve is closed.

Causes Of Kenmore Dishwasher Not Starting And How To Fix

Below are the causes of your Kenmore dishwasher not starting and how they can be rectified.

Power Isn’t Going To The Kenmore Dishwasher

If the Kenmore dishwasher doesn’t seem to be receiving any power, such as when you see the “Kenmore Dishwasher Not Starting, No Lights On The Panel,” bad wiring in your home could be one of the possible causes.


If you hire a pro to install new wiring, fixing this could lead to a functional dishwasher that will reduce repair costs and time. Please don’t do anything new or unexpected, and try to remember what you did before the dishwasher broke down. Speaking with an electrician first is always advisable if the issue is electrical.


The dishwasher’s breaker may or may not be tripped. Flip the switch to OFF, then back on, to turn the power off if you see that the breaker has tripped. Look for the junction box connection on the right side of the dishwasher to determine whether there is a power problem. Make sure the power lines are correctly installed by checking. After some time, you can encounter a power problem if wires break or burn.


Please remove any burned wire connections and shut off the breaker. After that, reattach the cables to the device’s back to function correctly. Next, examine the thermal fuse to see if the wiring seems to be in good shape. Replace it with a new one from your kit if blown or out.


The control board of a dishwasher may become overheated if the thermal fuse is damage

By changing the damage thermal fuse, this issue can be resolved.


The Door Of The Dishwasher Isn’t Locked

The dishwasher won’t operate if the door isn’t correctly fastened:

  1. Verify that nothing is in the way of the door.

  2. Dressing the dishes appropriately ensures the door closes properly.

  3. Verify that the latch is in place and the door is completely closed.

Even if the door is closed correctly, your Kenmore dishwasher might not start if the door latch or switch is broken. Likewise, the door switch won’t activate the dishwasher if the door latch is damaged. Even when the latch is engaged, a malfunctioning door switch could prevent the electronic signal from starting the dishwasher. Both components need to be professionally replaced in either scenario.


Door Latch Switch And Door Latch

Any dishwasher must have a door latch assembly, and this component serves more purposes than simply stopping water leaks. This essential item also has two purposes: it keeps the door closed during cycles to stop leaks and features switches that deliver power to your dishwasher controls!


You’ll experience dishwasher issues if the door cannot close securely to activate the switches or if the switches are broken. From the latch assembly to the switches, check everything for issues and fix them.


Even when you close the door, their dishwasher won’t operate if the door switch is broken. Make sure continuity comes from the door button using a multimeter to determine whether this might be the issue with your appliance. Replace it if there isn’t any.


Weak Wash Cycles

If your Kenmore dishwasher has a standard, non-expanding spray arm, you can uncover the filter by removing the arm and spinning it counterclockwise. To guarantee an effective wash cycle, clear the filter of any food particles. Before washing your dishes, scrape them to avoid this problem.


For adequate washing, Kenmore dishwashers need water pipes that can produce temperatures of at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit and water pressure of 20 to 120 pounds per square inch. Run the hot water faucet in your kitchen sink for a few seconds before running the dishwasher to promote an abundance of hot water.


If options like “Added Heat” or “Wash Heat Boost” are available, select a longer wash cycle for extremely soiled loads. Place glasses with their open ends facing downward for the best washing action, avoid obstructing smaller objects with larger items and do not obstruct the retractable towers or spray arms.


Touchpad Not Working 

A bad connection can be the cause of the touchpad’s malfunction. First, check each connection to make sure it is securely fastened. Then, press several buttons on the screen and see how it responds to discover if the touchpad is to blame. For example, your Kenmore dishwasher’s touchpad can be faulty if the buttons don’t operate as they should. Replace the touchpad if it is damaged.


Faulty Drive Motor 

The water circulation that maintains everything inside spotless is made possible by the driving motor. Power to run the drive motor is provided by the timer or electronic control working with a start relay. If the start relay has been activated and the dishwasher motor still does not turn on, there may be a problem with the drive motor.


There can be a loud hum coming from the Kenmore dishwasher as well. If so, a seized motor that needs to be replaced may be indicated.


Check The Water Supply

If the water supply to the unit is a problem, Kenmore dishwashers will cease operating. Check the line connecting your sink and Kenmore dishwasher, and ensure your water valve is turned ON for a constant stream of water. Replace it if it has any tears in the rubber lining or is full of kinks.


A broken water inlet valve is most likely to blame if your Kenmore dishwasher won’t start. This valve opens and closes throughout various phases of the wash cycle to let water into the machine. We advise consulting a professional to help with this matter as we know how perplexing those valves can be!



The main components of the Kenmore dishwasher receive power at various intervals. These locations might not receive electricity if the timer is broken, which would make it difficult to turn on the device


On Kenmore dishwashers, the cycle begins with a drain feature to eliminate any standing water in the tub. Look at the timer or electronic control as potential causes if you don’t hear the pump motor functioning when it should.


The timer is not the issue with a Kenmore dishwasher that won’t start. As a result, before changing the timer, be sure to run a quick diagnostic on any other components that could be the source of the problem.


How Can You Restart A Kenmore Dishwasher That Won’t Turn On?

Wait two minutes before attempting to reset the dishwasher by pushing the “Start/Reset” pad. Then, if the issue still exists, restart the dishwasher by cutting the unit’s power at the residence’s circuit breaker or fuse box for 30 seconds. The dishwasher should reset and resume regular operation once the power is restored.


Do Kenmore Dishwashers Have A Reset Button?

A reset button is located beneath the kickplate access panel on some Kenmore models. If your Kenmore model has a kickplate, you can unscrew the mounting screws to reveal two buttons in the bottom left corner after removing the access panel. For example, your Kenmore dishwasher will be reset by pressing the first button.


Why Won’t My Kenmore Dishwasher Start After Beeping?

A power surge may be the cause of blinking lights and beeping noises. To reset the dishwasher, use the START/RESET button. The dishwasher should start operating normally after 3 minutes. You can reset the dishwasher by unplugging it for between 30 and 10 minutes if the problem reappears.


How Can I Activate The Diagnostic Mode On My Kenmore Dishwasher?

How can I activate the diagnostic mode on my Kenmore dishwasher? First, press and hold down the cycle + Start buttons simultaneously for roughly five seconds while the dishwasher is in standby mode. Then, before performing any additional error checks, the door’s state will be checked for 10 seconds.


Do Kenmore Dishwashers Have Fuses?

If the dishwasher overheats, the thermal fuse cuts the power. The thermal fuse is what keeps the dishwasher from starting if it blows. Use a multimeter to check the thermal fuse for continuity to see whether it is faulty. Replace the thermal fuse if it lacks continuity.


Conclusion On Kenmore Dishwasher Not Starting

I hope this article has helped you avoid some of the most common dishwashing issues. First, make sure your dishwasher is in good operating order and prepared to use before you start cleaning. Then, you won’t have to waste a lot of time attempting to fix the problem and calling a repairman if there is a problem or your Kenmore dishwasher won’t start.


Now that you know the issue, you should be able to check and maintain your dishwasher. I hope this may help you with your problem! Call Kenmore Appliances Repair Service if it doesn’t.