Ways to Fix Samsung Dishwasher Blinking Smart Auto and Heavy

Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by Claire

Is your Samsung dishwasher blinking smart auto and heavy? Dishwasher models from Samsung come in a variety of styles and all have exciting features. The longevity, reputation, and cutting-edge features make the price all worth it. However, problems might arise with even the greatest products on an occasional basis.

Consumers complained that the Samsung dishwasher blinking smart auto and heavy, which puzzled them because the instruction booklet didn’t fully explain what to do next.

This post should be very helpful to you if you have also encountered a circumstance that is somewhat similar to what you experienced. We will provide you with different methods or ways to fix Samsung dishwasher blinking smart auto and heavy.

How to fix Samsung dishwasher blinking smart auto and heavy

If your Samsung dishwasher is blinking smart and heavy, the following could be the possible causes and fixes:

Stuck buttons

A stuck button could be the reason your Samsung dishwasher is blinking smart and auto. You have to check if the buttons are the possible cause of your Samsung dishwasher’s blinking lights. You will likely encounter this if your dishwasher has not been in use for a while. The buttons ultimately lose their functionality and are prone to sticking when pressed firmly.

Turn off your dishwasher, then check all the knobs and buttons except the digital display to see if you can discover the stuck button. To get them back to their original position, give them a little wiggle.

If wriggling the stuck button is ineffective, you can use a stick to gently lift it. Don’t push buttons too firmly or strike them with knives or objects.

Samsung dishwasher blinking smart auto and heavy

Water buildup in the supply valve

When a Samsung dishwasher is blinking smart auto and heavy, it’s trying to alert the user of an overwater limit. This error will appear if your dishwasher has an excessive amount of water build-up. The difficulty with the water supply valve is one of the main causes of Samsung blinking smart and auto.

Water will flow continuously if the drain is closed, and the dishwasher will overfill if there is any kind of defect or damage to the water valve. It is advisable to inspect the dishwasher component to ensure there are no issues. If there is, you need to have a specialist fix the valve.

Perhaps, you’re not sure where the valve is; the dishwasher water valve is often found behind the lower access panel on Samsung dishwashers. Two wires are typically connected to this, and a hot water intake that draws water from the domestic supply is also connected to it.

Also included is the tub’s discharge hose. Disconnect the dishwasher’s power before checking this valve. Additionally, turn off the appliance’s water supply.

The lowest access panel must be unscrewed and taken off to access the water entry valve and outflow hose. Check the tub visually to know if there are any leaks.

Additionally, it’s recommended to use the dishwasher with moderate water pressure rather than the dishwasher’s maximum water pressure. The valves can become damaged from excessive water pressure, necessitating frequent maintenance or replacement.

Inspect the drain connection

As has already indicated, the mistake is most likely the result of either going over the water limit or having a water leak. So, if your water inlet valve is in good shape, the next item we advise you to examine is the dishwasher’s drain connections.

Make sure that there isn’t anything blocking the drain’s connection near the sink, such as a stuck piece of food. If you notice any obstructions that could have been interfering with the dishwasher’s operation, gently remove them.

However, be careful not to harm the dishwasher in any way, and never pull the drain pipe in an aggressive manner.

Conduct a thorough Cleaning

Cleaning the dishwasher thoroughly is another way that can perhaps result in a solution to the issue. Here’s a cleaning guide for your Samsung dishwasher.

In order to do this, you must ensure that all of the dishwasher’s crucial parts—including the drain, pump, and filter—are well-cleaned. To properly cleanse these components, use water and rub or rinse them.

Proceed to remove any obstructions, dirt, or debris from the dishwasher if you are able to find them inside any of these parts. Consult the user’s manual of your dishwasher.

There will be a thorough guide for removing the filters and drain pieces if they are detachable. Only use warm, soapy water to clean these components.

Check the drain hose

The dishwasher’s drain hose can be another potential cause of your Samsung dishwasher blinking smart and auto. Water won’t drain from the dishwasher if there is a problem with the drain hose.

First things first: if you are seeing this issue shortly after installing the dishwasher, it was probably installed incorrectly. The drain pipe is pinched shut when the dishwasher is placed directly on top of it.

Check to see whether the dishwasher’s weight or the drain hose’s upright position is blocking it. The drain hose’s lack of an air gap connection or lack of a high-loop form, both of which are installation errors, is the second most frequent cause.

This leads to a water backflow into the dishwasher, which results in this error. Verify the installation of the drain pipe. The pipe can be kinked or bent if your dishwasher has been in use for some time but you’ve just changed the sink or drain hose connection.

You must make it more straight. Hire a professional if it is damaged and won’t straighten. Once this problem has been fixed, run water for about 30 seconds in the sink to which your dishwasher is attached to see if it drains.

If the issue continues, you might need to locate a plumber since it suggests a plumbing problem with the hose. Additionally, refrain from dumping food directly down the drain and into the sink. Use a trash can whenever possible or get a dishwasher with waste disposal.

Get professional assistance

You have no other choice except to contact a professional if you can’t detect any minor cause of the blinking yourself.

Either call in a certified technician online or try reaching out to Samsung’s customer service department. To contact Samsung support, you can start here https://www.samsung.com/us/support/home-appliances/dishwashers/.

When choosing a technician, make sure to examine internet reviews and get proof of their credentials.

A lot of harm can result from attempting to repair a Samsung dishwasher on your own or paying a person with minimal competence to do so for a low price. This is especially true for models with smart technology. You will have to buy a brand-new dishwasher as a result of this.

Additionally, if you recently purchased your dishwasher, you run the danger of losing the guarantee.

A separate set of blinking lights on your Samsung Dishwasher

A separate set of blinking lights doesn’t always indicate that your dishwasher has an error code. On some models, the cycle’s current status will blink. Before concluding that your dishwasher is malfunctioning because of the blinking lights, look for any further signs or symptoms.


Never attempt to remove the smart panels yourself, and refrain from doing challenging repairs after consulting internet guides, especially if they call for disassembling crucial dishwasher components.

Dishwashers are large and sophisticated equipment that should only be repaired by trained professionals or technicians.