What Can I Substitute For Greek Yogurt In Baking? 8 Best Options

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Greek yogurt is very high in protein, calcium, and probiotics and is rich and creamy. Greek yogurt is used in many dishes, from pizza crusts and baked items to sauces and dressings. However, Greek yogurt can be pricey, and some varieties have strong, sour flavors, making it a bit of a divisive dish. A few Greek yogurt alternatives are less expensive, less tart, and more likely to be in your refrigerator if you run out of Greek yogurt at home or are searching for a non-dairy option. So, what can I substitute for Greek yogurt in baking?

Greek yogurt in baking can be replaced with plain yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, buttermilk, and cream cheese.

What Can I Substitute For Greek Yogurt In Baking – 8 Best Options

Plain Yogurt

This is perhaps the most apparent option and is probably expected. After all, this is the raw material used to make Greek yogurt. It is one of the most well-known substitutes for Greek yogurt because of its benefits. For instance, you’re lucky if you find Greek yogurt tastes too harsh. Plain yogurt is noticeably tarter-free. This is the perfect choice for those seeking a lighter taste profile in their baking components. But plain yogurt has the disadvantage of being a bit less creamy.

However, plain yogurt is often less expensive than Greek yogurt. This is logical; the laborious straining procedure has not been applied to plain yogurt. It usually costs less since it has undergone less processing. Use whole-fat, plain yogurt wherever possible for replacing in baking recipes. The ideal Greek yogurt alternative is usually plain, unsweetened yogurt; however, this may differ based on the recipe.

You may try doing the stretching yourself to create an even better replacement. All you need is cheesecloth and basic whole-milk yogurt. By straining the plain whole-milk yogurt, you are effectively simulating the Greek yogurt-making process by removing some extra moisture and changing the texture to make it firmer.

The technique for switching plain yogurt for Greek yogurt is as simple as it gets. Given that the ratio is 1:1, you should generally have no trouble substituting the same quantity of whole-fat ordinary yogurt for Greek yogurt.

Sour Cream

It only makes sense that the change would work just as well in the reverse way, as many people have switched out a dollop of sour cream that normally goes with foods like tacos and quesadillas with Greek yogurt for a healthier dipping alternative. Greek yogurt may be easily substituted with sour cream since it has a similar texture and the required amount of tanginess. 

Although sour cream is often associated with savory foods, it may be a fantastic replacement in dressings and sauces. But as many bakers know, sour cream can also make a fantastic addition to your baked products since it can significantly soften and moisten them. Using full-fat sour cream will make your meal richer since it has more fat than Greek yogurt.

Sour cream is a very popular product in your refrigerator, so there’s a decent possibility you already have this one on hand when you need it urgently. If that delicious cinnamon coffee cake asks for one cup of Greek yogurt, you may use one cup of sour cream in its place for the finest results.


Buttermilk is made from the liquid that remains after butter is churned. It is a creamy dairy product that is just a little bit thicker than milk and has a sour, acidic taste that is cherished in baked products like biscuits and buttermilk pancakes. For instance, if you’ve ever ordered brunch at a restaurant, you’ve seen how commonplace delectable buttermilk biscuits are on the menus.

Buttermilk is just fermented milk. Making butter requires the liquid that remains after the churning process. It has a high acidity level, just like Greek yogurt. This implies that buttermilk may assist in the activation of your baking soda and accelerate the rise of your dough. Additionally, the taste of baked items created with buttermilk is very rich. In the end, both of these elements make buttermilk an excellent substitute for Greek yogurt.

Naturally, one of the differences between these two components’ consistency is one of the things that stands out. Buttermilk is far thinner than Greek yogurt, which is very thick and dense. You should use less buttermilk in your recipes to fix this. When replacing buttermilk with Greek yogurt, you should use as little as one-fourth of the quantity specified in the recipe. It might be a good idea to experiment with using less of your other liquid components while adding more buttermilk.

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is a great alternative to Greek yogurt due to its sour taste, thick texture, and intense creaminess. It’s also easily accessible at almost any grocery shop, and if you like a cream cheese-topped bagel for breakfast, you may already have some of this item on hand.

When cream cheese is cold, it has a somewhat thicker consistency than Greek yogurt, but adding it to your meal shouldn’t be a problem after it has warmed to room temperature. Because of its mild flavor it may be replaced in savory and sweet dishes, including baked goods and creamy pasta sauces.

Given how often it appears in different luxurious dips, Greek yogurt may easily be substituted with cream cheese in any of these dishes. Use a straight replacement for the best results: For the artichoke dip, use a cup of cream cheese rather than a cup of Greek yogurt.

Cottage Cheese

We also strongly suggest using cottage cheese as a Greek yogurt substitute. Additionally, this component has a huge range of uses. It may be used in a huge variety of baking recipes, such as those for cheesecakes and pancakes. Of course, the issue with cottage cheese’s consistency is one of the problems people bring up. It makes one think of thick tapioca. There is an easy fix for this. Mixing your cottage cheese in advance may get a smoother, more Greek yogurt-like consistency.

You should know that this Greek yogurt alternative has a much softer creamy flavor if you decide to use it. This is so because cottage cheese lacks the unique tang that Greek yogurt has. While some may find this disappointing, others may find it good news. It’s also important to note that cottage cheese has the same quantity of fat. This is mostly derived from the dairy it contains. Additionally, it contains significant amounts of calcium and protein while minimizing sugar intake.

You can generally get away with substituting Greek yogurt for cottage cheese in a 1:1 ratio, but you can start with a bit less if the texture appears too runny after blending. Make sure to pay attention to the recommended ratios and act appropriately. You’ll always be able to bake all the beautiful dishes you adore if you do it this way.

How Is Greek Yogurt Different From Regular Yogurt?

Despite sharing the same components, Greek yogurt and normal yogurt are produced using two distinct methods. Greek yogurt is significantly thicker and tangier in flavor than regular yogurt, which tends to be light and smooth.

Regular yogurt is created by heating milk, adding a bacterial culture, and allowing the mixture to ferment and become acidic. Greek yogurt is produced by squeezing the extra liquid from conventional yogurt to provide a creamier, thicker end product.

Greek yogurt requires more milk than conventional yogurt since it is strained throughout the manufacturing process. Consequently, each serving of genuine Greek yogurt has more protein and less sugar. Additionally, it often costs more than normal yogurt.

What Can I Use Instead Of Greek Yogurt In Baking?

Greek yogurt is coveted by bakers around for its tangy taste and creamy texture. Additionally, the acidity activates the baking soda, giving baked items a lighter and fluffier texture by adding more air. Numerous excellent recipes for cakes, bread, muffins, and other baked goods, including Greek yogurt.

Use a similarly creamy and acidic alternative if you wish to use Greek yogurt in baking. Since sour cream has a comparable flavor and texture, it is often the ideal choice. Another excellent choice is buttermilk. However, you may need to add thickening to get the right consistency for your baked products.

What Can I Use Instead Of Greek Yogurt In Cooking?

Greek yogurt is a common ingredient used in cuisine by chefs. It acts as a rich, creamy foundation whose acidity enlivens any meal. Finding a replacement that tastes comparable is essential if you want to substitute Greek yogurt for a savory meal. When cooking, sour cream, buttermilk, and cream cheese are all excellent substitutes for Greek yogurt.

You may choose a milder replacement if consistency is more important than tanginess. While mayonnaise and avocado have a similar texture to Greek yogurt, they have significantly milder acidities. They have less chance of overpowering delicate foods like white fish or cream sauce.

Conclusion On What Can I Substitute For Greek Yogurt In Baking

No need to worry if you run out of Greek yogurt you need for a dish. Whatever you are creating, there are a variety of Greek yogurt alternatives you may use. You can use plain yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, buttermilk, and cream cheese.