Healthy Egg Noodle Substitute: What You Can Use Instead

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Egg noodles are a staple ingredient in making several dishes such as casseroles, stroganoff, soups, lo mein, and wonton noodle soup. When unavailable, you want an egg noodle substitute. Some people may be allergic to egg noodles, or you may even be out of stock in your kitchen and require an equivalent.

Egg noodles are made by mixing wheat flour and eggs and then rolling the mix into a dough. The dough is then put into a comprehensive and flat sheet which cuts the dough into long ribbon shapes. Egg noodles have a chewy texture and possess a slightly yellow color derived from the eggs used in making them. It also has a nutty but rich taste.

Egg noodles can be compared to their Italian pasta counterparts, like fettuccine or linguine, as they have similar flavors. Egg noodles differ from other Asian noodles, which are not made with eggs, and use a different flour to wheat flour for manufacturing. This makes the egg noodle a unique, rich, and thick pasta.

The egg noodles are cut into varying widths and lengths. Unlike other noodle types, egg noodles generally have a broader and flatter appearance. This article will focus on exploring the rich world of egg noodle substitutes. Note that these substitutes are common in many Asian cuisines.

Egg noodle substitute

Best egg noodle substitute

In this article, we will present several noodles and pasta varieties. We will also include healthy, low-carb options and classic egg noodles substitutes. We will ensure that you are spoiled for choices. Have an enjoyable read.

Best noodle substitute for low carbs

1. Bean thread noodles

Bean thread noodles

Bean thread noodle is an excellent egg noodle substitute for those seeking a healthy option. They are thinner in shape and translucent, making a marked difference between the bean thread noodle and the egg noodle. They bear a similar resemblance to vermicelli noodles.

They are made by mixing mung bean flour and water and possess a chewy texture. They are a staple in most Vietnamese and Chinese dishes. They get done quickly and are known for absorbing the dish’s flavor excellently.

As a substitute for egg noodles, less quantity of bean thread noodles should be used as they tend to absorb more liquid. The bean thread noodle has a more tender and mushier texture than the egg noodle.

2. Shirataki noodles

Shirataki noodles

Another healthy noodle substitute for egg noodles is the shirataki noodle. It is a delightful noodle and is an excellent option for Asian-styled foods. According to WebMD, they are about 3% fiber and 97% water.

The Shirataki noodle is made from konjac flour and contains low quantities of carbohydrates and calories. They have a rubbery texture – however slightly but absorb excellently the flavors of foods they are used to prepare. They make for a great egg noodle substitute without any taste difference. It also has a similar color to the egg noodle.

3. Soba noodles

Soba noodles

The soba noodles are egg-free, flour-free, and gluten-free. They are made by mixing buckwheat flour and water and possess the same texture as egg noodles.

The soba noodle is shaped more like spaghetti but has a tender texture. This makes it a fantastic substitute for egg noodles for health-conscious people.

Soba noodles differ from egg noodles in their color and flavor. It has a more nutty flavor when compared to the egg noodles and a brown compared to the egg noodles yellow color. Soba noodles are prevalent in making Japanese dishes. They should be boiled for a shorter time when used as a substitute for egg noodles in dishes and can be used in all dishes you would use an egg noodle.

Best noodle substitute for Lo mein & chow mein and Asian soups

4. Ribbon pasta

Ribbon pasta

Ribbon pasta is another excellent substitute for egg noodles. Ribbon pasta is produced from a mixture of wheat flour and water. The mixture is then cut into long, thin ribbons.

It has the same texture as egg noodles, making for an adequate replacement in similar dishes. Ribbon pasta is a delight for Asian soups and stir-fries, being differentiated from the egg noodle by its thinness.

5. Lo mein & chow mein noodles

Lo mein & chow mein noodles

Chow mein and lo mein noodles have the best ratings as alternatives to egg noodles for Asian soups. The chow mein and the lo mein noodles are other names for Chinese wavy noodles.

Although they are thinner than egg noodles, they make for an exquisite substitute.

The noodles are boiled before being used as an ingredient to make dishes. The noodles are made from wheat flour and eggs, similar to egg noodles. The difference between egg noodles and lo mein is that lo mein is boiled before being added to the dish. Boiling gives lo mein a softer texture which is easier to eat.

One such Asian soup to use this noodle for is the wonton noodle soup.

6. Ramen noodles

Ramen noodles

Ramen noodles are made from wheat flour and eggs. It is a Japanese noodle with a chewy texture and makes for an adequate egg noodle substitute.

Ramen noodles have a wavy shape and are thinner than egg noodles, with a more firm texture. They are used for soups, stir-fries, and most Asian dishes. Ramen noodles should be boiled for a shorter amount than egg noodles as they cook for less time.

Best noodle substitute for a casserole

7. Linguine


Linguine is a type of Italian pasta that is an excellent substitute for egg noodles. Linguine is made from wheat flour and eggs, having the same texture and flavor as egg noodles. This noodle differs from egg noodles as it is thinner. It is excellent for making casseroles, soups, and stews.

Best noodle substitute for stroganoff

8. Spaghetti


Spaghetti is a classic Italian pasta; it is prevalent and can serve as an alternative to egg noodles. Spaghetti is made from a mix of water and wheat flour, with the same texture as egg noodles. The main difference is that spaghetti is thinner when compared with egg noodles.

It is ideal for replacing egg noodles in dishes like beef stroganoff, stir-fries, creamy foods, and stews. Spaghetti isn’t a suitable replacement for egg noodles in soups as it becomes mushy due to absorbing excess fluids.

9. Fettuccine


Fettuccine is an excellent alternative for egg noodles in a dish like a wonton soup or beef stroganoff. This pasta has eggs as part of its constituents, having the same shape, color, and flavor as egg noodles. It is perfect for making your food look similar to one made with egg noodles.

One difference between the fettuccine pasta and egg noodles is that the former is a bit flatter and broader compared to egg noodles.

When used as a substitute, ensure you cook the fettuccine pasta a bit longer than egg noodles to make it more tender. For making Asian foods, it is recommended that the fettuccine be broken in half to ease eating with chopsticks.


Here you have a comprehensive list of the best substitutes for egg noodles. The contents of this article have been categorized to ensure you have adequate information to make the right choice.