Is Greek Yogurt Sour – How To Make It Less Sour?

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Is Greek Yogurt sour? Greek yogurt is a preferred choice for people who want a fitter lifestyle. Greek yogurt has a better nutritional profile and is generally healthier than other yogurts.

However, one concern people have when trying to migrate to this healthy drink is its sourness. So, this article will bring you information on how to flavor your Greek yogurt to make it less sour.

Is Greek Yogurt sour

Is Greek Yogurt sour?

Greek Yogurt is a gimmick. A stroke of marketing meant to generate revenue for companies producing the product. It is processed yogurt with additional ingredients meant to give it a feel. The taste shouldn’t be sour. It isn’t even a Greek invention and has been used in several parts of the world, including the Mediterranean, the Indian Subcontinent, and the Middle East, for thousands of years.

In Greece, this yogurt is called “Straggisto,” meaning strained yogurt. Even the famous tzatziki sauce has Greek yogurt as its main ingredient. So, there is no magic to this yogurt, and it is a stroke of marketing genius that it was named Greek Yogurt as against Strained Yogurt.

What makes Greek Yogurt sour?

The sour taste of Greek yogurt is sour due to its double protein content compared with regular yogurt. Greek yogurt also contains less natural sugar.

The bacteria in yogurt cause lactose sugar breakdown and fermentation. The lactose sugar is broken down into lactic acid by fermentation. The lactic acid in Greek yogurt is responsible for the sour taste.

The extra proteins and multiple straining cycles the greek yogurt undergoes during production will ensure a thicker and consistent sour taste. Concentrated greek yogurts have a more sour taste. The sour taste of greek yogurt is a turn-off for many people, but there are several means of adding flavors to this drink. Flavoring the greek yogurt will make it more palatable for consumption. First, let’s discuss how to use greek yogurt.

How to use Greek Yogurt

Consider the following ways:

1. Use it in place of sour cream

For people who enjoy making sour cream dips but do not have access to sour cream for your dips, you can easily substitute the sour cream with Greek yogurt.

Besides being an excellent substitute, greek yogurt is a low-calorie yogurt offering additional health benefits. It is an ideal replacement for sour creams in salads and tacos for people who intend to reduce their calorie consumption.

2. Replace Mayo

Another option is to use Greek yogurt as a mayo replacement in different dishes. Examples of recipes where you will get an excellent turnout include; tuna salad, deviled eggs, and chicken.

Greek yogurt is a tremendous boost for your meal protein content. Mayo is a fitness buff’s worst nightmare, so using Greek yogurt will be an adequate replacement for people seeking healthier alternatives.

3. Make Ranch Dressing

For people who enjoy spicy recipes such as the classic ranch dressing, greek yogurt can replace the Mayonnaise. In conjunction with buttermilk, Mayonnaise forms the primary ingredient used in the preparation of ranch dressing. Additionally, the use of greek yogurt will also increase the protein content of the dish.

4. Mix With Oats

Mixing Greek yogurt with oats is one way to make your perfect muesli parfait. Muesli parfait combines dried fruits, nuts, and raw oats. Combining oats, nuts, and dried fruits will require a mix of dairy products such as milk or yogurt. Using greek yogurt is a healthier way of taking the Muesli parfait.

5. Marinating The Meat

Marinating meat in yogurt is known to help create a tender texture for the heart. Yogurts are known to have active bacteria that help to tenderize meat. Instead of using regular yogurt, Greek yogurt can be used as a substitute for regular yogurt. It can also be mixed with lemon juice and dried herbs to tenderize meat.

6. Add To Hummus & Guacamole

Health-conscious people are always seeking out hummus & guacamole. Adding Greek yogurt to the recipes will enhance their protein content. Besides improving the protein content, it reduces the guacamole’s avocado flavor.

Another extra benefit is the addition of a tangy taste to the dish. Greek yogurt is also an excellent substitute for melted butter when making mac and cheese. Greek yogurt also helps in boosting the creaminess and protein content of soups.

How to make Greek yogurt less sour

To make Greek yogurt not to be too sour, do the following:

1. Add extra sweetness

Adding extra sweeteners such as honey, agave syrup, and maple syrup tend to sweeten the taste of greek yogurt when used in breakfasts. Stevia and sugar are sweeteners that can be used but are less healthy. Sweeteners used should be thoroughly stirred into the mix to taste. For liquid sweeteners, add two teaspoons to the mix to sweeten greek yogurt. For other sweeteners, add one teaspoon.

2. Perfect the Flavor with Preserves

You can use a jam jar, not minding the flavor, to sweeten greek yogurt. Different jam flavors will add their taste to greek yogurt, diminishing its sour taste. For those worried about the sugar content of jams, you can make or purchase a low-sugar product and mix it with your greek yogurt for a healthier version.

3. Try Fresh or Frozen Fruits

Fruits, whether fresh or frozen, tend to sweeten the taste of Greek yogurt. You can add a slice of your fruit choice, fresh or frozen – mangoes, bananas, peaches, strawberries, whatever you desire. Ensure that frozen fruits are thawed before being added to the greek yogurt.

4. Other Ways to Add Fruit Flavor

Adding a lump of any fruit sauce can spice up your greek yogurt. Fruit sauce like pumpkin butter or apple butter can help change the taste of your greek yogurt from sour to delicious.

5. Add a Little Milk

Adding a little full-fat milk is another option to explore when other options don’t quite cut it. Using milk to dilute greek yogurt helps to remove the sour taste while adding natural sweetness to your yogurt. You will enjoy the mix as you will enjoy the creamy texture while eliminating the sour taste.

6. Add Nuts or Seeds

Although nuts and seeds won’t blend in with Greek yogurt, they help it taste less sour. Nut options such as pecans, cashews, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds can be chopped and added to the greek yogurt to improve its taste. You can also add granola to give it a better flavor – this would be like making a Muesli parfait.

7. Use Spices and Extracts

Spices such as cinnamon add natural sweetness and warmth to greek yogurt. Also, add things like pumpkin pie spice, and you will be sure to eat every bit of it.

You should also try extracts such as banana, coconut, mint, raspberry, vanilla, almond, and cake batter. They are sure to add a pleasant taste to your Greek yogurt.

8. Add Citrus and Zest

Adding citrus to your Greek yogurt adds extra sweetness and flavor. In addition, you can mix some key limes and lime zest to make it healthier. The mix can be dusted with some crushed graham cracker crumbs. This mix is exquisite and delicious and will remove any sourness from your Greek yogurt.

9. Convert to Dessert

There are several possibilities when making Greek yogurt as a dessert. You can add crushed cookies, sprinkles, chocolate chipsets, etc., to sweeten the taste of Greek yogurt.

Add also, as an alternative, hot fudge or caramel sauce, which would make a healthier alternative to ice cream!


Greek yogurt’s sour taste can be a put-off initially, but combining or using any of the options x-rayed in this article will help to sweeten the mix. You can add these options to enhance your greek yogurt or texture. Several possibilities are available, each one presenting a unique flavor.

Now that we have shared with you some valuable tips on improving your greek yogurt’s sour taste and eating a healthier food option.