15 Uses of a Meat Grinder [Worth Getting It?]

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Your first thought after getting a meat grinder is that it’s for meat grinding. However, there are many other uses of a meat grinder. Meat grinders are available as manual or electric and come in plastic and metal. You just have to pick the right one for your kitchen needs. Generally, however, metal food grinders offer more versatility.

Uses of a meat grinder

Uses of a meat grinder

There are different uses of meat grinder that you printer never thought of. Below are meat grinder uses for your kitchen needs.

1. Meat grinding

The main reason why you got a meat grinder is obviously for grinding meat. This machine can grind all kinds of meat and in different sizes depending on the blade you use. This means that the size and coarseness of the meat depends on the type of blade you use.

2. Grinding bones

A meat grinding machine grinds bones perfectly. This works best when you have a pet which needs bone meal for food. Bones are highly nutritious in terms of calcium and phosphorus and it’s good for your pet’s health. These bones taste better when grinded and your meat grinder can perfectly do this. Per One Stop Jerky Shop, LLC, meat grinders are best for bones that are considered soft, including chicken, duck, other small fowl and rabbit bones.

3. Stuffing sausages

With a meat grinder, you can easily stuff your sausages. You have the liberty of mixing any meat of your choice and add spices to taste then place your sausage on the grill. This is much juicy and nicer than the regular sausages you get from the mall.

In case your meat grinder did not come with a sausage attachment, you can buy it separately from the market. This is totally worth the money as the meat grinder will do the rest.

4. Grating cheese

Cheese grating is known to be very stressful and time wasting but that’s not the case with a meat grinder as it is way faster and easier. You just need to place your piece of cheddar on the top of the meat grinder and push it down the screw conveyor and it will come out in small stripes at the other side.

The only disadvantage is the sticking effect. A little part of the cheese might stick to the grinder but it’s totally worth it.

5. Making peanut butter

Although not the best, using a meat grinder to prepare peanut butter produces great results. Simple stuff in your peanut as much as the machine can carry it, attach a plate and then grind them perfectly.

Grinding it once might make it feel grainy and you’ll need to grind it once again thereby giving it that crunchy texture and a creamy, oily surface.

6. Grinding vegetables

The meat grinder does a perfect job in grinding vegetables and it is usually preferred over a mixer. You can make a mix for your cheese toast as this involves grinding the vegetables while applying the required spices for the toast.

Ensure not to make the slices of vegetables moderate before putting into the meat grinder in order to avoid excessive loss of juices from the vegetables.

This meat grinder can grind all kinds of vegetables into the required sizes depending on the blade used. It goes as far as grinding broccoli, onions, cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, the list is endless. This can be done effortlessly and easily.

7. Mixing cookie dough

Believe it now, your heavy duty meat grinder can meet this task. The meat grinder mixes cookie dough perfectly and with ease. It grinds the nuts and mixes them perfectly while giving a perfect texture to your dough.

Are you still worried about not having a dough mixer? That shouldn’t be an issue as the meat grinder can handle that and still gives a perfect result.

8. Making fresh ground burger

Definitely! Your meat grinder can make great burger patties using your favourite meat or a mixture of meats. Using the accurate size of plate, you can achieve the desired coarseness.

After being grounded, all you need to do is to shape them into patties and cook before being placed in-between two buns. This gives the juiciest burger you can ever think of.

9. Juicing

One of the amazing things you can achieve with your meat grinder is making juices. Juice extractors are quite expensive so why go for such when you can easily make your juices using the meat grinder.

Worried that your juice might contain pieces and pulp? That’s why you can also make use of a strainer to get your juice pure and ready to be digested. So instead of worrying about how to save money for a juicer, make use of your meat grinder.

10. Grinding nuts

You can actually use your meat grinder to grind all kinds of nuts ranging from almonds, cashews, etc which you can use to garnish your dishes or add to recipes. You can also get their juice extracts from these nuts with the use of a meat grinder.

11 Making breadcrumbs

A meat grinder can be used to make breadcrumbs by grinding the whole bread. It gives perfect breadcrumbs, you’ll have to make use of a food-grade plastic bag and you’ll make use of a rubber band to keep it in place. Put your bread into the meat grinder and grind to the desired size. This comes out perfectly.

12. Grinding fish

Have you heard of fish paste? Yes! A meat grinder can give you that. Meat Grinder produces a perfect fish paste which can be used deliciously with bread. The fish paste can also be used to prepare a pet’s food. You can put in the whole fish and grind it to a paste and ready for use.

13. Grinding chicken for meatballs

A meat grinder can easily give you a perfect grind of chicken for your meatballs. While grinding, spices might be added to give it a saucy chicken. This sauce chicken meatballs can be used with an herbaceous blend of herbs and mozzarella to achieve a green goddess meatball.

14. Grinding beans and legumes

Plant proteins are quite essential to the body and the veggie burger is in high demand. Meat grinder makes the work easier as it grinds the lentils, mushrooms and aromatics perfectly for a soothing veggie burger.

15. Grinding seafood

Is that salmon burger in your thoughts? Yes, it’s totally possible with a meat grinder as it can grind your seafood and give you a highly nourishing burger. You can grind amy seafood in the meat grinder depending on what you need but the result will always be satisfactory.


Can I use a meat grinder for vegetables?

Totally! It’s shocking but true, a meat grinder can do justice to your vegetables by giving them a perfect cut. You can also grind a mixture of vegetables together like tomatoes and pepper, the meat grinder can give it a perfect blend and make it ready for cooking.

Is it worth getting a meat grinder?

From my own opinion, it’s totally worth it as it does not only grind meat but a lot of other things. A meat grinder is multi-purpose and can come in handy when you want to prepare anything involving vegetables, burgers, etc. It simply saves the cost of purchasing additional machines for these diets.

What meat to use in a meat grinder?

All kinds of meat can easily be grinded using the meat grinder but the cheap, fatty cuts are best when grinding meat. This is because they don’t do well. I’m roasting, grilling or sautéing but are the best when grounded. But all things being equal, all kinds of meats can be perfectly shredded with a meat grinder.

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Final thoughts

Meat grinders are primarily made for grinding meats for your different meals preparation but you can use it to do a lot of other things. This meat grinder can come in the electrical form or the hand-cranked form. They are both great but the electric meat grinder is mostly preferred as it can easily be used to perform the work faster than the hand cranked meat grinder.