Keurig Wont Turn On: Troubleshooting Tips

Last Updated on January 5, 2023 by Claire

It hurts waking up to get a sip of a sweetly brewed coffee and your Keurig wont turn on. Fortunately, there are helpful measures that can help fix your problem. As such, this publication covers troubleshooting tips for trouble days.

You’ll learn about the possible causes that might hinder your Keurig machine from going on and the possible solutions to them.

Keurig wont turn on

What is a Keurig?

Keurig is a beverage brewing machine that brews single up coffees. The machine brews this coffee with the aid of plastic pods known as K-cups. It brews and delivers coffees swiftly and quickly and can be used for home and commercial purposes.

It is convenient to use as you don’t need to worry about the right measurement of hot water for the coffee. It gives a perfect ratio of water to coffee. Keurig gives not only flavored and nice-tasting coffee but a good quality coffee.

Keurig wont turn on

Most times, the problem is usually from the electrical outlet, not the brewer itself. However, there are different reasons why the Keurig machine won’t turn on and these reasons include;

1. Unconnected power cord

As unlikely as it may seem, the power cord might not be connected thereby leading to the inability of the machine to turn on. This might be common oversight or due to rushing. If you were actually in a hurry, it’s quite easy to miss this tiny detail.

When the power cord is unnecessarily bent repeatedly, this might lead to fault development. Electrical cords can develop faults from bending. The power cord might also have a cut which in turn affects the connection.

2. Faulty electrical outlet

The electrical outlet might be faulty thereby causing the problem. The outlet might not necessarily show visible signs of being faulty but might develop faults which in turn affect the functioning of the Keurig machine. 

There can also be an oversight after plugging in the power cord. It might be that the electrical outlet was not turned on. This is a regular oversight that most people face. 

3. Heating element

If the heating element is faulty, your brewer might not be turned on. This is the element that aids in heating water for coffee brewing.

4. Unactivated switch

This can be found on the machine’s control board and it turns on the heating element’s power. If this switch is not activated, then the Keurig machine won’t be turned on. It can also be stuck in the “off” position.

How to turn on your Keurig

  • Plugin the power cord of your Keurig into an electrical outlet
  • Turn on the Keurig by pressing the power button. On the Keurig® Plus / Keurig® 2.0 Series, tap the power icon on the lower right of the screen—Keurig.
  • Underneath the coffee dispenser, lift the handle and plec a mug
  • Open and fill in cold water in the water reservoir lid. Fill it till it gets to the “Max Fill” mark. This reservoir is usually located at the back of the Keurig
  • Carefully close back the water reservoir lid
  • Get a drip tray plate on which you will place the Keurig cap on
  • Pick the K-cup pod of your choice and dip it into the top of the Keurig system
  • Puncture the K-Cup pod top by pressing down the top of the Keurig machine
  • Position your mug underneath the coffee dispenser and press the coffee brew button.

5. Broken thermostat

The thermostat in a Keurig machine helps to monitor the water’s temperature. It is of great importance to the brewing machine and if broken, the machine won’t go on.

6. Malfunctioning control board

The control board is known to be the brain of the Keurig brewing machine. It can also be known as, circuit board or circuit motherboard. If this essential part of the Keurig machine develops a fault, the machine ceases to work automatically.

How to fix a Keurig machine that won’t turn on

Here are some troubleshooting tips for your Keurig machine that isn’t going on;

1. Check the power cord

Carefully plug in the power cord to avoid unnecessary worry over the functioning of the Keurig machine. Take good care of your power cord and avoid folding or bending it. If the power cord has a cut, endeavor to change it to avoid disappointment.

2. Check the electrical outlet

Ensure that the electrical outlet is not faulty. How do you do this? By testing other outlets. If the machine responds to other electrical outlets, then try and fix the faulty one. Carefully turn on the electrical outlet and be sure it’s on as this is a common mistake due to carelessness.

3. Inspect the heating element

The heating element can be tested using the multimeter. If it’s faulty, you can call an expert to fix or change it for you. Don’t change anything in the machine unless you’re familiar with the field.

4. Test the switch

The switch can also be tested using the multimeter. You can open it up and activate it but if it’s stuck, it will need a change or an expert.

5. Replace the thermostat

If the thermostat is broken, you can take it for a change as the Keurig machine won’t turn on if it remains broken

6. Check the control board

The control board can be tested using a multimeter. If it’s faulty, it should be changed as the Keurig machine won’t function without it.

If all these parts are doing well then you have to reset the Keurig machine.

There are 2 ways in which you can rest your Keurig Brewer depending on the model

Basic Resetting (for Keurig 1.0)

Advanced Resetting (for Keurig 2.0)

Basic resetting

  • The first thing to do is open and close back the K-cup pod lever. The lever might have been disrupted during a power outage. Opening and closing back automatically reset the lever for use again.
  • After this is done, flip the power button of the Keurig machine to “OFF” in order to turn off the machine.
  • Disconnect the brewer from the power source by unplugging the power cord. Allow it to stay for one hour.
  • After this, take out the detachable water reservoir and further keep the brewer for 30 minutes.
  • After this, the brewer will have reset and is now ready to work again. Couple back the water reservoir, connect the power cord and turn on the brewer. 

Advanced resetting 

Keurig 2.0 model makes use of a more computerized way of resetting. The procedures are as follows;

  • Press the “small and ” medium” cup buttons simultaneously, then release them the same way.
  • On the “menu” button, push down thrice
  • When this is done, ‘6:09 will be displayed, press on the “menu” button once again for the screen to display 0:00
  • The “medium mug” button should be pressed and held, then press and release the ” menu” button
  • Press and let go of the small mug button while still holding the ” medium mug” button. Then release the medium mug button. 
  • Plug and unplug the power cord repeatedly, then plug again for a complete advanced resetting.

If the Keurig Brewer is not responding, you can clean and descale the brewing machine(Descaling of a brewer helps to cleanse the built-in minerals in the machine). The brewing machine is cleaned at least once every month for the perfect functioning of the body system. 

How to clean a Keurig brewer

  • Take out the water reservoir and empty it
  • Disconnect the Keurig machine and take out the K-cup holder
  • Using warm and soapy water, carefully wash the water reservoir and the K-Cup holder
  • After this, rinse properly and let them air dry
  • Following the manufacturer’s instructions, descale the Keurig machine
  • Reassemble the parts of the machine properly and plug it back
  • Run a brew cycle test without the K-Cup in order to cleanse the machine
  • Your Keurig machine is set to be used.


The problem with the Keurig brewer is usually fixable by the owner, follow the instructions and do the same. However if you have tried all the possible means and the machine is still not responding, take it to an expert who can fix it and give you a brand new machine.

Ensure to take note of the basic needs of your Keurig brewing machine and clean often. This helps reduce the frequent problem in the machine and also serves as means of maintaining the machine.