Reasons Instant Pot Won’t Turn On [Fixed]

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Instant pots making are amazing cooking equipment. They greatly simplify cooking. Meanwhile, when your instant pot won’t turn on, what should you do? Although having this issue might be annoying, don’t worry; this guide will help you fix the issue. The many causes of your instant pot not turning on and solutions will be covered in this article.

If you own an Instant Pot, chances are good that you like using it. But it could sometimes be a little problematic, like all appliances. It may be rather frustrating when something doesn’t function correctly, even while it’s not the worst thing in the world when you need to use it.

Additionally, it is not ideal for anything to malfunction while you depend on it to create your food. In fact, it is really unpleasant. Fortunately, there are generally numerous valid reasons why your Instant Pot isn’t functioning, and most of them can be quickly rectified. You can rely on the Instant Pot to aid you whenever you need a meal to be prepared fast, and it won’t let you down.

Before you proceed, be sure yours is not one of the 100,000 Instant Pot cookers recalled due to fire hazard.

Instant Pot won’t turn on

Instant Pot won’t turn on: possible causes and fix

It would be better if you didn’t freak out over them. On the other hand, you also shouldn’t disregard the problem. The best course of action is always to take into account the underlying cause of the technical problem before fixing it.

Instant Pot users sometimes run into problems while using it. Even if you cook every day, mistakes may be made or appliances might develop issues. One such item that sometimes causes issues when you are going to prepare your dinner is the Instant Pot.

Even brand-new appliances sometimes don’t operate perfectly. Most often, when it comes to electrical gadgets like the Instant Pot, human error is at fault. You can check your appliance to identify the issue if your Instant Pot won’t switch on. There is a good probability that the issue can be fixed quickly and easily.

Therefore, if you have an issue with your Instant Pot, try to see if the problem is minor first. The reasons your Instant Pot won’t turn on include:

1. Power connection problem

The Instant Pot may not turn on if your house is not receiving the proper voltage. Many times, a voltage problem goes unnoticed until a machine is connected to a power outlet that needs a high voltage.

Check to see whether there is no voltage problem before connecting your Instant Pot to the power outlet. Your pot’s failure to switch on might potentially be due to a faulty power cord. Get the power line repaired as soon as you can if you see a damaged or exposed section to prevent injury.

2. No electricity at all or an outage

Your Instant Pot won’t turn on or work if there is a power outage. Instant Pots require electricity or power to function and they cannot recharge themselves or function without electricity.

Therefore, you might attribute your Instant Pot problem to a power outage. It would be better if you held off on taking your Instant Pot in for repairs until the electricity was restored.

3. The electrical fuse for your Instant Pot has blown

Voltage changes may occur sometimes. To safeguard themselves against such fluctuations, modern appliances are equipped with fuses. The device won’t operate, though, if the fuse has blown off or been damaged in any other way.

This Instant Pot issue is more significant than others and has to be resolved right away. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to repair the device yourself; you’ll need to get in touch with customer service.

4. Inner Pot

The inner pot should be checked if the power cable is in good condition. Make sure it is dry, clean, and devoid of any food or water stains. This is a simple fix that has a significant impact. The burn warning may also be avoided with a clean inner pot.

Ensure that the pot is positioned correctly on the Instant Pot heating element as well. When you attempt to raise the pot, it should be securely fastened and should not budge.

5. Control panel

Subsequently, the control panel should be checked if the power cable and inner pot are both in working order. Check that the display is lit up and that the plus and minus buttons are functioning correctly.

If the instant pot display seems to be in good working condition, the lid should be examined next. It could be necessary to replace the control panel if it doesn’t seem to be functioning.

6. Instant Pot lid

The lid should be checked next if the control panel is functioning properly. Make sure the pot’s lid is securely fastened and is sitting appropriately. Additionally, check to see whether the sealing ring is in place and if the lid contains any food or water.

Your Instant Pot won’t pressure cook properly and you can discover steam escaping while attempting to develop pressure if the sealing ring is not installed properly.

How to fix faulty Instant Pot

With the section above, you should now have a good understanding of the major causes of your cooker’s failure to switch on. Only attempt to fix minor faults though.

In certain cases, the appliance’s instruction booklet will even indicate the solution you want. You should read the instruction booklet that comes with every piece of equipment before using it.

Check the power cord

Most people often continue to worry about an appliance only to discover that they neglected to plug it in. This is a frequent error that people sometimes do. Since it is such a simple fix, you should consider checking it.

Your appliance won’t be able to operate if it isn’t receiving power. So, before attempting to turn on an appliance, double-check that the power wire is plugged in properly.

If you want to use your Instant Pot to cook, check to see that the detachable power cable is in good condition and that it is securely inserted within the base power socket. You could save a lot of effort and time by taking this action.

Avoid attempting to insert a damaged power cable into a socket. That carries a high risk of injury or accident. Instead, replacing the broken power cable is a straightforward fix. Your Instant Pot will function once more with a new power cable.

Check your power outlet again

Electrical issues are quite typical in any home. An electrical outlet may get damaged sometimes. Your Instant Pot won’t turn on if the outlet isn’t receiving electricity.

Thus, we never assume that the outlet may be the cause of a gadget not turning on. But you should keep that in mind if an appliance won’t switch on despite being plugged into a power source.

Therefore, the malfunctioning electrical plugs in your kitchen might be the cause of the Instant Pot not turning on. Check to see if there is a problem with your power outlet by plugging other electrical gadgets into the same socket. Additionally, you can check out other sources.

If your Instant Pot works when you connect it to a different outlet, the power source was the issue. But if it doesn’t, there could be a more significant problem.

Restart your pot

You may need to restart your Instant Pot if it hasn’t turned on yet. To do this, first, disconnect the pot from the outlet, then re-plug it.

Press and hold the “Start” button for three seconds after plugging it in. The pot will be reset, perhaps solving the issue. If you have an Instant Pot Duo, press and hold the “Start” button for three seconds to check for problem codes. If an F icon is flashing on your display, there could be a problem with the float valve.

Check the manual

The next thing to do is to look in the instructions if your Instant Pot is still not functioning. An instant pot troubleshooting section will be included in the instructions. You can determine what’s wrong with your pot by consulting the instructions. It will also provide the phone number for Instant Pot customer support.

Check the float valve

The Instant Pot’s lid has a float valve on it. The release valve must be in the “sealing” position. Your pot won’t operate properly if it’s not.

Simply move the valve to the “sealing” position to resolve this. The ideal setting for pressure cooking is this – Make sure your float valve isn’t filthy since it might cause it to get stuck in the sealing position.

Clean the sealing ring

Inside the Instant Pot lid is where you’ll find the sealing ring. Your pot won’t operate properly if this isn’t properly sealed. Simply take off the ring and clean it with soap and water to cure this. Once it has been cleaned, reinstall it and check that it is properly positioned.

Change the damaged parts

You may need to replace certain components if you’ve tried all of these solutions and your Instant Pot is still not functioning. The most frequent components that need replacement are:

  • Power cable
  • Inner pot
  • Control panel
  • Float valve
  • Lid

Final words

There is a good probability that your Instant Pot will turn on after you have tried the above methods and solutions. Furthermore, you can always ask the manufacturer to repair it for you if it doesn’t turn on.

Once your Instant Pot turns on, you can start cooking great dishes with your appliance once again. If your Instant Pot sustains irreparable damage, you may also request a replacement if there is still time in the warranty term.